How to Install Home Solar Storage

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Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey learns how to add storage to an existing photovoltaic array.

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Time: 1 day

Cost: Varies based on system size

Skill Level: Professional

Tools List:
PVC pipe cutter
Philips screwdriver
Wire strippers

Shopping List:
AC Battery
Electrical Conduit
12 gauge wiring

1. Before doing any electrical work, ensure the power is turned off at the breaker panel. Professional installation is recommended for this project.
2. Run four 12 gauge conductors from a 240V breaker at the main electrical panel to the location
3. Attach battery brackets to structure.
4. Run electrical conduit between each bracket.
5. Run four 12 gauge conductors between each bracket. Strip the ends of the conductors and insert them into the appropriate slot of the bracket.
6. Attach each battery to the wall mount bracket.
7. Plug the battery into the port on the bracket.
8. Restore power to the circuit.

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20 Responses to How to Install Home Solar Storage

  1. phishfearme2 says:

    so why do you need AC at all – get DC only appliances and other users

  2. Stephen Hodge says:

    Did anybody notice Nick's surname? Soleil is French for the sun, surely he changed it!!      Soleil – Wikipedia
    Soleil is the French word for the Sun.

  3. Michael Aguilar says:

    What is the reason Hawaii's utility company doesn't allow solar back on to their grid?

  4. Jeff Johns says:

    [Awesome Plan Here >>> ] Using Great information, they have done the research and calculations to help configure the ideal system for your home and install it.

  5. R Peterson says:

    Please consider an “Off Grid” solar system DIY for your massive audience of viewers. Thx

  6. djclown7pb says:

    What kind of micro inverters are they using?

  7. ArthurDentZaphodBeeb says:

    $10K just for 5 lousy batteries? Plus installation? Insanity x 10.

  8. George Senda says:

    Put links on how to buy the equipment you show in the videos

  9. A H says:

    Leaving out the cost again shm. I've looked into energy storage and that shits expensive. The only thing that I've seen that is cost effective on a house scale is using energy to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen then when you need it back, just run the hydrogen and oxygen through a fuel cell.

  10. Dennis Garvey says:

    Convert to ac just to convert back to DC:/ I know ac is good for long distances but that's not that long of a distance

  11. John Baker says:

    The micro inverter is for grid tie use, as stated on this product's web page. However, in this installation, the solar energy setup is for off grid. How does this micro inverter work in the off grid phase?

  12. Venicestu says:

    why not install off grid solar? it's so much cheaper, and a do it your self skill

  13. Joey Fonseca says:

    how long do the batteries last? when do they have to be replaced?

  14. xrcrx ftfghjg says:

    this guy is so smart

  15. Misuq Production - Future, House and many more says:

    Nice video 😉

  16. kemots says:

    never heard of 'ac battery'

  17. KUTE says:

    Verry good 😊

  18. John Becich says:

    What are those "AC batteries" made of? Lithium Ion, lead acid, ?? Looks like lead acid to me, because he'd be praising them (and not straining to lift them) if they were of lithium, instead of lead.

    Like all car batteries, lead acid batteries die of old age, predictably. And they are not all created equally, either.

  19. Eddy Secco says:

    How about return on investment? How long for breakeven? These panels don't last forever. They lose efficiency every year. Same with the batteries. Eventually everything will have to be replaced. How much gain in savings will there be before replacement?

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