How to make a solar water heater at home – A Study

You know, in one hour Earth receives more energy from Sun than the world use in one year. Very very less amount of solar energy is converted to renewable energy. One of the best use is water heating. In some country / city it is mandatory to use a solar water heater. Here we will do a simple study to understand and make a simple solar water heater.

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  1. lue lunsford says:


  2. Warelitewar says:

    fuck you

  3. Mohd Anas says:

    Thanks it help for my school project

  4. Fausto Minuzzo says:

    Grazie, Fausto (Italia)

  5. Pierre Martin says:

    pretty sure that water would be ice up here in Canada = making it colder

  6. Charles Steen says:

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  7. ᄀᄀᄒ says:

    Aluminum relfect heat well. If you want to heat water of bottle, you get black bottle

  8. CANUSA Kommando says:

    Not a good system at all.
    Many flaws.
    Wrong inlet/ outlet and black backs not silver.
    In 30 below I can get temps of over 150 degrees F with a 3 bottle system.
    Take a 3 L bottle put a 2 L bottle inside it with a 1 L bottle inside it painted black.
    You can warm food or drink inside it.
    It's a BoyScout trick we used here in Canada winter camping when I was a kid.
    In warmer temps you only need one bottle to act as an insulator with a blacked bottle in the centre.
    This guy still gets warm water because it's 120 in the shade in India.

  9. Jagdish Budania says:

    so nice tech ideas you provide here really , THANKS so much.

  10. André Fierens says:

    Genius !
    I use a Solar Fountain-pump to pump water up
    through a Solar Mat, to heat water !

  11. intime service says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing the information about solar water heater service tips. For more appliances

  12. Baki Pest says:

    Your accent can heat water too… Idiot…

  13. World of Tanks Blitz Sikh Regiment [SINGH] says:

    Oye photo ki payi hoi hai bana kuch hor reha chutiya

  14. toko chitadze says:

    2:10 one haar 😂😂😂

  15. WWE Star says:

    Very nice

  16. André Fierens says:

    Genius ! I used also a Intex Solar Heater Mat with a SolarMax 600 Solar Pump,

  17. m dose says:

    dhup me to wese bhi sab garam ho jata h isme naya kya h

  18. Fen Let says:

    I'd like to see this compared to a simply black bag of water. My hunch is that the black bag will heat up more and faster

  19. GlobalTubeTruth2 says:

    Using glass is much better way to do this project. Stay away from plastics as much as possible. Especially when being heated to high temperatures and coming in contact with anything you'll be ingesting. Plastic definitely does affect human health.

  20. Arul Murugan Subramanian says:

    Why cant we make glassy transparent water tank, simply?

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