New solar panels could generate electricity from raindrops; Floating solar farm – Compilation

1. Apr 12, 2016 — Scientists in China are producing solar panels that can produce energy from the last source you’d expect — rainwater.

2. Jun 12, 2017 — A new floating solar farm constructed on a lake in Huainan City, China is said to be the largest in the world.

3. Nov 9, 2016 — Tesla has unveiled a solar roof product that doesn’t distract from the aesthetics of a home, as they look just like ordinary tiles.

4. Feb 3, 2017 — Scientists have created a technology that can turn flying insects into surveillance drones.

5. Aug 10, 2017 — Millions of U.S. homes may see a loss of power during the eclipse on Aug. 21.

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20 Responses to New solar panels could generate electricity from raindrops; Floating solar farm – Compilation

  1. Nilah Mccarthy says:

    Yes solar energy works skeptical rep.Uhum Rick Santorum.

  2. Nilah Mccarthy says:

    In would like to watch this but the person's voice is annoying and the way he talks is annoying.

  3. Hiho Wego says:

    So sick of my panels getting burried in snow every winter.

  4. Ronilo Bayarong says:

    is this available now in the philippines

  5. Enter The Hunter says:

    next will they find a way to ensure that solar Farms do not fry birds in flight

    personal use power company not needed

  6. WolfydaWolf129 says:

    Somehow I feel like the rain-solar panels won't be used where I live

  7. Killerspieler0815 says:

    +TomoNews US – @5:14 its the same expansive
    crappy FAIL as "Solar Roadways" ( BUSTED ! )

  8. Jessi32123 says:

    So they are water panels

  9. booger king says:

    Wow woodland people are m0r0ns. Lol!

  10. John Sheppard says:

    leaving when she said may

  11. Tampa813 says:

    So, now those panels will cook the fish and plants in the water.

  12. danielgr86 says:

    hahahaha I work in electrochemistry and we're prettttty far from that. And the diagram for the Quantum Dot is horribly wrong.

  13. Smart Creation says:

    amazing technology is magnet like producing energy from magnet field i had worked on magnetic field but still some problem any comments,,,,

  14. Kathleen Winser says:

    If they perfect this you can bet no poor person would be able to afford it!

  15. Roberto Ionica says:

    why you copy videos?

  16. You're A Walking Dead And Do Know Its Sure Now says:

    Hey Build Solar, there is a house in the Caribbean that£ would be perfect for the testing and promo?

  17. sukhwinder singh says:

    I m generate electricity to my fart😇😇😇😇

  18. Gary Kirkland says:

    * I'm taking a training course in solar panel installation, repair and maintenance. My instructor recommended this book [link here >>> ] as an excellent resource along with the course. I'm finding it invaluable. By buying it through Amazon, I saved considerable money and received it very quickly.*

  19. Derpy_ King says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Dylan and Issy says:

    Crazy people are alive.ha ha ha ha

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