Off Grid Solar Power – My 600W Solar Power System

Off Grid Solar Power – My 600W Solar Power System

I’ll be disconnecting from the grid by Christmas 2015. This is my interim solar power system that I’ll use to power my home until I get get a larger system built.

This system easily powers the essential appliances in my house: my fridge, my computer station and my washing machine. I’ve yet to get the solar lighting sorted. My water pump is run from a separate system which is powered by a 100W panel charging three car batteries.

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20 Responses to Off Grid Solar Power – My 600W Solar Power System

  1. RAFE Alexa says:

    I wish people like you would stop telling people you can go off grid. First off you have to few batteries and to few solar panels. I have a 3KW Array 24 volt system with three banks of 24 volt flooded batteries. On a overcast day your recharge is about half, when running batteries you need to put in twice what you take out. You give up all your convinience when using small solar systems. What you need to be telling people is install a larger array and use lithium batteries. Not some cheap ass puny system that does not work. To produce adequate power you need to spend 1000s of dollars to go off grid or live like a hermit with a small radio and a little lamp. Power is very expensive to produce. Need proof look at other YouTube videos you will convince yourself that it takes a lot of money. Im a self installer and I spent many thousands for my own system. Batteries other than lithium take a long time to recharge. Enough said

  2. Tracy Douglas says:

    I have used this [link here [Awesome Plan Here >>> ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  3. ChrisYanicki says:

    My camper trailer has a more advanced solar setup than that. Next.

  4. Renny says:

    Can I run a small welding machine?

  5. Matthew Xuereb says:

    If you have connected the panels in series doesn't it mean you're actually getting 300watts from them but doubling the voltage?

  6. konrad84r says:

    you've run out of black and red wire mate , I am sure colour code apply also in Australian rural area . good on yaa
    what would you Australians do without zip ties . good luck on your off grid journey

  7. Joseph Brendel says:

    Pop's Shack is that watt meter still working? just asking because we got one last year, never plugged it in because we were not ready to start the project yet. anyway it has no on off switch the book says it has a place for batteries to save info, it has no door/opening for battery. it has no battery at all. how did you get yours to work, maybe we have gotten a lemon hahahah right out of the box lemon. just started watching your videos cool so far, Joseph T

  8. Du Fung says:

    Must be an efficient or small fridge.

  9. Matt Langstraaat says:

    one word…. combiner box.. smiling mate

  10. Andrew D. Harris says:

    I have a 1kw grid-tied system. It definitely reduces the cost of living I expect.

  11. mike x says:

    are solar panels able to charge batteries whilst there is a load on the batteries during they day or can batteries not be charged by solar panels when there is any load drawing current from them such as mini electric fan heaters?

  12. Bill Lowenburg says:

    Thanks for posting…well done video, it taught me a lot. Enjoy your independence off the grid.

  13. Jack Janssen says:

    how do you determine the sizes and location of the various fuse blocks?? I am getting components collected to assemble a system for my house, but I wanna make sure I can protect the components..

  14. Solar Power Easy Tutorials Hindi/Urdu says:

    very good video, love to watch

  15. helicart says:

    What lead acid batteries are they – wet, gel, agm? Length of warranty?
    Did you look into passive and active sun trackers for your panels? I understand they increase output by 25-35% over a day, altitude dependent. And the gains are in the peak use period (early morn and late arvo).
    Do you use a water pump and pressure tank to get good pressure in the house?
    How many rainy days can you run before the batteries empty?

  16. Uilian S Gonçalo says:

    Muito bom seu sistema ! também tenho um off grid !!!

  17. Guy Azbell says:

    Why does everyone forgit to say how much there systems cost? How much $$$

  18. Bangkok Homes says:

    Good one.


  19. Perkunas T says:

    Your going off grid with 600 watts only??.

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