Home Rooftop Solar Power System Update – Shattered Panel!

One of Dave’s LG Mono-X solar panels has mysteriously shattered!
Daily solar output data: http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=22501
Sorry for the audio and video quality, this was shot on my phone.
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20 Responses to Home Rooftop Solar Power System Update – Shattered Panel!

  1. Elsie Washington says:

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  2. Shana Burl says:

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  3. Celia Betty says:

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  4. sarthak grover says:

    But is it making you money ?

  5. Im Your father Respect me says:

    It was probably a kangaroo

  6. sebrassino says:

    hail damage. yes they are designed to withstand some of it but ive seen some video's of huge hail near you. so probably it is just hail.

  7. ozbloke74 says:

    All these you tube denizens passing their hypothesis , open and shut case, it was clearly a giraffe .

  8. John Smith says:

    Alien spaceship…

  9. Kathy Quinlan says:

    Blue ice ? 😉

  10. Spikey DaPikey says:

    Golf ball cannon….

  11. Cream147player says:

    Looks cricket ball size to me

  12. FelloutIsLife says:

    Golf ball I reckon

  13. FireSwordl says:

    Wow, what kind of an object could have done that? Shouldn't it be somewhere around the house now? Other options include, ricochet to the neighbours, or gone in the rain tubes…..

  14. SuperHuzzy10 says:

    i have seen when a solar panel has exploded. they make a pop and a fiz noise. i heard of other solar panel make sounld of a shot gun going off.

  15. Andrew Poole says:

    Hey Dave did you work out what happened? Looks about the size of a Cricket ball so are there any Sporty types in the vicinity or Parks/Ovals. I had a cricket ball land on one of my panels from a park just across from me which took out one of mine so just a thought keep the vids comin they are a great source of information for us hobbyists

  16. MaysinGaming says:

    Maybe a baseball hit it

  17. rkan2 says:

    Maybe there is a market for installing night shields for solar panels? Reduces the risk of meteorite damage by 50%+ depending on the season 😛

  18. ETec150hp says:

    Golf ball

  19. mikedrz says:

    Just because MLB calls it the world series doesn't mean every country in world loves and plays baseball. Haha.

    My vote is golfball. Definately a small perfectly round object judging from the crater in the middle. Likely a neighbour taking practice chips.

  20. TheBarret says:

    Prolly some jelly neighbor threw a rock at it XD

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