How to Solar Power Your Home #8 – Grid Tied System – Enphase M250 Microinverters – Pt1

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In this video we take a look at the Grid Tied Solar Power System I have installed to test various solar components.
Here we look at the installation of the Enphase M250 Microinverters, the Envoy Communication Gateway and the Enlighten Manager Website to monitor solar power performance and production:

My system components:
* SolarWorld 250W Poly, SW 250 Poly
* SolarWorld 250W Mono, SW 250 Mono Black
* Renogy 250W Mono, RNG250D Black
* CanadianSolar 250W Poly, CS6P250P
* 4 x Enphase M250 Microinverters
* Envoy Communication Gateway
* Outback Radian GS4048A Inverter
* Radian GSLC175-AC-120/240 GSLC load center
* IronRidge Solar Panel Ground Mount System
* MATE3 System Display and Controller
* MidNite Solar Battery Enclosure
* 4 x MK / Deka Solar 8A31DT AGM 105 AH (20HR) Dual Terminal deep cycle batteries.

In a future video we’ll investigate the issues with Grid Zero and Microinverters
Hybrid grid tie with battery backup.
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19 Responses to How to Solar Power Your Home #8 – Grid Tied System – Enphase M250 Microinverters – Pt1

  1. Kenz300 x says:

    Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base load power.
    Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
    Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
     A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
    Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.
    Electric cars, electric trucks, electric lawn mowers, electric snow blowers, electric tools, no emissions.

  2. ThisIs Slammin says:

    Great video!!!!

  3. Carlton Davis says:

    I have used this [link here [Awesome Plan Here >>> ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  4. keith henry says:

    Where did u buy yr solar panels

  5. Ahmad Omed says:

    Great tutorial thanks

  6. SolarizeYourLife says:

    Yes, the cheap Chinese have made a grid-tie inverters with limiter, it monitor what is coming in from grid, and make equal amount of power from panels (battery) so the house meter sees zero (or near zero) in coming power…. Must go to company site for inverter, not readily available…

  7. Mile High V says:

    Great video! What racking system are you using in this episode?

  8. Jesse Anderson says:

    can someone please show me the load/sizing analysis equation? Can't find it anywhere!
    The only part i have i my notes is KwH/d divided by peak sun hours…

  9. Solar Power Electricity and Electronics says:

    Take a look at my solar home

  10. spleujo says:

    Federal Pacific Panel? Had any issues with it?

  11. Julius Eskola says:

    Did u move from SA to the US?

  12. Peter XYZ says:

    Questions: Does the Micro Inverter produce a real sin wave or square sin wave? Can I use inexpensive inverters from "big box" stores?

    I love the idea of panels having individual inverters. At 150.00 each, that double the cost of the panel. I seen (amazon for preliminary price research) some reputable (with brand name associated with huge earth movers) or "reputable" inverters for half (80.00 US) price of the Enphase.

    Thanks for the education! Love the channel.

  13. fstagle says:

    Hi Martin, can you use these enphase micro inverter (m250) in a country with a grid of single phase, 220to 230v, line to ground and 60hz ?By the way i am really enjoying your uploads on youtube cos they are very  interesting.

  14. Carl J says:

    Hi MJ Lorton how are you? I have something to ask you. I have a micro inverter I just bought about two weeks ago. The micro inverter is WVC1200 micro inverter. I need to connect it to my grid which is in Florida where you already know we have a split 240 volts. On the diagram that came the inverter there is nothing shows how to connect it to the 240 volts split system. We only have 3 wires come out at the AC connector. I was wondering how can i connect it to my 240 volts split system please help.The 3 wires it has are brown (Leg) and Blue for (Neutral) and then Green/Yellow for (Ground). Will help I hate to connect it to the 240 volts and blow it, which they say in the manual it can be connected to a 230 voltd i just see how. Please.

  15. truckie117 says:

    Great video

  16. Bruce Marmy says:

    white tie-wraps not rated for outside

  17. Paul Durano says:

    Martin Thank you. Your a good teacher,I learn a lot from you about Solar.

  18. Grant Kettell says:

    I believe this will solve the issue to your system.

  19. Efeghaje Isaac says:

    Thanks Martin.This is absolutely okay. i 'll be alright when i can start installing my own solar arrays/system for domestic usage and for commercial purposes .Once more ,i say thanks

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