How “green energy” jobs are killing Ontario’s manufacturing sector

How “green energy” jobs are killing Ontario’s manufacturing sector

Holly Nicholas of The Rebel.Media reports: A new study from the Fraser Institute confirms Ontario’s Green Energy Act has killed more jobs than it created. Watch as Holly explains why. MORE:

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20 Responses to How “green energy” jobs are killing Ontario’s manufacturing sector

  1. don684 says:

    Ontario never needed solar or wind . That program has raised Ontario power rates .

  2. HighMojo says:

    Thinking and consequences are words alien to the liberal psyche.

  3. Sunny Ah Day says:

    You voted for this dyke now you pay for it's f*#ked schemes.

  4. Ron Preece says:

    Be careful who you vote for because they might win !

  5. Tintin Hickey says:

    Australia is being fed the same lies ; our energy bills have surged and there are record disconnections. Solar panels are manufactured in China and imported to Australia so there are no jobs in that field.

  6. Mike Hunt says:

    Welcome to Ontario. Home of the Wynne Liberal Kleptocracy.

  7. Christopher Davey says:

    Canada is dead as the Canadian Government has sold out our jobs overseas with offshore accounts where Justine Trudeau lives.This Green party Elite shell game should sink like the fucking Titanic, Liberals without life boats.

  8. Mike Christou says:

    Thank you Holly Great Video!! I look forward to more of your work!

  9. keith bonham says:

    I am a snowbird & just arrived in Mesa Arizona , Turkeys .48 cents per LB. , 1 dozen eggs . 98 Cents , Gas at the pump half of what I pay in Alberta . Where do you think the big Corporations are moving to …….. DA.

  10. luvmyctd says:

    Wynne, the mentally damaged Dyke doesn't give a shit about Ontario or Canada so long as she gets legislation rammed through removing the words Mother & Father. The Dyke witch HATES normal families/white MEN .. the degenerate twat sits in the back corner of a mosque, treated like a dog by her Muslim pals. lol Wish they'd just get it over with and toss her degenerate ass off the roof of their mosque in cesspool Toronto. Much pain coming to these Liberal scum .. from every angle too.

  11. Shane Kent says:

    It's all OK in Lieberal land so long as Mike The-Thief Crawley is filling his pockets via our Hydro bills and the Green Energy Scam. Next Ontario government needs to go after the X Lieberal President and sue that POS into a cardboard box! The fucker is a huge conflict of interest and I hope they nail him to a wall! Also investigate Samsung involvement, the POS Teacher's Union is heavily invested into Samsung and seeing they ran Working Families they should be investigated as well as it appears to be another conflict of interest!

  12. Laundrew says:

    My wife experienced 2 plants closing totalling just under 800 jobs – the last one that closed did mention high energy costs as one of the considerations for moving South.

  13. primpal08 says:

    The only way they can make the province "competitive" is through subsidies. Besides being the sort of thing that kills trade agreements, subsidies mean the government picks the winners & losers. This is never a good idea & with this gang of provincial Liberal idiots it's a guaranteed disaster.

  14. Doug Purcell says:

    Time to leave Canada. These companies are taking our insane hydro money we pay and investing in coal plants on our border in america…your crazy to stay in this fraud factory..called canada. Take your retirement and leave before the flat out thugs from either party steal it

  15. Ben Hansen says:

    I don't believe that the gov. intentions are as they are presented, illogical decisions that won't get them elected next term makes me suspicious as to why they are pushing the agendas. They are driving up costs and eliminating sources of taxation. So why are they doing what they are doing , is there outside incentives perhaps.

  16. Joe OConnor says:

    She's killing Ontario

  17. R C says:

    Liberal Wynn is destroying Ontario and she is Justine.s mentor. Read the latest Fraser Institute Report. Green energy, carbon tax is a scam to drive Canadians into poverty.

  18. gregory frie says:

    This is terrorism on the Canadian people hahahahahahahaahhaaaaaaaaaaa

  19. Warminster100 says:

    Will someone confess that they actually voted for this woman? Or was the election hacked by the Russians?

  20. Julia Metcalf says:

    every time I see that Justine guy I feel so sorry for Canada…voter fraud? dumbed down schools? lying central authority?

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