Is Solar Worth It? 5 Years after installing Solar Panels, I Share what I learned on my Journey

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I decided to get Solar Panels in July of 2011, and now with almost 6 years of data, I thought I’d share my finding, and what you can expect if you decide to go Solar or PV Cells!
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Considering Solar? Watch This!
Tesla: First Trillion Dollar Company?

Solar Hours Calc By Location:

Solar Hours Calc By Zip Code:

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Energy Rates in the US:

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My first piece of advice, is to buy less panels than you need, and slowly add to your system over time. These panels are getting more and more efficient, and cheaper by the year. I paid ,000 for 5 235w panels for a total system of 1,175watts. But now, I could get 10 305 watt panels for a similar price.

So if you’re interested in solar, consider getting a small system now, and building on it over time. With Enphase Micro inverters, your system will be very modular and you can easily add more panels in the future.

We highly recommend the Enphase M250 micro inverters especially if you have trees or other structures that might cause shading issues on your panels. With micro inverters, you’ll have a micro-inverter attached to each solar panel, where as a regular inverter will attach to many solar panels.

If you interested in learning more about how shading effects your panels, or other details on how solar collection works, please leave us a comment, and we can create a follow on video outlining these details.

Get get access to your data, and view your solar panel performance, you’ll need a communication gateway like the Enphase Envoy. With this, you’ll get lifetime data storage, access and nothing is cooler than seeing just how your panels are performing.

We recommend you clean your solar panels at least a few time a year, because in our testing, clean solar panels output about 4% more power than dirty ones, and this number will only get bigger the dirtier they are. The best way to clean solar panels is with a window cleaner and squeegee on a wand.

Thanks so much for tuning in guys! We love making these kinds of videos, and sharing our experience and knowledge. Please ask questions or comments we’ll definitely get back to you!

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40 Responses to Is Solar Worth It? 5 Years after installing Solar Panels, I Share what I learned on my Journey

  1. Two Bit da Vinci says:

    Support us on Patreon:

    Watch Our Follow Up Video to this one:
    Considering Solar? Watch This!
    Tesla: First Trillion Dollar Company?
    Solar Hours Calc By Location:
    Solar Hours Calc By Zip Code:
    Solar Angle Calc:
    Energy Rates in the US:
    Basic Solar Power Energy Meter:
    TED Pro Home Advanced Solar Monitor:
    Smappee Advnaced Solar Energy Monitor:
    Enphase Metered Gateway:
    Enphase Micro Inverter:
    Ettore Solar Panel Cleaning Wand:

  2. dannydaw59 says:

    Where is this Solar installation? I'm guessing in the US not in an arid state like Nevada.

  3. Jack Jammen says:

    Break monopolies,
    Buy solar panels.

  4. Heywood Jablome says:

    You didn't factor in the cost of the installation or the other materials. Professional installation ain't cheap.

  5. R Reichel says:

    Your just like all those liberals, you'll twist anything to make your point, sad. I just hope people are not so stupid as to put fath in all the crap that comes from you liberal die heart's.

  6. R Reichel says:

    I've got a discrepancy on your numbers. You say you got a 3600 dollar tax exemption and then you took 3600 off your total bill. A $3600 tax exemption only means you don't pay taxes on that 3600 not that you got $3600 from the government. So all that should have came off your bill is the taxes you would have had to pay on that $3600 not the $3600.00

  7. Rc Buddy says:

    Why not just link up a bunch of cheap calculators?

  8. Maxify08 says:

    What he doesn't tell youis that iof you have a PV system installed, the home buyers have less than no interest in your home. in short, Don't buy this stuff if you intendupon selling withing 20 years of purchasing your home. I have absolutely no interest in "Investing" in PV systems. Home buyers just don't want these things on their prospective property. Think about that and let it sink in. Solar is all smoke and mirrors.

  9. BRENT3143945 says:

    My electric bill is only $50 no panels

  10. Martin Miljkovic says:

    what is the cost of installing and licensing it?

  11. Iconic Props says:

    Did you say what climate and seasonal weather you have?

