India’s Renewable Energy Journey

India’s Renewable Energy Journey

20 Responses to India’s Renewable Energy Journey

  1. Gourab Das says:

    Modi modi modi…. U march ahead…. 1.25 billion Indian are with you… U are our hope… Our pride..

  2. Omniwave says:

    Oh that one house song at the beginning rules

  3. cleric7788 says:

    3:50 backward communities. LOL

  4. EDWARD BEAVEN says:

    WOW! Keep up the amazing work India – what I saw is world-changing

  5. Lane Gaspar says:

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  6. 2denni says:


  7. matt damon says:

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  8. Mickey The maltipoo says:


  9. replica says:

    when solarpanels are placed on fertile soil or water: no photosyntesis

  10. Wellington Boobs says:

    I guess it will go down as well as the same news about China: India has a better energy policy than the USA and Britain. Once the privatization aspect is cut out of the picture, there's no reason why the material capital for solar can't been worked for within a year or two. That means no energy / fuel bills whatsoever once public ownership is gained of the industries that produce renewable energy equipment. I think that's clearly a policy that will win major public support; now consider who is voting against it. Who is voting to make people unnecessarily pay for energy and who wants the payments? Aside from the huge bills, putting more than ten percent of people in energy poverty and many more struggling and worrying and constantly juggling finances to just about cope, how much in tax subsidies (public debt) are they claiming? What is the Real Cost of them poisoning the environment and everything dependent upon it? Are their lies about the known effects of their dirty business crimes against humanity? Should the people who 'work respectable jobs' in firms like these be allowed legal protection by the criminal corporation known as city of london, the wide-open 'secret city' within the City of London favoured for its crippling libel so-called laws (legal red tape based on hiding transnational corporate crimes)?

  11. Dilwar Hussain says:

    Great work

  12. San Tosh says:

    Great job guys. This is a good start

  13. Keith Ng says:

    Not bad at all. It's good to be alive today and know that we are cutting down on burning fossil fuels and moving towards sustainable growth.

  14. Vishal Dharaneppagoudar says:

    Happy to know about renewable energy sources in my country…. I just proud to be in this land…

  15. Thezebraherd says:

    I am from the US I wish our goverment did more of this I'm going to invest in some private solar and wind companies though. I guess we just solve more problems in the private Sector here but I think renewable energy should be helped by goverment like national security I guess both is good.

  16. filonin2 says:

    India is sciencing the shit out of this.

  17. John My views says:

    I like the way India is using canals to place solar panels which not only saves space but will lower water losses.

  18. eternitynaut says:

    The largest democracy supporting renewable energy. You're the big great hope for the world.

  19. Jay Patel says:

    we also should include wave energy. It can be replace by coal.

  20. lexa 2t says:

    Bravo ! India can become an example for other countries.

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