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Having solar panels on your roof and being on the city power grid gives you the best of both worlds. A lot of the time you can know that most of the power you are using in your home is being created from the sunlight on your roof. And at night the lights and TV still work- as you are now using power from the city. Economically putting in a home solar installation is only advantageous if there are rebates and incentives to help offset the cost, but you can always do it anyways if you feel it is the right thing to do.

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20 Responses to Living in a Solar Powered House- Unique Week Day 3 | EpicReviewGuys

  1. Okinawa Geol says:

    So it still needs to be connected to bigger electricity network in case of rainy days…

    Thanks for the helpful video.

  2. Shadapz says:

    I am grateful for the information, it was nicely explained.
    while researching i also found some of the websites that made solar panel and solar energy production at our home possible reducing our electricity bills to almost 50%..


  3. black mountain side says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. James Peterson says:

    Check out this Solar Patio Cover option. Its also $0 down and looks great.  If you would like a free evaluation click here:

  5. James Peterson says:

    Become a Solar Advisor with Powur and earn thousands in commissions for a simple referral.

  6. Eugen Miron says:

    Per chi non ci pensa al futuro questo è un risparmio di energia ,ma posso dire che pensa anche di non inquinare,È ECOLOGICO!

  7. georgio m says:

    What a joke! 1600watts will run a hair dryer. How do you cook with wood or gas not very green? One stove heating elements consumes 3000 watts. Keep dreaming you're going to save the world.

  8. Curt Clapier says:

    Where is this system located? What state?

  9. Christine Caney says:

    Don't worry about the haze you're not creating. Weather wars are creating the pink glow in the atmosphere, you know the pink glow we now see around the moon and we have no idea how that will affect the world but that's OK. Hate to break your bubble but global warming is a money making monopoly that's all. Also, in some states it is illegal to use the solar energy when the power grid is turned off. Ridiculous ha.

  10. paul8kangas says:

    Build a 100 panel solar home, to sell energy to neighbors.

  11. paul8kangas says:

    If your college has built a solar home, after you are done with it in Denver, I ask you to please air lift it to Puerto Rico Oct 14, so carpenters can copy it & make thousands of copies to rebuild PR.   Youtube: Paul8kangas,  dr8kangas    It costs less to live in a solar home, because by passing a Solar Payment Policy requires Utilities, not the gov., the Utilities pay $0.99 kwh to solar homeowners.   This gives more power to the working class to generate energy, & so shuts down all nukes, gas, oil & coal.

  12. Alice Medina says:

    The solar light lооkѕ so рrеttу thаt еvеn whеn thе роwеr iѕ on I wоuld turn оff the lightѕ аnd have a rоmаntiс dinnеr with mу huѕbаnd uѕing the light аѕ a tаblе centerpiece. [ Check Details here === ]

  13. David Hall says:

    Our grandchildren ѕtау with uѕ оftеn and they wоuld lоvе tо hаvе thiѕ available in a power outage [ Check Details here === ]. Also, I wоuld uѕе it as a light to ѕее with when I tаkе mу dog outside аt night.

  14. Keith K. Towne says:

    You can save lots of money by following this program as there is no need to buy a new battery for a dead one. You can repair that battery by following simple techniques [Check Details Here==> ].It is affordable and less expensive because you don’t need special tools for that. You can use simple household items to repair the battery.

  15. alex gonzalez says:

    Sir i live in texas too very close to Fort hood is any way i can contact you? I have a very important question about solar panels, i really need some help let me know i can contact you private

  16. Logan Rossignol says:

    12 year ROI is awful.

  17. Anil P says:

    After doing research on internet for over a month this video and the discussions below finally made sense. In India we can get up to 8 hours of bright sunlight (between 9 am and 5 pm with some extra). So a 250 watt solar panel after 20 per cent loss would produce 1,600 watts in a day. The average requirement of power in an independent (not apartment) villa or bunglow (the thumb rule) would be 500 units per month (500kw/ that is about 6,000 kw per year). If we discount about three months of rains we get about 275 days of good sunshine in a year. So to produce 21,818 watts of power every day we need about 14 solar panels and all the attendant paraphernalia to produce enough power for a household. The typical household of five adult members in my calculation would have 10 LED bulbs of 14w each running for 6 hours daily (840 wh), a refrigerator that runs 24 hours daily (1,350 wh), 3 ton AC running for 5 hours daily (14,000 wh), one induction cooker running for 3 hours daily (11,100 wh), a water heater running for half hour daily (2,000 wh), a TV running for 3 hours daily (330 wh), 2 computers running for 5 hours daily (2,000 wh), a stereo player running for one hour daily (616 wh), 3 ceiling fans running for 2 hours daily (600 wh), a washing machine running for two hours daily (2,600 wh) and a microwave oven running for 30 minutes daily (600 wh). All that adds up to 36,036 watts (36kw) needed in everyday. Now to generate 36kw everyday you need 22 solar panels of 250 watts. I guess my calculations are right. There is also another interesting part. Ten years ago we you used to talk about the pay back period. But now a days no one mentions that. And I presumed that the payback period has disappeared because the prices of solar equipment have all gone down. Interestingly, it is reported that in the US the official figure of payback period is 6.9 years, and according to my estimate in India it is about 23 years (we get subsidy and not incentive, but I have not yet heard of how much individuals get for rooftop solar systems in India)

  18. Bill Milo says:

    12 years to recoup $5k is dumb. You put that $5k in the stock market and you have roughly 4-5 times as much money. Put that $5k to make the house more energy efficient.

  19. paul8kangas says:

    We are in a world emergency. The climate is melting down.

    The #1 problem is global warming.

    Decentralization: The #1 solution is we each must build a 100 panel solar homes,

    & require Utilities to pay us $0.33 kwh.

    We must shut down all nukes, gas, coal & oil, by going 100% solar.

    It is inevitable. We can do it now in 5 years.

    Salt tax monopoly. Gandhi broke the British gov. by breaking the salt tax monoply.

    It was illegal to pickup a bucket of sea water, put it in a pizza pan on the beach

    and let the sun evaporate the water, make salt & sell the salt.

    Gandhi lead a march of 10,000 people with buckets

    marched to the beach, collected sea water, made salt & broke the law.

    The Brits tried to arrest the 10,000 people, but had no room in the jails.

    We can break the illegal Hawaii law, by building a 50 panel solar carport, then

    filing a class action against the HPUC & Utilities,

    Hawaii has withdrawn from the Paris agreement.

    Solar home owners in Germany earn $1,000. / month

    selling solar onto the grid, at $0.99 kwh, for 20 years.

    Activists must campaign against the Hawaii PUC in a way that requires Utilities

    to pay $0.49 kwh, so Hawaii can go 100% solar.

    Maine now requires Utilities to pay $0.33 kwh for solar.

    Japan requires Utilities to pay $0.53 kwh to solar homeowners

    who sell solar onto the grid.

    Utilities must do crowd sourced funding, by raising rates 2% for all non-solar customers

    then give to solar home owners $1,000./ month income from solar, to pay for the

    new 100 panel solar homes.

    We must throw all the money in the world at creating a solar economy where the

    solar homeowners earn the lion's share of income from the sun.

    Those without solar must pay 2% more for energy.

    It is inevitable.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

  20. Bill and Rosa Off Grid says:

    solar cost has dropped since these were installed. we are totally off grid with up to 3600 watts of solar plus the batteries (16 x. L16E) with solar trackers, inverter, charge controllers for less than $7500 dollars.
    Your video is good information for grid tie but cost verses benefit is a little dated.

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