Free Energy 100% , How make solar cell from CD flat

Free Energy 100% , How make solar cell from CD flat

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This video discusses one of the most common questions we get, “how much solar do I need for my square footage house”. We explain why square footage is not the best way to determine your solar requirements, your electric bill is. Different building designs, environmental conditions, and family power use all contribute to the answer.
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  1. Dark 9cat says:

    Omg it really work

  2. sikandar ali javed says:

    fake dont work with any glue

  3. sikandar ali javed says:

    can i use hotglue

  4. Al Jariel Yisrael says:

    You know I see a lot of dumb and ignorant ass people on this page saying its fake and bullshit. My response is, how the fuck do you know it's fake or bullshit????? Have you actually tried it yet????? If so then please state your claim or reason it being fake or bullshit.

  5. MrFergeson says:

    I dont know what the shiny part of the disk is made of, But if it's metallic, it could be acting as sort of a charged capacitor effect between disk and wires., but there would have to be some type of flux activity in the wires. Probably, whatever flux or electron movement is going on between the disk and wires in relationship to the light source, it's probably also influenced by the AC sine wave pulses form the light source, then rectified by the diodes. Remember that just because an incandescent light bulb with a filament appears to glow or produce light perceived by our eyes, it's still a sine wave shaped optical signal. Again this would have to involve some kind of induced flux into the wires enabled by the relationship between the disk and wires. I remember decades ago, the radio shack electronic kits had a project where you could send your audio voice to an optical sensor and convert the signal back to your voice which you could hear on the amplifier stage. The last sentence is for the naysayers.

  6. Janmat Sandesh says:

    The electronic device used is not properly visible,not it has been shown what is it,a rectifier diode or something else.Also you should have mentioned the rating or value of the device.

  7. John ESSIEN says:

    What is the voltage of the diode

  8. ahad khan says:

    Time to leave this planet after reading dumb ass comments

  9. Motilal Chaudhari says:

    Mene ye kiya par kuchh huva nahi.ku?

  10. HB ART'S says:

    You which app use for editing video I think Filmora go

  11. Deepak Gupta says:



    S 100% fake don't try

  13. Téçhtønìc wøød says:


  14. anurag dhale says:

    Zenar diode kitne voltage ka he

  15. Rajesh Tiwari says:

    plz tell me the science behind this

  16. Ahmed Naviwala says:

    Which liquid glue are you used in solar panel

  17. satyam jain says:

    Bhai..can u tell.. which number zener diode it is ?

  18. Strawberry is awesome says:

    H💿L💿 BITCH

  19. Hhh Jjj says:

    Does rhis human not know what fast forwarding is

  20. Earl Balentine says:

    I go to my friends house to eat dinner only to sit there and sweat. I figure if I have AC I'm going to use it to keep cool know matter what the cost is. I conserve on water, lights etc but not on AC. I can't sleep if the AC is not keeping me cool while I sleep. We already sleep with 3 fans in the master bedroom at night and a ceiling fan in the master bath. I cannot sleep when its hot.

  21. Passed High School Physics says:

    Nice video but you need to make a new one for people on Time of Use or TOU. I live in California and our power company PG&E switching customers to TOU rate plans. Our rates have to be the highest in the county. Some rate please have us paying $0.85 kWhr. (Yup almost a $1.00 kWhr. This also means any electricity we sell to the power company we sell for $0.82 kWhr and then buy back that same kWhr for $0.12 later in the day. Just by switching to a TOU plan we’ve been saving $40 per month.

    Ant idea how much Solar City charges to install a 50 panel system in California? It’s around $80,000.

  22. NOBR DZR says:

    I want to use a clothing machine and a heater, how many solar panels and how much watts inverter do i need?
    Only at day not from batteries. Direct from solar panels.
    Plz help me.

