Howto build your own solar cells (panels) @ home

Create your own solar panels and Solar arrays for a fraction of normal factory prices! This video shows (animated) the way to create your own solar cells (panels) en grid tied system.
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  1. Mohit Bishnoi says:


  2. Mohit Bishnoi says:


  3. krishan senaratne says:

    solar cells for sale,Grade A cells , 156*156 3bb,2bb mono and poly, 3.92w,4.09w,4.28w,4.38w,4.44w.4.59w,4.72w,4.77w
    price starting from 1 USD.(German solar cells,Malaysian cells)tabbing wires, buswires. all materials for made solar panel,exporting from sri lanka
    contact for more info-
    whtsup/viber 0094778322668

  4. abu.wesam banabila says:

    gooood ..

  5. Edmundo Dante says:


  6. Edmundo Dante says:


  7. winston grundy says:

    Your not making a solar cell u already have the cell your just puting wires on it waste of time unless u can actually make a solar cell from scratch

  8. Russell Laporte says:

    I have used this [link here >>> ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  9. Susilbarik Susilbarik says:


  10. Prabesh Rajesh.sanidanam says:

    you tell how make Sir please i request

  11. Ramesh Sinha says:

    There is no voice (No Speach) should be decribe step by step

  12. Shasta Kennon says:

    Go to WoodPrix webpage if you'd like to build it yourself.

  13. jeena kla he ranveer singh banwasa says:

    puri trening kha milegi

  14. James Y. Welch says:

    It will teach you how to plan out your system so that you will be able to build it the right way the first time. No wasted time and money. It also showed how solar sales companies are selling customers things they don't need. Very informative guideline.

  15. paul raj says:

    where can i get solar cells?

  16. Master Visionary says:

    the best solar panels use very fine lines of Silver as conductor, and special silicon layers to prevent reflexion and absorve better the light.

  17. Enes Ince says:

    maybe because of i know these before watch but that was the most explanatory video

  18. bob says:

    what a cow boy back ground music !

  19. Doug Mac says:

    love it. can I make a larger one say 4 ft by 8 ft using plexiglass. it could be made at home without needing to transport it. maybe a 2 kw panel. is that possible?

  20. terrance leacock says:

    most excellent diy how to solar panel construction. (best teaching style)

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