New Wind Turbine addition to Solar Power System

No more flat batteries during the winter courtesy of my new wind turbine.

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  1. Cooks Domestics says:

    When you want some advise and then turn off a video once you realise your taking advise from a moron

  2. Toto Guy says:

    the question is how do you store power? also how long does it last? i realise it depends how much it spins etc but there isnt much information about how you can use it. like if i got some of these linked it to my house supply somehow im trying to think how i could do it so it uses he wind turbine power then when the power is used up it goes back to the mains supply from the grid.

  3. Roy Pateman says:

    You utter idiot good looking wind turbine same about the install is the solar panels broken yet

  4. Readme .txt says:

    "big" turbine ?

  5. Jci Financial says:

    Dude your going to destroy your new wind turbine that' way. Go mount it proper. At least 100 feet up

  6. James Baxter says:

    You can get all of the solar power items from…..All items are US made

  7. Kostas Ifantidis says:

    Julian would you be kind enough to provide me with a link with the wind turbine ?? Did you buy it from the internet or from a local store ?
    Thank's in advance.

  8. hammadr says:

    Verticle axis wind turbine setup may be more economicalfor small setups.

  9. jwsolarusa says:

    Very nice turbine mate

  10. Fred Blogs says:

    "They're a bit useless, they came from Maplin" – just like everything else from Maplin then.

  11. Kenneth Tan says:

    April foolsday Solar Panel Schredder

  12. Heather Phillips says:

    hey Julian what r ur thoughts on the 12v/24v charge controllers for £10 on ebay….would I still be better ff getting my hands dirty and making 1 of urs over the summer or would this be a cheaper cop out ??? any thoughts cheers…..BTW u need to cut away thebottom 3 inches of that solar panal and that turbine should work fine then 😉

  13. Petar Petrov says:

    Can you make a video for the basics of solar pannels? Like how to build one from cells and how to organize everything like power setup, regulators, etc.

  14. Reberto de Tomkinsinio says:

    You used too much rope to secure it. Thats going to redirect too much wind away from the blades. Use masking tape. It works alot better.You should also remove that tail fin. Its just getting in the way.

  15. TheBlokeSolar&Wind says:

    Great setup let us know how well it work's lol.

  16. bridgendesar says:

    You should go the whole hog and put a water turbine in your drain pipe!

  17. A Smith says:

    Julian, I really like your videos, however you need to place the wind turbine on top of your house. Where you have it, it will be useless.. And it will break your solar panels.

  18. Jason Smith says:

    You loom like you've lost weight.

  19. CsPri3st says:


  20. MonaichFother says:

    Use your noodle for gods sake! Wire up the solar batteries to turn the turbine when theres no wind. Sorted.! 🙂

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