‘In 15 Years, Solar Energy Will Be Almost Free’

Unlimited clean drinking water, almost free solar energy and nearly zero dependence on petrol and diesel to fuel vehicles, all this in the next 15 years, maybe less. That’s what author, entrepreneur and tech expert Vivek Wadhwa says will happen, given the way technology is headed.

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3 Responses to ‘In 15 Years, Solar Energy Will Be Almost Free’

  1. Ed Harley says:

    By 2019, toasters will be 100% electric.

  2. Truelove says:

    clean drinking water will cost over $4 a gallon… the BUSH FAMILY bought up a LOT of south America's drinking water reservoirs, solor energy will cost 1 us dollar a kilowatt hour… AMERICAN OIL wont go away without a fight… they STIFLE every alternative out there…GASOLINE WILL COST $20 a gallon…

  3. gm679 says:

    it will have human brain power….nonsense

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