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See what makes the Panasonic HIT solar panel so unique. With its Heterojunction cells that make it more efficient, heat and shade tolerant, and special glass structure, you are able to fit more wattage in a smaller space, and output more energy daily. Their 25 year warranty on workmanship and performance ensure you will have a lifetime of high power. High panel efficiency of 19.7%, with cell efficiency of 22.09%.
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40 Responses to How To Connect Solar Panel to 12 Volt Battery

  1. Mark Wagner says:

    Jim. Thank you for this video. Do you recommend installing an in-line fuse on the positive wire from the Solar Panel to the Controller and to the positive wire from the solar controller to the battery bank? If so, how would you calculate the size of the fuses?

  2. Todd The Lone Droner Mummert sr. says:

    thanx !

  3. Taka Yama says:

    Thanks! I need to get solar.

  4. the good guy says:

    so pretty much a 20 watt panel is useless with a 12 volt deep cycle?

  5. Don Tighe says:

    The solar panel on my 2000 fleetwood Storm cracked. I replaced it with 3 panels from harbor freight. They put out 35 watts. I connected to using the existing solar panel cable on roof. Is that to much power. I think the original was only about 1 watt.

  6. Luis Martinez says:

    Thanks for your answer,

  7. Luis Martinez says:

    I have a problem with my solar system,
    I have a 100w solar paler new,,, and a 12volt deep cycle battery and a 30 amp charge controller.
    And when I check the solar panel by it self I get 14.6 watt out of the solar wires on the panel, but after I connect the solar panel to the 30 amp charge controller I only get 10.6 volt out of the charge controller so i only get 10.6 volt going into my deep cycle battery,,, so my 12.7 full charge battery goes down to 10.6 volt in a couple of days and stays there,
    Can you explain to me why is this happening? .
    I already had tried two diferent charge controlers and I get the same problem

  8. Erin says:

    Having my batteries in parallel for my solar system. Where would I install a battery disconnect switch?

  9. Michael Mcgee says:

    Wow! wish that I had found this video a couple of years ago. I've ruined a 1000 bucks worth of batteries all while not getting effective use from them. I have 5 250 watt panels and had 8 deep cycle batteries with charge controllers of course. I had read a book and watched youtube videos. One guy had a bank of 5 or 6 batteries, he hooked his charge controllers in the center of the battery bank and feed off one end. I tried that, not to good. I went and talked to a friend that's pretty good with electronics. He figured, hook controllers to one end and feed from the other. of course my batteries never got charged up and would die in the middle of the night. I now have a few hundred pounds of expensive anchor weighs. Thank you so much for the video! Got to start over with new batteries but now I know how to wire them up properly. Thanks buddy!

  10. Feroz Khan says:

    V hey I’ve got a 2.8 watt solar charger it won’t cook the 12 volt marine Battery will it mate

  11. vincent harutsanyi says:

    Hi thanks for a great video please explain to me if it's not gonna destroy my new solar battery charger if l connect my trolling motor together with the battery charger is it okayou or its gotta be done separately

  12. nihar swain says:

    Dude i have a 75 watt solar many 12 volt batteries can be cinnect with it??

  13. Rob St.Helen says:

    Newbie here, those instructions are so clear and easy to follow, thanks for the video!

  14. James Richardson says:

    Thank you for your great video's. Have you done a video that includes how to set up and wire a fuse block. Do you even use one for having different circuits or for different 12 V appliances etc?

  15. Carl Michael Beadle says:

    You explain these things so well, I have no trouble understanding steps I have to take to make something work. You do a great job and thank you

  16. Will Hoffman says:

    So helpful, thank you!

  17. DaveB says:

    Hi! Do you think I can add a lighted rocker switch in between the panel and the solar controller, to enable/disable the panel? Can I assume the panel will provide the power and act as the power source for the switch LED? Just wondering… thanks!

