How to make a Solar Panel

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20 Responses to How to make a Solar Panel

  1. Appithkia says:

    Can you show us how to make a power pack with 18650 cells so we can charge our phones with a solar panel like yours? (The big one :p)

  2. Todd Taylor says:

    I think u should prove aether exists

  3. alex yochum says:

    You should have got down to the quantum mechanics

  4. Kirill Gorin says:

    You are gifted in explaining)

  5. Angel's & Demon's says:

    I have a question, if you used the solar panel and combined it with an ion thruster, but not using copper. Instead using tungsten, amplified the e- field using parallel capacitors. Get a drone made of carbon fiber, could you theoretically create a self sustaining RC drone that would never need batteries?

  6. Tech Trivial says:

    You could make a radar gun on your next video

  7. Vinny Bottitta says:

    How about you throw some capacitors in line with your homemade copper plate solar panels

  8. nathaniel steamgear says:

    my room is powerd with solar pannels hahahahahahahahah im cool

  9. Mikes Science says:

    Nice video as always.

  10. Joe Bowman says:

    Portable solar power generator

  11. Johan Christianto says:

    Do the arduinno

  12. The Jeeronian says:

    Could you calculate the energy that your solar panel generates (and thus its efficiency) based on the inductance of your meter and the rate at which the current builds up in it?
    I would attempt to do this using the footage alone, but I don't know the inductance of your meter.

  13. Walt Sorensen says:

    wouldn't a toaster oven set up like a DIY reflow oven give you a more consistant result for producing cuprous oxide?

  14. Daniel Bart says:

    Didn't know you had a blue tesla also hanging on your wall 😀

  15. lochinvar00465 says:

    I would think that using an arduino to control a tracking unit for solar cells is a bit over-engineering. I could do it with a couple of 4093's and a few 2n2222's. I know the arduino is quite a capable unit, but old school chips and transistors do the job very well and are quite easy to use with no programming needed.

  16. maelgugi says:

    But can I put it on my drive way and use the energy to melt the snow?

  17. Chris_K FPV says:

    Please speak slower

  18. Grin Reaper Of Trolls says:

    You should do a video on logic circuit projects.

  19. Luka Skerjanc says:

    fucking shitty intro

  20. Eric Humann says:

    Thank you very much for all your interesting videos.

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