Green Energy: Hidrokinetic Turbines

The alternative energy generation program started in the early 80s at the University of Brasilia. Later LEA, Energia LTDA and TipoD along with other partners and sponsors began to optimize the technology.

The G1 and G2 are the 1st models, nowadays the G3 is near the end of development.

Original video footage:

Model G2 is avaliable for sale. See more:

20 Responses to Green Energy: Hidrokinetic Turbines

  1. HEALER says:

    good music

  2. Alfred Bargras says:

    This is I really want to go green with my electricity uses.. great job..

  3. Norman Islas says:

    you can use inplix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  4. serge moussadji says:

    Vea la regleta o prolongador de energia infinita, notara que es muy facil caer en este engaño. En este video se muestra con detalles y se desafia a los visitantes a que expliquen como fue echa estea filmacion sin cortes.
    Mas videos de inventos y experimentos caseros con click abajo

  5. Maria Savina Ponti says:

    hi everybody do you please know what is the best university courses which treat of green technology?  maybe energetic engineer?

  6. Federico Dorrego says:

    aquí tienen para los defensores de represas. 

  7. Richard Holloway says:

    where can I buy one?

  8. ChiefJustice Middleton says:

    this is awesome to say the least. A bit large to produce the power however great job.

  9. parduspilot says:

    Have you modeled anything along the lines of Viktor Schauberger's vortexian flows and the spiral movement of water across egg shapes. 

  10. Alessandro ________________ says:

    good idea and good music!

  11. Harrison Gage says:

    @ Jakub Mleczak it says its does anywhere from 1-3kwh the average house uses 908 kw a month(In the United states). So say that averages 2kwh it would make 1440 kw a month. So one of these would power 1.5 houses.

  12. Manuel Desmarais says:

    Music: Narayana by Yulara in cosmic tree in 1998.

  13. Manuel Desmarais says:

    Narayana by Yulara in cosmic tree in 1998.

  14. Manuel Desmarais says:


  15. correo casa3 says:

    what's with the porn music? =)

  16. Kawa Kawunia says:


  17. aQuandry says:

    Hey I am interested!! sent you an email! …. would like to know output and other specs.

  18. WTF BBQ says:

    lol, anti matter ?? This is not star trek my friend.

  19. Jakub Mleczak says:

    OK, so, what is the output of such turbine? how many turbines do we need to power one House? How many to power a town? a City? Be realist, nuclear fusion and antimatter are the future, not wind and water!!

  20. Leonard Red says:

    This is good.
    It is time to get serious about green energies before it is too late.
    We are wasted some limited ressources (oil), while we could use unlimited energy sources like Hidrokinetic Turbines… or just the solar energy.
    There is a website dedicated to that and more.
    Check it out : go to truthcontest()com then click on the "insights" link and read the one called Green Energy & Tech

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