I explain how much this system cost and I go over the site plan and electrical diagram in this link Keep in mind the 19 price doesn’t consider the federal or state tax incentives, which would lower it significantly. I’ve also modified this system to deal with an addition the homeowner put up in this video I show how to deal with roof penetrations and racking in more detail here. Dealing with Xcel and the building inspector were videos in themselves. Feel free to ask questions though and if your feeling very generous you can help me spread knowledge, inspiration, compassion and adventure around the world with monetary support. You can support me monetarily on my channel page in the upper right hand corner or by clicking on one of the support Jesse Hoff icons in this video. Thanks.

Installing solar panels yourself, DIY.

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Systems been running for a total of 40 months: the one caveat to also keep in mind is that for about half a year we’ve been working with only 4 panels because of an addition on the house.
Update as of 9/5/16 the system has been running for

40 months total

It has produced 4.74 megawatts-hours total

1 megawatt = 1000 kw

So that equates to 4740 kwh total

4740/40 = 118.5 kwh per month

118.5/30 = 3.95

~3.95 kwh per day


  1. Carlos Martinez says:

    "Roof penetration " lol

  2. Dennis Harold says:

    IF you want to make it by yourself just go to InpliX page.

  3. Shanta Hsieh says:

    I've found great handbook on InpliX website. Great solutions for everyone I think

  4. Rudy Smith says:

    Did you consider shifting the panels to the right for a little extra protection on the roof penetration

  5. Justin D says:

    do the enphase inverters cost less than one main inverter in general? I was also wondering It looks like it is back fed into that double breaker. If the street power goes off will it back feed the lines?

  6. Kun Gyangs says:

    I'm taking a training course in solar panel installation, repair and maintenance. My instructor recommended this book [link here >>> ] as an excellent resource along with the course. I'm finding it invaluable. By buying it through Amazon, I saved considerable money and received it very quickly.

  7. Sherwin Khayatian says:

    Enphase was a solid Move my man, Chilling!

  8. Rezzy says:

    my question is how is it during winter season you gotta climb up everytime it snows an brush off the snow is it possible that the snow is too heavy an damage the panels

  9. Bobof Tojup says:

    * I wоuld uѕе thiѕ light аnd рrоbаblу ѕеvеrаl mоrе  [ Check Details here === ] whenever I nееdеd light but mоrе specifically as I build mу tiny hоmе until I gеt thе ѕоlаr аrrау ѕеt uр and wоrking. Great item!*

  10. Liam John Duncan says:

    Must be very good if you live in America. Not so Sunny in England UK.

  11. Brad Aaron says:

    He should've failed you for that hacked looking #6 ground wire splice. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I left a job looking like that

  12. joe sokol says:

    Great video, thanks man

  13. Borys Fomichev says:

    I made it by myself. Just go to Inplix webpage if you'd like do the same

  14. pinkeye00 says:

    You said roof penetration. lol

  15. Jessie Luce says:

    This is a great book [link here ::  ] that dives into the field of photovoltaics. The only downfall I see is 80% of the book is for battery systems; if that is what you're doing, this book is for you.

  16. Marco Orenday says:

    Where do you bought the inverters?

  17. SHONUFF says:

    What if you need to redo your roof? That would suck. Solar panels are so big I home the tech gets better soon get more power from smaller panels I am interested in solar but I wouldnt want to mount it to the roof I have snow and stuff where I live Pole in the back would be better.

  18. Vlad Klimovich says:

    You can learn from inplix scripts how to make it yourself.

  19. dronai says:

    You did a clean installation job, and a fantastic job explaining everything. I benefitted from the plan information required for the permits. Where can I get a plan template like you used ?

  20. dronai says:

    I'm suprised the inspector let you get away with sleeving the romex in conduit. That is a code violation, I think NEC allows only 1" of romex sleeved in conduit.

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