Off-grid Solar for Dummies! Step-by-step Solar Power System Tutorial

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20 Responses to Off-grid Solar for Dummies! Step-by-step Solar Power System Tutorial

  1. Chris Hafner-Eaton says:

    As someone who has taught university (under grad and grad) and Homeschooled my kids, I want to encourage you to continue. You are a natural teacher and for topics that are not necessarily easy for the general population. We have a serious lack of science literacy in this country and I don’t see it getting better with current leadership.

    Hopefully you’ve not answered this too many times already. What do you recommend for protection your system from EMPs? I’m assuming an Faraday Shield/Cage but perhaps not. This might be another topic for video instruction.

    I’m curious as to whether you are intentionally encouraging the purchase of new products (in previous videos you have repurposed items and although I like that concept I wonder if you’ve had some issues that had some “surprises”).

    May I ask, at what age did you start working with solar (on a home remodel& large addition, I used the project to teach all sorts of topics with hands on experience )?

    Great job…I hope you not only do these videos but are able to enhance the solar tech industry (I’m very eager to see improvement in the quality and price of thin flexible roll out panels or building materials that are solar panel equivalents). My Tiny House on Wheels will be utilizing a combo of fuels and flexible appliances. I appreciate your enthusiasm and intellect; absolutely I agree that having a book (yours) for reference makes sense. Many think why buy hard copy but having worked in developing countries and even remote parts of N. America, it really does pay off (and I’m saying this after purging literally 1000s of books to fit into my 26x 8 tiny. Sometimes you just need paper ref.

  2. TJ Tampa says:

    Excellent job, love it. 💚💜〰️🔌

  3. aicram62 says:

    That inverter looks like an outlet adapter. I've never seen them look that way.

  4. willow works 1314 says:

    This is so great. Can u please make a even slower one for super newbies and have a newbie trying w their own set up to do the stuff u say to get this done ? Embarrassed yet truely need this to be a tiny bit slower also tho I can view slowly now that I think 🤔 of that. Anyways Thanks Mr Prowse !

  5. Dave Holcomb says:

    Good start for understanding it all Will. BTW, as I’m
    an older dude, 71, I have a memory for old stuff and one of those things was old TV shows. There used to be a kids show called the Soupy Sales Show. He always got hit with a pie. What reminded me of it was your “talking hand”. Soupy had this hand of this critter called White Fang that would come on and talk and all you ever saw was Fang’s hand or claw. So funny too. There was a Black Fang too. Might be on YT somewhere.
    Keep “Talking Hand” going, we’re learning! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Sensei Sama says:

    this is SERIOUSLY not a step by step for beginners. there's more babbling than anything else! 70% wasted time.

  7. jeffegg2 says:

    You say just hook a solar panel, battery and inverter… what about matching the voltages?? What voltage is the solar panel? battery? inverter?

  8. Izaya Orihara says:

    Can i use a 3d impresora for solar panel??

  9. Jesse James says:

    I have a modest tow hundred watt solar system in my van, should I have my battery bank grounded to my van chassis ???

  10. Macbruber says:

    whered u get the battery meter? would it work for two 6v 230ah wired in series ?

  11. Randy N says:

    I am on a tight budget and in a dilemma. I don't have enough money to buy a flexible solar panel,charge controller and deep cycle AGM battery. I also saw someone selling a goal zero 400w for cheap. Should i buy that and a power inverter 1500watts ,or a deep cycle agm battery 100ah and a continuous duty solenoid for my minivan to charge it when i am driving ? I just need to be able to cook using an 800 watt induction cooktop,a 600 watt blender and a ceramic heater. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  12. Jack Kunkel says:

    I fully understand that the CC (charge controller) must first be wired to the battery and then to the panels. But there's a 3rd set of inputs into the CC, usually shown with a light bulb and called "Load." What's a "load"? I assumed that was for the inverter.

  13. Jack Kunkel says:

    Question: Why did you wire the inverter directly to the battery? Why did you not wire the inverter to the charge controller, which has outlets for that purpose?

  14. TIKI TIKI says:

    111 you are great, thank you

  15. Kirby Winson says:

    any idea how many times this might charge a laptop Will?

  16. Denis Fortier says:

    is there something special with poly-crystalline solar panels. Here in Canada, Canadian Tire offer Coleman 100 watts pair of panels for more than 1000$. Is this justified. i sent a review about this being too expensive but they refuse to publish. They gave me a phone number to complain as a consumer.

  17. Dameon Barney says:

    Can you register a minivan as an rv? I want to know so u can get cheaper insurance

  18. kathal1 says:

    will prowse' solar channel

  19. Lee Loo says:

    Is that an MPPT Charge Controller?

  20. Chiefonelung says:

    Thanks. I am the big dummy that you made this video for. Now finally I am beginning to grasp the solar thing. When I can afford it, I want to get a 200 watt system for a very small pull behind camper. I will continue following you and get educated. Thanks. Chiefonelung

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