Fully-customized, modular solar house is 3D printed prefab

Fully-customized, modular solar house is 3D printed prefab

Solar House 2.0, erected this year on Barcelona’s waterfront, uses time-tested passive solar techniques, but it takes a high-tech leap forward using digital design and digital fabrication techniques to make it completely optimized for ideal solar gain.
With its jagged cantilevers jutting out at odd angles across most of the facade (except the North corner), Solar House 2.0 looks, and acts, like few other buildings. Thanks to digital design, the building’s structure was mathematically adjusted so that every point of the building was adapted to the exact conditions of the exterior.
Software also played a lead role in the building’s construction. Relying on 3D milling (for more on 3D printing see our video MakerBot: open source, self-replicating, stuff-making robot)- the Solar House designers employed a CNC (computer numerical control) wood router- the building’s individual pieces could be completely customized, creating the totally irregular patterns not possible (or affordable) with older, mass production techniques.
Solar House 2.0 was completely prefabricated so when the pieces arrived at the site, it took the team just 2 weeks to erect the 154-square-meter (1,658 sq ft) building. The building’s plans are open source and available to anyone who wants to build their own solar house, solar office or solar tower, but completely-customized to their location.

More info on original video: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/fully-customized-modular-solar-house-is-3d-printed-prefab/

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20 Responses to Fully-customized, modular solar house is 3D printed prefab

  1. s3xyScorp says:

    Its NOT 3d printed clickbait BS

  2. Saudi Arabia News says:

    3d printed… its not

  3. Sterling Crockett says:

    If Le Corbusier had raided a Home Depot for building materials, the end result might look like this…

  4. Thoughmuchistaken says:

    I like it, and I hate it. As a thought process and example I think it's useful. As a house to live in it falls a bit short. But of course I live in a bungalow built in Canada in the 60s, it also falls short, mostly in areas which this thing excels.

  5. denise fletcher says:

    Holy shit! I just realised that I was walking around, outside this house, in Barcelona, 4 years ago, thinking it was gorgeous, and wishing I could get a look inside. Haha. Took a while, but I got my wish 😆

  6. valcan321 says:

    People don't seem to realize that actual materials for most houses are really freaking cheap compared to the final cost. The cost of most homes is labor not materials.

  7. terrance leacock says:

    complete waste of money, time and life!!!

  8. Canyon Haverfield says:

    very interesting .. thank you ~ I've always wondered how this worked

  9. keith henry says:

    pls I would like to c what u can design with a container

  10. Tomas Cizauskas says:

    printed from the wood :DD interesting :DD

  11. Sandra Riis says:

    Prototipo GENIAL! Donde puedo contactar al Arquitecto o empresa a que me venda los planos o me haga una casa así  o más sicoactiva ludica tan genial en el desierto Méjicano?  Gracias

  12. vkorchnoifan says:

    This is incredible ! The 3d printed house with solar cells for power !

  13. envie allen says:

    this is not 3d printed…

  14. HatredPrime says:

    Plywood? Class 3 OSB would be much smarter choice.

  15. Anthony perkins says:

    Nice house

  16. Jon Giuliani says:

    Aesthetically jarring

  17. Gavin S says:

    Cool idea, it's just too bad you choose cheap plywood for all the interior/exterior surfaces

  18. Jeff Beck says:


  19. AnarchoArchitect says:

    That building won't last long and it looks like a huge, ugly waste of materials and space. I feel sorry for the trees involved.

  20. Heidi B says:

    I hope in time, a very short period of time that there will be more houses built with solar panels incorporated to save home owner or renter tons of monthly costs. This concept is on the right path for housing to be more affordable.

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