Michael Strizki’s Fantastic Solar Hydrogen Home

http://www.homemadepowerplant.com/?hop=adonpub In 2006, Mike took his home off of the electrical power grid. Ever since, he has been generating his own electricity. All of Mike’s electrical power comes from solar energy. He usually generates 160 percent more energy than he needs to power his home. Mike isn’t likely to sell his power to the grid. Instead, Mike uses the excess electrical power to make hydrogen, which he stores in tanks, to run his car on. Mike has proven that it is possible for you to power your home and car from solar power.

20 Responses to Michael Strizki’s Fantastic Solar Hydrogen Home

  1. Salvador Flores says:

    its impressive and humble. but it's still missing some advantages. on what electricity is concerned. the whole set up is to maintain the standard of living. but I recently learned about 400 hz being 10 times more efficient than 60 hz. but only capable motors benefit from that. nothing is built for 400 hz.

  2. Armando Silvier says:

    This is not a negative comment or not meant to be one: but the solar cells alone would cost more than a conventional house, wouldn't they? Add to that the $4 million cost of the rest of this site, and i think i have to agree with the other online armchair critic that this is a bloody expensive setup that the average tree hugger can not afford.

  3. Felix Bloxham says:

    Beautiful Mike . cudo's to you for job well done

  4. paul joe says:

    One 1000 gallon propane tank starts at $2000 × 10 = $20,000 .
    " free energy " !!! . No. Very costly . Then the panels and inverters .

  5. bill clinton says:

    This man is doing an excellent job in clean energy and Trump's comrades wants us to invest in dirty energy! This should be tought in every American home and the world. This is an example of American hard work, brain storming solutions and total practical results. I would give an Oscar for this guy. Go for it!

  6. Kent Bey says:

    Intersting …………….

  7. shams mujaddidi says:

    Great project Michel .I have an idea and I wanted to share with you and see what would you think about it. I ve been powering my home with a 1.5 kw pv solar panels with a battery bank converter and charge control for past 3 years . now I was wondering if I can put my 1500 watts dc power into an electrolyzer to mak hh2 and build an on demand system and run a small combustible engine ,run it on hydrogen and turn a generator . what you think about this? Thanks and good luck to you sir

  8. KundaliniKid says:

    sick setup

  9. Riad Ahmed says:

    He got 5 stuff 1 is solar 2 hydrogen 3 geothermal 4 hydgrogen fuel cell , national grid , only left converting from wind , hydro , ether and lightning arrester battery charging like Japanese million volt battery lol.

  10. Francis Furtak says:


  11. Tibor G. Balogh says:

    I would use (pipe) vented to atmosphere O2 in the house, having more than 21% normal atmospheric concentration of O2 in the house would be great! At least I would try it…

  12. enkrypt3d says:

    What would be the cost of this system today? This would be a dream come true….

  13. Alistair Milner says:

    Forget Donald Trump, this bloke should be president. It is without doubt the great paradox of America that on the one hand you seem to have some of the dumbest people on the planet but luckily also some of the cleverest. To put that lot together and having it working properly takes huge amount of skill and specialised knowledge. If you want to make America great again, forget Democracy, learn from the man in this video and other people like him.

  14. Jacob Hallmark says:

    My hero. Now I just need to win the lottery so I can set something like this up.

  15. Tony K says:

    Hello, So is all the hydrogen stored in 10 1000 ltrs tanks only the same as 40 ltrs of gasoline?
    Could this gas be compressed to hold more in less tanks?
    Many thanks for sharing.

  16. david nuttall says:

    you gotta be kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you gotta be an engineer to operate this system ; all that hydrogen and an novice idiot is going to be in charge ?
    van't wait for the first big explosion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Braxton Curry says:

    Powers his house with his very own $250,000.00 "off grid" power plant.

    Then builds $350,000.00 home to save EVEN MORE!! Fantastic! Sign me up

  18. tdidan says:

    Why is all that storage only equal to 40 gallons of gasoline? Isn't the hydrogen pressurized? Is there a limit to how much you can compress it safely?

  19. Adam Ski says:

    You're right. We need millions t make this world livable. Millions which are stolen from us by banksters!!!

  20. richardnanis says:

    Very interesting project, Mike!
    But how many years does it take to give you full return on initial investment?
    When i see the tanks an machinery you need i would guess you had to pay a lot more than 100.000 USD for the equipment,
    and some more for installation and safety measures?

    Why dont you collect the oxygen as well and sell it to the industry or use it for welding e.g. ?
    How pure is h2 and o2? You need to have it pure to compress it without risk of blowing your stuff up 🙂

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