How to Make a Free Energy Solar Cell – Homemade Solar Energy

How make solar cell from cup – Homemade Solar Energy. Free Energy

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  1. world of Arts Nair says:

    Please tell me the song name

  2. world of Arts Nair says:

    I like you

  3. Saber Gherbi says:

    C'est quoi cette matière s'il vous plaît ?

  4. iron bat says:

    What do you use?

  5. Richard Renoiror says:

    New phone charger. Back side.

  6. Richard Renoiror says:

    For credit do some
    And some Stanford University
    Terms of service.

  7. Ande vamshi says:

    Did u added water or distilled water

  8. loris harriss says:

    Wow really interesting ! can you explain the theory behind this? 🙂

  9. Sadia Farooq says:

    what is golden thing

  10. wizlawz says:

    would salt water yield higher ?

  11. SloppyGoat says:

    I invented this double lighter free energy pen!!! In theory, this battery free electronic device is capable of supplying free power to an entire trailer park, forever!!! And, it will never run out of ink!!! See, those coils are a new type of technology, called springs. They create electricity and radiate it through those special electronic components. Nobody really understands what they do, but I am much smarter than anyone else in this world. This complex circuit is something NO ONE has ever done before, in the history of electronics. This is new forbidden technology that the government doesn't want you to know about, and it's based on Tesla's secret designs, which disappeared right after he died. If anyone finds out, I might be assassinated, so of course I'm only going to post it here on Facebook, and on Youtube, after I make a demonstration video. I'm currently running my television, computer, hair-dryer, blender, a 200W shop lamp, four 1500W space heaters, 15 LED's, and my TV, all from this new invention. It will never run out of power or ink, because it runs on photons, plasma, and faith.
    If you'd like to have one of these for yourself, I will sell you the plans to build your own double lighter free energy pen. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!!! This double lighter free energy pen is quite unique, and you won't find it anywhere else!!! Just send me $50 dollars.

  12. Chain Mac says:

    Best thing about these videos is the potential of free energy we just need to push forward for humanity and harness that potential just look at tesla but all of his tech was taken and hidden from humanity.So stop ragging on people who try, do some research yourself and try to better its the only way forward don't be a critic be a creator

  13. MyOpinion &MyPreferences says:

    Whats the name of that paper?

  14. Franz Antoni says:

    its a troll to get people to try and become frustrated…

  15. 1bottlefed says:

    The copper and superglue is worth far more than the energy this would produce in 10yrs. PS you can get a lot more "free energy" by winding the same amount of fine copper wire in a coil and holding it near a power line lol

  16. Newton Miller says:


  17. 55rebels says:

    Wow!! ….what a worthless channel.

  18. Sirlima Lebensräume says:

    Thank you for your inspiration!

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