How Solar Energy Panels Work

A simple and easy to understand animation which explains how solar panels work. Video is sponsored by Best Energy Power.

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Nuclear energy is a cheap and relatively clean source of energy for the planet, but lately it has been mired in controversy. Solar energy is often brought up as alternative resource, but is it really better than nuclear energy? Which is better for the planet? Let’s find out in this battle of Nuclear Energy vs Solar Energy!




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40 Responses to How Solar Energy Panels Work

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  10. Courtney Gascoyne says:

    I don't get it. How does solar energy produce electrical energy? What are the energy transformations that occur? Anyone know?

  11. Tristan Reich says:


  12. CatFox says:

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  20. Derryn Musgrave says:


  21. Darth Megatronus says:

    I'm on the fence when figuring out which is better. They are both efficient and safe. So how am I supposed to figure out?

  22. Louis Parr says:

    What about cold fusion

  23. Noah Regan says:

    I think they both just need more research.

  24. Irmina Lezak says:


  25. Irmina Lezak says:

    solar wins

  26. R X says:

    Nuclear is worse than solar.
    1) Nuclear Power is expensive to install.
    2) You need Storage for Nuclear waste.
    3) Nuclear waste takes millennia to stop being radioactive.
    4) Nuclear factories have a hidden cost. You have to pay millions to decommission them. You can’t just switch them off.
    5) Nuclear Power is a health risk especially in regions with seismic activity or close to the sea.
    6) Nuclear Power is more expensive. Solar power is becoming cheaper and cheaper every year. It would take you 10 years to build a new Nuclear Power Plant if you wanted one now. In the same 10 years which will be around 2028, solar power will be the cheapest form of energy on the planet. This is not just because of the decreasing price of solar, this is also due to the improved efficiency of the solar panels.
    7) Nuclear can’t go everywhere. You lose energy sending power across the grid. Solar power delivers energy directly at its source.
    8) Nuclear energy is very dangerous if used incorrectly. You could have a melt down and a large explosion including miles and miles or radiated land.
    9) Nuclear Fission Power May be dead in several decades when Fusion Power comes along. This may even lead to an earlier decommission of the power plant due to its unpopularity and perceived level of pollution. The exact same thing happened with Coal Power plants which have been decommissioned early due to pollution.

  27. R X says:

    Sorry but how in the fuck do people die from solar?

    The power source is the sun?

    People on roofs falling off is the only logical explanation.

  28. Miloshmkd says:

    Nuclear without a doubt.

  29. Dinesh Rao says:

    Solar energy

  30. Rick Budé says:

    Solar power delivers 6.3% of the worldwide electricity consumption?
    I highly doubt that, as it was 1.9% in 2016 according to Wikipedia.

  31. Tarek Emad says:

    As engineer who studies and works in renewable energy, let me add some notes:
    1. Nuclear energy is better as a base load for the grid and it works at night.
    2. Solar panels have more potential than illustrated in the video because it's modular meaning you can buy it in very some amount which is better for off grid usage and better for activities like underground water pumping.
    3. In the video, they didn't illustrate the solar has two forms either thermal or PV panels. Futhermore, each has more categories under

  32. Lapita Banerji says:

    You have one of the best information channels I must say.

  33. Loui Coleman says:

    This video is now outdated

  34. destroyer and furious says:

    Solar energy

  35. David Anderson says:

    We just need fusion reactors.

  36. Redefining Science says:

    From Where Do You Create These Animations?

  37. mykell fann says:

    So why are we not building more nuclear power

  38. Police 159 says:

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  39. Vishal Yadav says:

    Only solution is Nuclear…..Solar Power will always be an alternative
    The Gigantic Magnitude of Nuclear Power only can fulfill need of our Power Hungry World.

  40. cross3chris says:

    operating costs comparison not super fair though… should include construction costs as well.

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