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BBC, Documentary Gangster, Guns #National #Discovery From the prairies of Saskatchewan to a Manhattan skyscraper we’ll see the 21st Century’s . World Travel Channel HD Can emerging technology defeat global warming? The United States has .

It’s not in the papers but a silent revolution is moving across the world. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than from fossil fuels. It means that progressively .

Find more Earth Focus content at Smart green homes are in Japan’s future. Home Energy Management Systems are among .
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20 Responses to Green Technology Documentary

  1. Becky Shock says:

    YHWH will destroy the ones who destroy the earth, and create it new……….Cleansing with fire, and starting over.

  2. mwj5368 says:

    Daniel Hinerfeld, National Resource Defense Council at 1:50 says, "Fifty years from now if we don't take major steps to reverse that trend.." Fifty years from now start reversing it? Wow! Today! Now!

  3. Tamas Gyori says:

    We need CO2 interesting fact we are at the lowest CO2 levels of this planets history remember plants need CO2 to live, no CO2 no plants,no life plus a warmer planet increases life so don't let 15000 lying scientists BS you ask all the other millions of scientists about the truth.

  4. Anthony & Bonni Caldeira says:

    I just want to know where??? The location of the thumbnail photo IS?????? I can't even say anything anything more than what has already been said in this really intelligently made doc. The,destruction of forests, animals and the seas has been a sore subject with me for years. My household has been trying to live responsibly for 40 years +. Wish I could make everyone understand that the "almighty dollar"💵💰won't matter a bit if our 🌎 is broken beyond repair in a few years. Sincerely, Bonni🌲🌳

  5. Cjango Freeman says:

    How much waste is from repeating the same crap the 2nd time?

  6. Rondell Budd says:

    Love the post thanks but please next time no captions, felt like I was visiting someone in the hospital the whole time

  7. Michael Gfroerer says:

    This video is mislabeled: using Co2 to remove oil from rocks is not "Green Technology"! What is green about this? This is FRACKING with Co2.

  8. J Malluf says:

    here are 3 excellent videos about the people behind this video and how they have controlled us for many years: Meet James Corbett of the Corbett Report: Expert Researcher

  9. J Malluf says:

    This video is all about convicting us that we are the cause of the earth warming up when in fact it is warming naturally, we are a mere blip on the radar but the government wants to tax us so be aware!

  10. J Malluf says:

    Trees and plants love Carbon Dioxide hot house are infused with it for growing tomatoes and there is not one reported death of workers !!

  11. ANDADOLAGER says:

    Today is Friday, 12/01/2017. About the paper recycling now I want to mention that the forests can be saved using the NEW STONE PAPER. It is umbelievable, but it is true PAPER MADE OF STONE. A stone is a mineral and that stone used to manufacture paper is found in all the earth continents. People in general do not know this information PAPER CAN BE MADE FROM STONE. THIS IS TRUE. I discovered this that a Japanese man discovered this NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT….. CAN SAVE THE FORESTS ALL OVER THE WORLD…… I saw the Japanese man showing the paper that has been manufactured using this mineral found almost everywhere and this paper have some qualities that the regular paper, made from tree pulp does not have.

  12. ANDADOLAGER says:

    Today is Friday, 12/1/2017 and this Tuesday 11/28/2017, I went to buy something and I discovered in the store, something new to me….electric bulbs that can be used at home for night illumination…. and these bulbs use LED's inside that are the elements that produce the illumination when turned ON. To me, it has been the most important discovery when going out shopping. When I came back home, I went quickly to connect the LED bulb and when I switched it ON, it lighted, producing lots of light and the most outstanding discovery was that this bulb only COST ABOUT $0.60 A YEAR, CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH MONEY CAN BE SAVED USING THIS TYPE OF ILLUMINATION IN A HOME, BUILDING, FACTORY A YEAR?And another thing I discovered that surprised me, was that after several minutes being ON, the bulb was totally COOL, I touched it and it was as cool as it had not been ON FOR SO LONG. To me, it has been the most wonderful experience. These LED's bulbs are produced or manufactured in different sizes and can be used in different sizes screwing receptacles. So they are for different illumination needs at home. They produce lots of light, they do not consume electricity as the old light bulbs do, they are cool to the touch and NOT EXPENSIVE considering the advantages in home illumination. So I called my son and told him about my discovery, he did not believed it.
    I told him that the future of home, factories and maybe street illumination is LED's technology. I live in Los Angeles, California, USA and I have been so much impressed about my discovery that last night I kept thinking and rethinking about the LED illumination. Thinking THE FUTURE FOR ILLUMINATION ANYWHERE IS: L E D TECHNOLOGY.

  13. bo ter berg says:

    BBC ?

  14. Kathy Mathers says:

    700,000. Yrs. Right!!! The earth is only 6000 yrs old.

  15. Ken Bellchambers says:

    I was sorry not to see more composting. Compost is the tool that is necessary to replace harmful and expensive chemicals in agriculture and forestry. Methane can be made as a by-product of compost making, and the residuals from the wet methane digestion process produces seven times more nitrogen than the original material used in the digester – also a by-product. All of the material currently lost to bush and forest fires is a potential carbon source that urgently needs to be managed. That wasted carbon wreaks havoc when burned uncontrollably, but is the essential ingredient for manufacturing humus.
    When this forest fuel hazard is managed properly, everything benefits – habitats are not burned, fire induced erosion disappears, and property and human life is saved as well as millions of animals, birds and insects. Forests require hands on management, not industrial machinery, and for people who love our natural forests and water courses, this will be a wonderful job. The U.S. could employ three million people in this job, just ask for people who love our rivers and forests, train them well, equip them well, and pay them well, and we would see a miracle. The material lost in forest and bush fires worldwide amounts to many millions of tonnes every year because we have lost sight of the fact that it is organic carbon which is the basic source of all fossil fuels as well as being the most significant material which serves as habitat.

  16. Naimul Haq says:

    These are high sounding empty promises by the imperialists filling us with false hope.

  17. Peter Hall says:

    I couldn't watch past 5 minutes. for better information check out This YouTube Channel:

  18. Mike Potter says:

    A little science for a lot of PR.


    We need more plants and trees to suck up the Carbon monoxide that comes out my mouth and your asses.

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