IEA Renewable Energy Market Report 2017

October 13, 2017

The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a presentation and discussion of the IEA Renewable Energy Market Report 2017 with Heymi Bahar, Renewable Energy Markets Analyst at the International Energy Agency and Project Manager of the Report. Inaugural Fellow David Sandalow moderated the discussion following Mr. Bahar’s presentation.

This report examines how renewable energy in the power, heat and transportation sectors will evolve over 2017-22 in the context of global decarbonization goals. It explores recent renewable deployment, policy, market and cost trends across different regions and countries, particularly as costs for wind and solar PV continue to fall. This year’s report includes additional analysis on renewable consumption of electricity vehicles and off-grid solar PV segment.

The Renewable Energy Market Report 2017 also assesses the potential impact of enhanced policy action for the electricity and transport sector under its accelerated case, which would position the world firmly on a path to a more sustainable and secure energy system.

2 Responses to IEA Renewable Energy Market Report 2017

  1. Shaun Ahmad says:

    Thank you for the presentation

    In the scenario cases – it would have been useful if new ideas were presented and the accelerated best case scenario could also be shown – by country, region and world – with capital expenditure requirements

    But certainly this type of report is needed

    I would encourage to have this report updated at least every 6 months – perhaps every 3 months

  2. Leslie Joan says:

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