Free Energy, Solar Energy, homemade easy solar cell 2017

Free Energy, Solar Energy, homemade easy solar cell 2017

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40 Responses to Free Energy, Solar Energy, homemade easy solar cell 2017

  1. Sharmin Khan says:

    Nhi ligth jal rhi h

  2. Vaibhav Mali Mali says:

    Amazing brother

  3. jean maillard says:

    you could easely edit some writing on the screen to explain what it is that you'r doing
    at least don't put "subscribe now" if you'r too lazy for that

  4. MackenDeez says:

    Good if only you can show us how to make a solar big enough to power a house so, I can tell Georgia Power to go fuck themselves.

  5. Daniel Benade says:

    very good!

  6. Pawan Kumar says:

    so good bro

  7. Frederick Acker says:


  8. Frederick Acker says:


  9. AnDrOiDpLaYeR123 ! says:

    Will it be good enough to charge phone?

  10. Gotam Soni says:

    This is a lED light bulb

  11. Sonia Aneja says:

    It will not work it's fake

  12. Milan Pantelic says:

    Can make a bigger collector and earn more Volts?

  13. Yeni TV Cavid says:

    şəkil necədi

  14. Jayesh Fatnani says:

    Not working I have try do Un like

  15. Premanand Nagrale says:

    It is not fack

  16. Saadman shakib Rhythm ssr says:

    bal fuck your ideas ………. fuck yeaa💦💨💥💠💡💤💢〽

  17. Premanand Nagrale says:

    Show energy is generate with electric things

  18. Arthav Upadhyay says:


  19. Shital Bhandawale says:

    not bad

  20. Lucian Earley says:

    Here are producing power process “boma fetching unique” (Google it) to help your house become more energy efficient and cut utility bills for years to come. Its a great place to begin saving money by making some small changes in your house. You could be a person who wants to save the environment or a family man wishing to save on bills, this is certainly one of the best methods you`ll have.

  21. Derek Jolley says:

    Awesome video!!!

  22. John Galt says:

    I'll have to make one of those e-boards.

  23. Ib oogie boogie says:

    i just love you vids,,,keep up the great work,,! 🙂

  24. Joseph Hubacek says:

    Great vid as always!

  25. schrockie1 says:

    Hey Micah, I just watched your vids on all wheel drive and over-volting. I already have the hub motors (48v),2 20amp controllers, 1 48v 20amp battery pack and enough harvested computer batteries to make another 48v battery and then some. The question is, what size battery pack would you build to run these 2 motors?

  26. Dennis Wintjes says:

    Thx. Do you have any projects that turn TrueSine UPSs into home DIY Solar Storage/Generator?

  27. Stovetop19 says:

    Like the long board! I’m makin up some plans/ drawings for a diy vacuum forming tool that I think would be great for molding battery and electronics covers. Thanks again for the great info!!

  28. jeff GoPro says:

    That’s awesome that you made that electric board I have a
    Boosted board V2 2000 watts dual plus
    99 WH battery with 5 mile range I also have 2 Ebikes I made but the Boosted Board is my favorite toy to ride I charge my ebikes up with a battery from my solor pannel

  29. Henrique Coimbra says:

    Loved the long board! Would be amazing to see a video on how to go about building it

  30. M Wolfe says:

    I LOVE these videos!

  31. Green Mountain DIY Guy says:

    Michal, thanks so much for featuring my new micro solar generator. It was fun to build and I learned a lot about working with lithium. Your DIY Lithium Batteries was essential to completing the battery components. Best of luck with your new book!

  32. NeutronPCXT says:

    You don't actually need an expensive charge controller.

    Just buy a DIY one from eBay for 10$ and be done with it. I'm actually using this one, and it works great at a max of 150W.

  33. gopikrishna swargam says:

    solar generator is so cool 🙂

  34. Mark Haury says:

    I once tried somebody else's small skateboard when I was a kid and couldn't stay on it. Now I'm 53 and terrified of them but intrigued by longboards, especially the electric ones as "last mile" transportation. Dunno if it's worth the risk…

  35. Dan Jarrett says:

    Great Video. Thanks for Sharing.

  36. Mohammad Alshahrani says:

    Thanks for such great ideas. By the way .. I tried to buy your book about Lithium Batteries through Amazon , They asked for 47 USD for shipping to KSA imagine 🙄 Is there any decent way.

  37. Josh Russell says:

    Maybe I'm splitting hairs. Calling a box filled filled with batteries and its associated electronics a "generator" seems odd. The components in the box don't generate anything. The solar panel is the generator, the box is the energy storage.

  38. Reynaldo Rios says:

    I got the solar book, it will be great to have the battery one!

  39. Luke InCyberspace says:

    Nice one. Great to see someone else making use of your awesome books. They're such a great reference I consider them a must have.

  40. Niall Wildwoode says:

    I've been looking for this sort of info for years. A disabled friend is giving me a powerful electric buggy that's surplus, so I'm hoping I can build some form of road beast from it. My old ICE trike recumbent won't be hanging from the barn roof beams much longer 😉

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