How To Maximize Solar Panel Array Output

I share how I maximized my output from my solar panel array. I show you the amazing power output of my solar panel array as I uncover each bank or series of panels contrasted with uncovering only part of a series. Understanding how to maximize the output of your solar array can make a huge difference in how much power you generate and can store.


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20 Responses to How To Maximize Solar Panel Array Output

  1. Ned Xell says:

    I've noticed that Fuji F vawe flexi panels are much better for winter season as mine was generating 400w out of 2kw when covered 5cm of snow until it all dropped down by itself.

  2. Christ Julius says:

    I bought instruction from inplix and I build it very very cheap.

  3. Bogdan karpovich says:

    You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from InpliX .

  4. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    in last of your video it was producing 5.4 kilo watts wow but something not OK here, the sum of selling to grid and using is not the total power being produced ! šŸ™‚ #fishy

  5. jack ailles says:

    Why is Michigan not on your list. Is it leagle or policticle issues.

  6. michael lawrence says:

    Good info.

  7. MetaView7 says:

    seeing the snow on your panel, an idea came to my mind… i would make the panels tiltable… on snowy times, or at night, they would tilt down to prevent snow accumulation. In the morning, they would wake up and point to the sun. This shouldn't be too difficult a project.

  8. Evgen Patotskiy says:

    On inplix page are instructions if you want to learn how to build it yourself just take them

  9. Michael Clayton says:

    I used to work for Alberta forestry as a Communications Tech. We had panels at lookouts that we installed vertically so that in the winter they would not collect the snow. We had one array that was blowing fuses on the charge side for two reasons. First solar panels at minus 40 C are 25 % more efficient than standard test conditions. Second, the snow gives us an albedo (sun reflecting off snow) factor that increased the current further. If you want to take something away from my experience, put your panels almost vertical to capture this "extra" free energy during the winter months and as the snow disappears and the days get longer lean back the array. You are already experiencing both factors but they would be more prominent if you adjusted your array.

  10. Ratcat17 says:

    Hmm Interesting. I'll cover one panel at a time and make sure they are all working.Ā  I would love to know how much power you should generateĀ VS the actual rating they are. I have 4 KW but my Electricity feed in doesn't say I am ever generating 4 KW. Max maybe 3.2. How much do you get paid per KWH? I get 66 cents.

  11. Lumpy Midge says:

    What does it mean you're selling

  12. Seahawk.Customs.Pc says:

    +LDSPrepper You my friend have owned a new sub in me. For this amazing video you did. Awesome job I would need half of you're set up for my cabin. Thanks for the video…

  13. Zina J says:

    Microinverters. One on each panel makes this a non-issue.

  14. Priscilla Tufano says:

    He made 5.4kw good lds pepper can you please make another video on the output in the summer of us please

  15. Shanta Hsieh says:

    I think you need to take some time and go to inplix website to learn how to make it.

  16. John Lucero says:

    Can you run bypass diodes between your panels in each string? From what I have seen that's an easy fix

  17. Rd Hood says:

    Why not connect the series horizontally instead of vertically to compensate for low sun angles. At lest the top row would produce power. I'm giving Big Dog a call.

  18. PW says:

    That's VERY impressive.

  19. Raymond Balcom says:

    Just think what your array will produce (KW/Day) if they were tracking the sun…!

  20. Willem Budde says:

    Hi there, nice solar system you have, i bet you sell allot to the grid, because it's winter, in the summer, you prob gonna use allot of energy(A/C) running 24/7, ever thought to add "hybrid" package, like a bigger battery-bank, to store energy whatever you collect at daytime, when battery is fully charged, whatever leftover energy goes back to the grid…

    Are you also planning to add a 100ft wind turbine on your yard, like a 1.5KW( than the battery can be charged at any time day/night(when wind is available)..

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