How to run an AC unit on solar power

Experimenting with Harbor Freight solar panels. Just laying out the equipment that I got as a beginner for a system that works off the grid.

Solar Panels — Charge Controller– batteries–Inverter– air conditioner.

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20 Responses to How to run an AC unit on solar power

  1. What Happened? Haha says:

    Hahaha noob! Gotta love that confidence he has. Acts as though reading about solar energy for 30 minutes makes him an expert. Haha You're a grown man. You're too old to be making a fool of yourself. Your wife is probably beating you over the head with a rolled up newspaper right about now.

  2. RockTech says:

    Well said sailingsolar. This is absolutely NOT the way to run ac with solar. ALL your equipment is too small and WAY over priced.

  3. AHMED Al Ali says:

    Be careful you need to use pure sine invrter if not you will damage the fan motor for AC

  4. Gregory York says:

    Go with crystal batteries. They can be discharged almost all the way down and it won't hurt them. They catch up about three times as fast then lead acid batteries. And they are really cheap to make.
    They last for years.

  5. jam castellano says:

    now this is my future plan set up, as i read and hear your video, how many watts is your air conditioner sir, so a 200 watts solar panel, and battery like that, and 2000 inverter will do the job for a small air condition unit to run sir, Am i correct. thank you, please bare with me..

  6. Norman Randall says:

    I'm amazed at the Dic$ Licks on this thread that were born with knowledge, simply amazing.

  7. cody cheney says:

    This is cool but, how much did you spend on everything so you can do it ? I know all of have the dream to power our ac units but, how long will it take to pay the system so that you can do that ? Believe me I want to do the same thing !

  8. Tablet Van Daaf says:

    Runs an a/c from a 2 kw inverter off a 25watt panel through a battery, concludes it works, gets excited.

    The lesson here: finish school kids, it's important.

  9. Chris Cross says:

    BAD information is worse than NO information. No dickhead, 4 batteries is not enough to run 2 Air Conditioners ALL DAY. Throw your crap in the bin and take up sewing or golf.

  10. One life One love says:

    Ok but he just solved global warming problems….

  11. thomas hardin says:

    8:51 what is the black box thing beside the 2 batteries?

  12. Gaurav Deora says:

    You need to watch this

  13. Peter Holman says:

    Even the smallest air conditioners require a lot of power. Try using your system to run a small fan instead and some lights (led type). That will let your system be more useful untill you can learn more. You can also get a watt meter at lowe's that allows you to measure the wattage used by various appliances. This will help you determine what you can run on your present system and what you will need in a future system. Go to to see some appropriate small house portable generator solar systems. Hope this helps.

  14. Kent Lawson says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  15. hitmanhite says:

    Oh boy, really? Another one?

  16. Naif Mohammad Sharif says:

    Try to keep batteries in room temp….for better battery life….

  17. lpz says:

    Before you buy anything get a very good smoke detector and fire extinguisher you're going to need your plumbing that straight into wood I feel sorry for you and your family

  18. JPG23 says:

    Wow, you have yet a lot to learn. It's good to be enthusiastic about this and I encourage you to continue pursuing this route; however, it would be a good idea to learn some of the rudimentary knowledge about working with solar panels and DC electricity in order to get the most out of your setup

  19. General South says:

    What's the average Watts per hour your AC uses? Seems it would be around 500 or so and that's being generous. You would need 6000 watts of stored power to run that AC for 12 hour of no sun light, which means your battery bank would have to 12000 watt capacity because you shouldn't drain more than half the batteries which would take (10) 12v 100ah batteries.

  20. NoVaKane says:

    The light is flashing. The human brain isn't able to see it. Just like refresh rates on pc screens

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