  23. Danny 'Dharma Zen' Tseng says:

    Great video! I'm a Solar Consultant and Clean Energy Advisor in Florida, Puerto Rico, and 12 other states that offers just $1.86/watt, fully-installed prices (cash option, 1-story, asphalt shingle roof in Florida) BEFORE the 30% federal energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with a 32 year old company. To see how much $ you can save with ZERO-down solar PV, grab your electric bill and go to

    Call 786.441.2727 | text 305.297.9360 | e-mail

  24. *1.25Speed on everything says:

    I always leave the light and tv on or I'll get depressed or anxious

  25. Gevan Mamoj says:

    I рlаn tо mainly use it fоr роwеr оutаgеѕ. Hоwеvеr, I mау аlѕо uѕе it in thе hen hоuѕе аt night [ Check Details here === ]! Thiѕ could also bе ѕеt оn flаѕh аnd placed оn top оf аn аntеnnа mаѕt! Thаt wау ultrа-light рilоtѕ wоuld know to avoid the area!

  26. kathryn liu says:

    Watched a few of your videos, you explain things clearly with a lot of information I'm able to retain and put to use. Wish you was my math teacher. I only able to concentrate on the minutes being subtracted as the clock ticked letting me know class will be ending… 👻

  27. NSNorfolk says:

    You are 100% right, Amy. Its all based on the consumption of electricity. Also, there are loads and fairly substantial ones at that such as the fridge, freezer, washing machine, etc, you can put on Solar and some that are not as practical. Central air conditioning and an electric stove/oven come to mind. One of the loads that is not widely discussed is diverting power to a DC element in an electric hot water heater as a "dump load," once batteries are in "Float." It doesn't matter if the solar diversion is not able to bring the hot water to the full temperature desired. Even if the solar dump raises the temp say…. +20 degrees, its energy you don't have to pay for to increase the water temp meaning you'll pull that much less from the grid to achieve full temp. Heating water is just another way to store energy and I don't see it discussed all that much.

  28. Gladys Fuentes says:

    Young lady your video is impressive, a lot of information. I come away with knowing 100 watt solar panel, is a minimal power for survival use, and looks a bit expensive as the wants become higher…thanks so much for the information.

  29. Sphagnum P. I. says:

    Solar Companies Using ‘2008 Sub-Prime Lender’ Tactics To Sell Panels

     Posted By Andrew Follett On 2:42PM 07/19/2017

    The consumer group Campaign for Accountability (CFA) asked the
    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Wednesday to investigate rooftop solar
    companies for misleading sales practices targeting senior citizens and
    other vulnerable populations in the same manner sub-prime lenders did
    before the 2008 financial crisis.

     CFA sent a letter
    to the FTC after reviewing consumer complaints about companies that
    install rooftop solar panels. The letter states that solar companies
    have engaged in false and misleading behavior to market and sell panels
    and asks the FTC to investigate.

     “We see some tactics similar to 2008 sub-prime lenders,” Daniel
    Stevens, executive director of CFA, told The Daily Caller News
    Foundation. “These companies will go out and find seniors or low income
    vulnerable populations. They can easily convince them to sign up.”

     Stevens said that in one case a solar company held a free dinner to
    lure senior citizens into a complex contract they couldn’t understand.

    CFA reviewed more than 1,200 complaints to the FTC that showed a
    widespread pattern of apparent fraud and abuse by solar companies.

     The complaints state that solar companies deceived consumers about
    the true costs of installing solar panels by luring them in with low
    price quotes that later proved to be false, required them to sign
    confusing contracts, and promising energy savings that never
    materialized. This often led to consumers being forced to pay the
    companies large amounts of money.

     “When they sign a 20-year contract, the financial situation doesn’t
    work out,” Stevens said. “They end up paying more for energy than they
    paid for the solar panels. The consumers are being hurt.”

     Seniors and the poor are more vulnerable to issues like this because
    they tend to spend a higher proportion of their incomes on
    basic needs like energy while living on fixed incomes. Elderly
    individuals and the poor are much more likely to sign a complex contract
    without understanding that it may require them to pay a large amount of

    “In one situation we saw, the person who purchased the solar panels
    died,” Stevens said. “Somebody who’s father had passed away was trying
    to pay off the remaining contract. The company wanted $25,000 to cover
    the costs of the panels.”