    It looks like you have leafy trees and flowers. I would assume some place like florida, which is sunny and hot 9 months a year would have a higher output and faster ROI

  12. Paul Maxwell says:

    Several commenters below are under the impression photovoltaic panels do not work for large parts of the year in Canada. Not true! I'm in central British Columbia and my 2.8 kW array is already producing 2.3 kW right now as the fog lifts on a snowy minus 17C morning. Photovoltaic ('solar') panels become increasingly efficient as the temperature drops, something many folks are unaware of. And snow on the ground can actually increase output slightly because of the reflected light. I simply brush off the snow as needed with a long-handled brush, a job much easier than digging out my truck. Never allow someone to tell you that solar 'doesn't work here'!

  13. Sang Moon says:

    Keep in mind that in the US, state governments are decreasing the monetary benefit of net metering so that the time to break even becomes significantly longer.

  14. Jarrod Whittington says:

    Thank you. Informative, concise, and well presented.

  15. John Smith says:

    That is a lot of numbers and a lot of inaccurate confusion. Your grid electric rate is way above the US average, around double. Also when someone else (tax payers) helps pay for the system that makes a big difference. To date there is absolutely no solar system that will ever pay for itself if the person has to pay full costs of the solar setup when there is a grid system available.

  16. Martin Gutkowski says:

    Sigh. Please learn the difference between energy and power. 10MWh is a total energy the panels have ever generated. 10MW is what a large wind turbine produces and will equal your panel's 5 year output in one hour. See?

  17. CR Rains says:

    Your figures have NO TIME VALUE TO MONEY…what are the insurance costs for hail damage ?

  18. Kaan T says:


  19. Flyingdutchy33 says:

    That's great, but I prefer to gte my power from places that produce plantfood! <3

  20. Vishal Pandey says:

    What is life expectancy/warranty of ur panels? And how you clean them?

  21. migsven surfing says:

    Nice to see a woman being useful for once.

  22. Kenz300 x says:

    Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base line power.
    Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
    Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
    Sign me up.  A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
    Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.

  23. Terry Weaver says:

    People doing these videos should provide wattage output per sq. in. If I remember correctly it is roughly 0.0375 watts per sq. in. Or…. 0.00375 I forget which… Anyway it is real low.

  24. Terry Weaver says:

    Build your own…. Buy your cells…. Your kidding lol. I began my research on solar energy in 8th grade… I am 60 now. I have maintained solar panel tech and upgrade tech all these years.

  25. star gate says:

    Why all the trouble? Ready make quality solar panel are not expensive anymore in this day.

  26. Thao Nguyen says:

    Hi, As she said 36s cell for 18 volt, so each cell is 0.5volt, but anyone knows how many watt for each cell?

  27. F Huber says:

    DIY panels to me means starting with glass and laying out the grid then coating with the compound that turns it into a solar panel.

  28. J says:

    this is a man's job


  29. Wood Zulu says:

    Can you use plexiglass?

  30. ekielr jayme says:

    this is a big help!!!!!!

  31. Andro Ninja says:

    oh after watching video I changed ma mind you have a lot of black dots and looks pretty aged almost 34 or something like that but still good job

  32. Andro Ninja says:

    you are really prety also very cute girl you look

  33. Dylan Hall says:

    You’re amazing🤙🏽

  34. David Smith says:

    as soon as you busted your first cell you lose power on the whole panel. How many did you crack? I made a diy panel and out of 46 cells 10 cracked and were usless…never again lol

  35. Isaiah Liam says:

    I think you don't need to used the led… just use the flux first… then the soldering iron… because in my work we only use the flux… but good job…

  36. chouma lion says:

    Take a look at what they say about The DIY Solar Panels Video Course:

  37. Exxel Blend says:

    wish to know more about building sole panel .
    You are awesome.

  38. Miguel S says:

    Just make sure that there is good ventilation when soldering as the fumes can be toxic. Otherwise a good tutorial. Thanks.

  39. Dominic Rodriquez says:

    great video keep up great diy girl

  40. Wael Mostapha Hael says:

    Awesome and Informative, Thank You…

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