New Solar Panels, Back In San Diego and It’s My Birthday! Vlog #84

New Solar Panels, Back In San Diego and It’s My Birthday! Vlog #84

New Solar Panels, Back In San Diego and It’s My Birthday! Vlog #84

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Music by Joakim Karud
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20 Responses to New Solar Panels, Back In San Diego and It’s My Birthday! Vlog #84

  1. Dream Awake says:

    Happy Birthday Paul!

  2. Theresa Ferrell says:

    Happy Birthday Paul have a wonderful day🎈🎂

  3. C Dub says:

    Happy birthday my friend! I know it's hard to believe, but I'm only a year and change older than you. As far as following my passion, so far I've managed 28 years behind the scenes in the theatre industry. I found a way to turn my passion into a decent though far from spectacular living!

  4. Greg Smires says:

    Happy birthday paul

  5. E.Rowena Boyd says:

    Just want say 😉🎈"Happy 🎂Birthday"!!🎈
    Thank you for letting us into your life it's been fun. You should be proud with all you have accomplished this far.Keep the vids coming I can't wait to see how the solar panels turned out.😄

  6. Richard Herzog says:

    You look better without the big beard . Happy B day

  7. mblaine01 says:

    You rock! Keep on bread truckin’ 😉

  8. I'like turtles says:

    If i had a step up id sink everything into the walls and make it into a strait up man cave! collapsible bed.
    I just posted another video too' its about unemployment insurance..
    GoodTimes & Happy Birthday changing lives one life at a time thx!

  9. stephanie1971a says:

    I began celebrating your birthday for you at midnight uk time last night (8 hours ahead) your time would have been 4pm. Made a cherry madeira cake 🎂 and had a slice for you along with a cup of tea!! Cake tasted awesome!! HIP HIP HURRAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Breadtrucker, my lovely friend!!

    I love the Art Deco styling of your controller.

    Can I say welcome to all your new subscribers……you are all now fully paid up, bona fide Breadrolls!!!

    I'm so happy that you reached the watch time goal Paul, I had your play list (18 hours plus) running in a separate window for the last 5 days, whether I was home or not!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day Birthday Boy!! love ya!!! xxx

  10. sassy shell says:

    Happy bday! Luv your personality. So funny.

  11. Fern W says:

    Happy bday will you be doing follow up install on the panels?

  12. BRIAN BENSON says:

    Happy B-DAY man I'll be out boondocking soon enough. Glad to see ya going solar about time lol…

  13. Carol Tellier says:

    Great video!! Nice seeing you so happy and on your birthday. Enjoyed your little birthday dance. 😆You’re here in my town. Native San Diegan here. Check out Fiesta Island. Beard looks better👍🏼. Keep on Breadtruckin!!

  14. Sam White says:

    Happy 42nd birthday this is Sam from Slab City hostel sorry we wasn't able to meet buddy

  15. Kyle Hendrix says:

    Solar Stuff! <3

  16. Bryan Dumond says:

    Happy birthday Paul in honor of your birthday we are out riding the motorcycles have a great birthday man

  17. B Wallace says:

    Happy Birthday smiley. I'm happy your out of slab city. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

  18. twisted mickey says:

    Happy Bday!

  19. Shelly Quinn says:

    Happy birthday Paul the only thing I can give you is to subscribe thank you for your good work and have happy 🎁

  20. William Ball says:

    That's a lot of solar for that price! A LOT of solar. Did you get the hook up? Are they stolen? Lol

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