My $1500 Introduction to SOLAR panels

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20 Responses to My $1500 Introduction to SOLAR panels

  1. PHANTOM 808 says:

    My boy we gonna have to get you a new shirt. But Great video

  2. Cody Lauderdale says:

    How is this doing? It's been 3 months and you've been busy traveling but any news on this cause I'm so curious

  3. Ryan Patrick says:

    With all the hoverboard battery fires, aren't you a bit nervous about having a grid of them on your wall? lol

  4. Antonio Maceo says:

    Got 10 of the panels! Waiting for the next video so I can learn what to do next. Thank you so much for putting out this knowledge.

  5. F1shifty50 says:

    Your neighbor is a ham radio operator. I bet he’d love to help you out on some of this stuff.

  6. Sam Osborne says:

    Probably shouldn't drill through the shingles. Its good you added the epoxy but if you have to take them down you might have a leaky roof, and an angry landlord.

  7. Shell H 0882 7411 says:


  8. Mireya mendoza says:

    hola jehu soy marcelo como estas contact me at my email

  9. Jorge H says:

    He visto la mayoría de tus vídeos y me gusta lo que haces, recomendarías hacer los paneles solares desde cero, comprar las placas y ensamblar un panel?

  10. BANE760 says:

    I have 20k for someone who can build a couple of these to market and sell. Solar energy is blowing up guyz!!!

    Im looking to start an Inexpensive solar energy for low Income homes

  11. Mr_Wizard says:

    i have 600+ watts of solar in parallel panels on my RV roof
    665 amphrs AGM batteries (aka 8000wattHr total, 4000 wattHr at 50% use)
    all my lighting etc.. including a 120v residential FRIDGE are powered by the batteries,
    solar and generator charge the batteries
    of course my batteries weigh in at 525 Lbs total,
    they are UPS server surplus take offs
    cost me $350, $70 each, in near new capacity, from my personal testing
    i love the idea of light weight Lithium, but cost factor for the amount of needed power is still too pricey for me, although i am getting interested in trying a few small projects, like building a small jump start box, or portable 12v power pack

  12. jimthvac100 says:

    You covered up the ridge vent. This will make the attic quite hot on that side. I bet that type of solar panel would not last very long compared to the ridged ones that are raised off the shingles so they can have air flow under them.

  13. Zark Dx says:

    Can I use silicone instead of wet patch?

  14. Dennis Mathias says:

    Super interesting..products and all!

  15. Rodrigo Vazquez says:


  16. dreamrealitysyndrome says:

    Is he a Witness?

  17. SlowSilver says:

    if my dad told me he would buy everything for me if i built it would this be a good place to start?

  18. Nicholas Littlejohn says:

    Your neighbros have the solars too!

  19. Nicholas Littlejohn says:

    A peel ing!

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