Off Grid Cabin – Solar Electric Power System overview

Here is the much requested overview of my solar electrical power system…

Here is where I purchased my solar panel and charge controller from :

And here is the jump off page for my solar setup with the plan and links :

and you can join me on facebook here

If you have any questions just let me know and I will do my best to answer them…

20 Responses to Off Grid Cabin – Solar Electric Power System overview

  1. Nick Henton says:

    what all do you run with this system?…hope you have time,thanks in advance

  2. Nick Henton says:

    nice work

  3. Ollie Brady says:

    I am taking a course at the community college and use this book which is really excellent.If you are getting to Solar Energy, this [link here >>> ] book is a must.

  4. Heartland Dual Sport says:

    I like the idea of it all being right outside the cabin, good call, thanks for sharing. I hope you have a blessed week my friend.

  5. Meadow says:

    Extremely detailed and useful video. Have a group project going and hoping the simplicity of your system will be coercive enough to get my partners on board. Bravo.

  6. Stephen Sanchez says:

    What can u run in the day n night in ur cabin n can you make a video of what you run in ur cabin.

  7. James Y. Welch says:

    It covers all the topics in a clear and concise manner that allows practical DIY type people to understand the electrical terms and components of a solar power system. Even though these topics can be very technical full of electrical engineering-speak, it covered all the topics while keeping the examples and terms so the average person should have no problem understanding the information.

  8. Mike King says:

    Where are the plans available, Im probably just not seeing the link, my eyes are not what they use to be

  9. Jaz & Keli says:

    Is your system still working well

  10. MrMeanderthal says:

    if you have a good quality MPPT charge controller it doesn't always matter what the solar panel voltage is compared to the battery bank.. my system is a 12 volt battery bank with four 250 watt – 30 volt panels wired in series.. that makes the panel input 120 volt to the Midnite Solar charge controller..

    btw, this is a CSA approved system designed by a reputable solar power company.. is NOT my design..

    I gave them the room available on my RV to mount panels and the fact I wanted a 12 volt battery bank because most of my power use is 12 DC directly from the batteries not 120 volt AC from the inverter..

    the system was designed by them to give me the best design for a 1000 watt set of panels ( biggest set that would fit on my RV) and a 12 volt battery bank.. there are several ways to wire the batteries (12, 24v, 48v etc) and several ways to wire panels (series, parallel, and series/parallel) that would give different voltage input so if you wanted, you could have say a 24 volt battery and a 30 volt solar input… what was explained to me is the solar input voltage must be higher than battery voltage, you could not charge a 48 volt battery with a 30 volt panel BUT you can charge a 12 volt battery with a 120 volt panel

  11. Bubba says:

    cool system, and great video. I like that you get to the point and give detailed info. Many people talk and talk about what they are going to talk about, and end up with a 5 min intro for a 10 min video :). Thanks for the video.

  12. Norman Islas says:

    You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from INPLIX .

  13. Captin Crunch says:

    Great job mate 🇬🇧

  14. Neil Shurmur says:

    As for your outback Charger you did right. . it will do all you ever need and more then some others will. Neil

  15. Sissy 2 says:

    Great job putting your system together. Looks good to me. How about an update?

  16. Foxiepaws ACAnderson says:

    You're answering all my questions about the build of my cabin and the solar system. If I have a similar set up to you…I've seen one I believe the two panels combined give 400w and it has the controller and inverter and wiring included (on EBAY there's a couple like this for around £300-400 GB Pounds I'm not sure of the exchange rate? ) and I am going to get 2 x 12v deep cycle batteries (they're expensive but I am no electrician and I would rather have two new ones than second hand which may have problems I can't fix). I am getting a small woodburning stove (I've forgotten what the unit of heat is called "therms? Lol!) But the output is 5 (I'm sure it says kw but may be wrong I plead being female for this heh heh!) With back boiler fed from rainwater harvesting (solar should run pump) the question is, with all this up and running (it won't be until autumn) will I need a generator too? I'm going to see if the gas company will swap my empty butane cylinder for a propane one just in case (it's the same company and they used to only do the blue butane cylinders but now do red propane ones – I still believe most people use butane and the propane seems to be more for RV"s and canal boats etc)
    Sorry to give you such a complicated question but to recap so you don't have to read all that is, on top of the solar and woodburning stove/water heater do you think I will need a generator and the propane (the stove has hotplates)?

  17. Joe Hallam says:

    Sir, how many amps is your solar controller?

  18. scott ferrara says:

    I was wondering how the transfer of power works, and by that I mean when the inverter goes to the fuse box does it work the same way as your power company's ? The main that supplies the bus?

  19. jwsolarusa says:

    Nice video.
    First class tutorial of your off grid solar power energy.
    I just Subbed you in my channel.

  20. grimthereeper says:

    Great video.

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