My Simple Solar Power System

Little something different in this episode folks. I talk through and describe my latest attempt at solar power. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe.
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  1. I Katherine Dawson says:

    I use old taxi lead acid batteries they are crap but buy them for £7 and weigh in for about £12 so cost is a profit lol use stick welder to charge cost nil and are safer than lion matervolt 3kw off eBay fir £50 so another bargain love your video about running items on dc will help to use my kw or so more efficiently until I get some more lead acids hopping to store about 4 kw tesla power wall would cost thousands and a bit if fun
    Use 10 lead acids so about £120 volt into inverta

  2. Tom Tutt says:

    I was curious as to what all you could run off your system…lights, fan, outlets, or a wheel grinder ???

  3. chappi59 says:

    Instead of getting a 48 V battery, can’t you just wire up a 12 V to make a 48 V ?
    That’s what I did when I put together my 6 12 V hundred amp batteries. I just wired them to make a 24 V battery.

  4. kibi15 says:

    I have a 24V Multiplus. It's a fantastic bit of kit. I have mine configured in Energy Storage System (ESS) mode. It's grid interactive, so it can feed in as well as charge from the mains on it's AC input. The AC output will remain active in a grid failure as you'd expect. You do need to use a CCGX or a Venus GX to make the ESS work. If you're on a tight budget then you can run Venus on a Raspberry Pi or a Beaglebone. I use a Beaglebone in my system. With that running you get the benefit of system monitoring and all data can be logged on Victron's VRM website (which is free to use).

  5. Jack Phillips says:

    Must be taxes or something in the UK. Most of those things are pretty affordable in the US. LiFePO 12V 10AH battery runs $99USD here.

  6. david maryan says:

    could you not build your own battery you can buy 2.4kwh of 18650 cells for just under £300.00 including delivery and a 14s bms for £20.00 18650 holders for £8.00 enough for the 2.4kwh unit very easy to build and you can just keep adding them as and when you have the money, if you need help give me a shout

  7. Hie Do says:

    you need to keep the battery outside or you must have air vent for the acidic escape outside. Bad fatal to breath in.

  8. Michael O Callaghan says:

    Is it wort putting a 12 v element in a house hot tank to heat house hot water as an other way of storing the energy ?

  9. TekReviews says:

    What about batteries from an Electric Forklift? I have seen others using them and they weren't too expensive used.

  10. Dylan Cross says:

    Can you actually use the power they generate though? I thought there was no net metering in Ireland? Where did you get the panels? I'm trying to get some but they are difficult to source in Ireland.

  11. Colm F says:

    Can you say where you got the soladin from, and the panels, can’t see soladin that good a price anywhere

  12. Colm F says:

    Hi Damien, sorry to hear about the bad courier service,

  13. Pedro Gomez says:

    hello how can you help me because i have a rear motor of a toyota highlander hybird 07 and i have 2 inveter one of a toyota camy 07 and another toyota prius 2001how can you help me make that motor work with one of those inverter ?my email is : montro7575@gmail.comthank you look foward to speaking more with you about this project im working on

  14. evmocean says:

    just a thought , why dont you plug ya cars in to your grid and use them as a power supply .

  15. Andy Dahl says:

    Looks like a very simple system, would you be able to post the specifications of the panels etc? I would very much like to build my own

  16. Bram D says:

    I have a soladin to, I just reversed a standard watt meter on the AC side. Works great!

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