How to Size Your Solar System

Great and cheap OFF GRID SOLAR BASICS BOOK written by the great Joe O’Connor:

Understand exactly how much power is stored in your batteries and how much of that you can use on a daily basis. This video also covers how power gets from your solar panels to your batteries and finally to your appliances. You will learn how to size your solar system according to how much power consumption you expect to have.


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20 Responses to How to Size Your Solar System

  1. Bob Fomenko says:

    good explanation. Makes me cringe though watching you sit next to lead acid batteries that are in equalization mode without eye protection.

  2. Alex Remnick says:

    I plan to go with lithium

  3. Carolyn Williams says:

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  4. Anthony Cardenas says:

    WOW! You jump from topic to topic with no demo? Example, HOW you connected your batteries? I mean "I" understand but I have a technical background. YOU need a WHITEBOARD where you show your battery connections AND your math. Sorry, I'm just saying… then to the 'specs' you specify? Sorry again but your words are much too confusing! I won't give you a thumbs-down, but please redo this video soon… others may not be so kind.

  5. Zabrina Machuca says:

    Stfu we get it its double fuckery change the subject god damn

  6. Mark Klapheke says:

    Excellent video. Thank you very much for making this. I can see by the comments that most people do not know about "deep cycle" batteries or the difference between a marine battery and a regular car battery. They also do not understand why you would want either a 24-volt or 48-volt system. If you could add some "Battery Basics" along with how DC appliances work, you may have the perfect video.

  7. Mark Drouin says:

    So if you want solar panels on your roof to power your house you got to have a bunch of fucking car battery's in your roof?

  8. Roberto Ferri says:

    BLA BLA BLA………..u've some problem my dear…

  9. felix liu says:

    so great job, you explain that the batteries energy must equal to the solar panel system, and how to use the batteries for a long time. do not use it in dept, thanks for your working!

  10. 777 P says:

    Finally. Somebody who can explain this solar shit clearly. Thank you sir.

  11. JejiDudez says:

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    New Home Solar Enegy System

  12. Carlos Keiser says:

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  13. Christofer Steger says:

    Don't you recharge battery 130%. So if you use 3000Wh you must charge 4000Wh ?

  14. Jose Garcia says:

    I guess your don't have a central A/C

  15. George Felix says:


  16. Jesus Zayas says:

    Hello I’m from PR. I ve been 70 days without power. What do you recommend for a small emergency system?

  17. Gerry Huffman says:

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  18. Tracy Douglas says:

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  19. jean baptiste says:

    Help me with this I got 2 12 volts batteries and 4 100 Watts solar panels how to connect them to run a fridge and couple light

  20. jose lopez says:

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