Michio Kaku – Current News – Solar Energy

Michio Kaku – Current News – Solar Energy
Dec. 16, 2018

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  1. Cosmin Solomes says:

    Interesting thanks professor for those beautiful moments in science

  2. Robert Ostman says:

    I blame asphalt… because as it is so dark it traps a ton of heat… if asphalt was reflective or at least if it reflected the energies that create heat… then the problem would be far less than what we see

  3. Veritas B. says:

    isn´t it more logical to assume that a dysons sphere is the latest part part of construction or will never be done because a dyson swarm is the better option because it can be omnidirectional, easily changeable as well as less error prone. Wouldn´t that make it a non uniform shadow over all wave length? 17:15

  4. BlacKwoLF CoNsPiracY says:

    Mr Kaku, I seen so many of your videos and why didn’t we go back to the moon? With all the launches,minus space x program, that nasa does there shouldn’t be a funding problem , right? Why don’t we send up Sophia?

  5. Henry says:

    Why why why….knockle heads, well because your ocean waters were heating up to fast. So, you got some cold relief. Cold relief…that made me laugh out loud. Ir you had read godlike, then you would have known that the cold was coming months ago.

  6. 4vediotube says:

    Dr. Kaku, I recommend you present Dr. Michael Macghee’s (SU) work on tandem perovskite cells. Also, it’s O.K. to admit theoretical physics is incomplete. I have seen objects that appear to move with zero mass effects. Explain this and Einstein will be forgotten.

  7. Brainbuster says:

    14 people downvoted this because the date in the description says December 16th, 2018.

  8. Robert Hammond says:

    You no we're toast and. You no every thing happening are the side effects of the 3thousands nuclear test you blower the ozone of the planet from 1940 to 1980 and then you stop testing and the planet is going to he'll you will not adapted your a fool if you think you will all life dies

  9. Gregg Jay says:

    1 of the best podcasts yet. very interesting episode

  10. Ianmj97 says:

    Makes perfect sense.

  11. Thomas Futch says:

    Venus is a sh*thole lol

  12. Ray Hedrick says:

    Nobody knows what the fuck they’re talking about. I’ve seen several studies saying the ice has grown almost twice as thick. Researchers getting stuck in their ships because of the thick ice. Who’s telling the truth here?

  13. Tebayane Rose says:


  14. johnny wonka says:

    if its so cold in the n. east. maybe global warming is wrong…

  15. Thomas Kimble says:

    Your so full of crap

  16. 淳于筈 says:

    46:47 — Requires by… 2012? Did he mean 2022?

  17. sedumjoy says:

    Solar ….what happens if there is a massive volcano that decreases the sunlight?…….. make sure the system works even if the sunlight is dimmed by so many percentage points ? or crank up your wind and geothermal until the solar is back up to full power maybe ?

  18. TheCyes2020 says:

    Yes but how can the Moons orbit be Increasing?

  19. John Doe says:

    When will you be in dc? I want to go

  20. KNOWLEDGEHUNTERboy says:

    weather ballon,?Heres the truth, you hide it…….Alien is a drone, which can have a supersonic speed? I can never believe in you…

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