Missouri S&T Solar House 2015

Missouri S&T students craft shipping containers and discarded wooden pallets into a home that will compete against other universities in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. Students spend two years designing, building and testing sustainable technologies in a solar-powered home that could foreshadow future building techniques. For more information about Missouri University of Science and Technology, visit: http://www.mst.edu

7 Responses to Missouri S&T Solar House 2015

  1. Ronald H. Pantoja says:

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  2. Ididnotk illjfk says:

    not convinced that after all the structural changes to the containers , the additional build overhead of then creating interior stud linings and then needlessly cladding the thing in timber that this wouldnt actually be cheaper and quicker by just building the whole thing in timber!

  3. david davies says:

    😚it's a great job done. I would be very proud

  4. Scott Beattie says:

    Any chance you can release the plans for this house?

  5. cinema writer says:

    I am ready to make a nest with Mary Puleo. She is so Lovely.

  6. Miguel Jimenez says:

    HI, can you tell me about the cost of this house?

  7. greenighs says:

    "We wish to start a conversation free of sensationalism," says the PR guy with green hair. LOL!

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