  18. Malakia Angala says:

    what I actually mean is I have seen some inverter connected to the system from the charger controller and some are connected straight from the batteries. Hence my question is which one is the best way to connect an inverter

  19. Malakia Angala says:

    which one may workout best between connecting the inverter directly from the batteries terminals and connecting the inverter from the charger controller

  20. Jonathan Matson says:

    Thank you for your excellent Video.
    I am a Missionary Doctor from the States who serves in Kenya.  I bought a Challenger Rhino Trailer from South Africa to do Camping on the cheap with the family.  The trailer has an HCdP Electronics Power Panel MK3 with a Ring 300 Watt Inverter attached.  I have a Brad Anderson Plug from the Land Rover Defender 110 Battery which which feeds into the Power Panel which will recharge the Trailer Battery enroute, as well as runs the freezer as I travel; and, for times when I am parked and a power source is available, I have a three prong plug that will give 220-240 V power to the system and recharge the system and run the freezer, etc…, as well.  Here is my question (and, I am new at this stuff):  I have a 150 watt solar panel set that came from South Africa and I have no clue as to how to feed the Solar Panel energy into the MK3 System.  Can I just hook the Brad Anderson Plug from the Solar  Panels into the trailer's car battery feed Brad Anderson Plug, or do I need to wire the Solar Power directly into the MK3 Power Panel?  And, if I do this, does the Steca Solar Charge Controller need to be utilized, or does the MK3 unit do the work of the Solar Charge Controller, thus making the Controller unnecessary?
    Thank you for considering this question, as where I live, it is often very difficult to get technical help to answer these types of questions.

  21. Vinod Manu says:

    Any creat one video on panel heat evaporation

  22. Vinod Manu says:

    I want no about this panel in india 300 days good dayal lighting avlebel in summer exteem hot weather 45 to 49 degrees temperature this panel is good not and what to do for panels heat evaporation

  23. Vinod Manu says:

    Hi any iam form india your so good

  24. satendra singh says:


  25. Kamyar Shahmoradi says:

    is the aims power 48v inverter good to use with this? im looking to do a 10kw system that will do a 240v output

  26. SolarizeYourLife says:

    Also a reduce in weight…

  27. dave lamont says:

    How about applying rainX on the panels? RainX repels water on glass as I was wondering if you could put it on the panels to help keep them clean and efficient

  28. COREY EIB says:

    Next time have your audio guy fix the lapel mic in such a way it doesn't rub on the talent's necklace. Sorry I am a sound nazi, but the rest of your post is great, thank you.

  29. kathryn liu says:

    P.S. Panasonic vs Solarpower panels for a home.

  30. kathryn liu says:

    Amy u da bomb u must have been born in Guam 👻 your videos are so informative. Thanks for doing them for us uniformed sheople

  31. Think First says:

    I am new to this game so bear with me for the stupid questions. On your website you list CS6K-260P(CS) panels for $154 and 330w HIT (HIT) panels for $357. I know that they are different wattage etc.. I am just trying to do an apple to apple here. Assuming size of installation wasn't an issue it would take 6 CS panels to make 120 VDC and 4 HIT panels to make 128VDC. The difference in voltage would be nominal. There would be a difference in the cost of the panels of $504 which would fund 3+change more of the CS panels. I understand that there would be more installation costs for the CS than the HIT not important for this comparison to me. So the cost of 8 HIT panels would fund 18 CS panels plus some minor change left over. 8 HIT panels would be 2640W and 18 CS panels would be 4680W. You could loose a lot of the CS panels and still be above the HIT panels in wattage. I understand that there are differences in efficiency and the numbers are gross not net, still trying the A to A here. It appears to me that given the room a larger number of panels at a lower cost overcomes a smaller number of panels at a higher cost. What am I missing here?

  32. tecgunner says:

    If "you know it is going to last more than 25 years". Why don't they guaranty it longer? I would like to read the guaranty.

  33. William Trader says:

    what is that weird grinding noise?

  34. Dro Pleckk says:

    If it weren't for all the government induced geoengineering and solar radiation management, these would probably be a smart purchase.

  35. FPVREVIEWS says:

    What is the percentage of efficiency compared to the maxeon C-60 cells?

  36. Martin Molohon says:

    Nothing new, just more cells. What a job this woman has, to make it sound like innovation. I guess she has no problem selling a larger (more problematic) panel. I repeat, not even innovation.

  37. william foreman says:

    Thanks for a very informative video Amy,,,,,, and once again you appear younger and prettier in this video then you did in the previous,,,,,, how do you do it???

  38. Terry Frederickson says:

    are you doing sign language with your hands?

  39. Cryptopolis says:

    Hi Amy, thanks for the very informative video. Could you give us an idea of the $/kW for the HIT panels compared to conventional panels. Also, do you know how they compare, again $/kW, with the SunPower Maxeon panels?

  40. galfisk says:

    Keep the mic away from your necklace.
    Other than that, good video.

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