     “These contracts are structured in a way so the consumer doesn’t know
    if it will be in their financial interests to sign up,” Stevens said.
    “They can’t tell what they’re signing up for in some cases. A lot of
    this is variable. They don’t know how much sun will hit their roof
    during most periods.”

     Solar subsidies end up hurting the poor 1.4 to four times more than the
    rich, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

     “Subsidies are one thing that causes solar companies to do this,”
    Stevens said. “Consumers will set a rate at which they have to pay the
    company. If the panel doesn’t produce enough electricity to cover the
    costs of installation, the consumer has to pay for it.”

     Solar subsidies were so lucrative that solar-leasing companies installed
    rooftop systems, which run at minimum $10,000, at
    no upfront cost to the consumer. Stevens says that the consumer can end
    up paying thousands of dollars in hidden fees buried deep in the

     “A lot of these consumer complaints indicate bad practices
    are actually happening,” Stevens said.”Consumers are reporting in these
    complaints that they’re getting scammed.”

     The FTC hosted a public workshop last summer about consumer
    protection issues in solar energy. The workshop concluded that solar
    leasing contracts that contain confusing wording about energy tax
    credits and falsely promised saving on utility bills. Some contracts
    effectively made consumers unable to sell or buy homes that had solar
    panels installed.

     “The FTC can enforce the law,” Stevens said. “If they conducted an
    investigation and find that these companies are misleading consumers,
    they can hold them accountable for that. The FTC has said they’re
    interested in looking into this.”

     Stevens said that the threat of an FTC investigation could force
    rooftop solar installers to enact reforms, such as simplifying contracts
    or publishing example legal documents. These reforms could make it much
    harder for fraudulent behavior or unethical business practices to pay.
    Solar and wind power collect 326 and 69 times more in subsidies than
    coal, oil, and natural gas, according to 2013 Department of Energy data
    collected by Forbes. Green
    energy in the U.S. received $13 billion in subsidies during 2013,
    compared to $3.4 billion in subsidies for conventional sources of energy
    and $1.7 billion in subsidies for nuclear, according to data from the
    Energy Information Administration.

     Even proponents of solar power recognize its reliance on subsidies.
    Without high net metering payments, rooftop solar “makes no financial
    sense for a consumer,” Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity, told The New York
    Times last February 2017.

     Follow Andrew on Twitter

     Send tips to

     Article printed from The Daily Caller:

     URL to article:

  30. Renny says:

    Why did you make a video if you do not know?

  31. Tony Garza says:

    I have a 2200 sq. ft house in south Texas. I would really like to go solar power. Do you have a monthly payment plan? I would like to purchase and have it professionally installed. Thanks for the video.

  32. NESTOR DABA says:

    Great information. Thank you very much! I am sharing your video.

  33. rtgbrough says:

    It's great that you could generate so much power that you could sell it back to the grid. The only problem is that the grid pays you pennies then sells it back to you during peak times or at night for boatloads more. At least that's how it is in Florida. They get you coming and going.

  34. lovenpeace says:

    i am surprised somebody using 2400 kw/month .Few years back when i started changing things around the house it is a 4 bedroom house to save energy i was using 350 kw /month and that sounded too much so changing all lights to led and getting rid of high usage electronics i brought down to around 250 kw/month we use gas heat so for heating we do not use electricity just hot water pump uses some electricity and as we are in New York it is pretty cold around the year . Further more my careful usage has reduce my usage to 150 kw/month one of the way is i more use internet and watch my favourite shows on my chrome book though we use about 5 computers in house and two tvs only in hot days we use fans than usage goes up by 8 to 9 kw per day meanwhile i have been checking usage by big 25.2 sq. ft refrigerator which is using 2 kw/day which i am changing to 5.1 sq ft chest which uses about .75 kw/day bringing down usage to about 100 kw/month now i am thinking solar panels and if i am using 3.3 kw/day only 4 of 250 watt panels to grid tie with average 4 hours/day light i will be energy neutral customer for PSEG.

  35. shahid wrind says:

    Dear Sir, i want to use 02 Charge Controllers 30amp and 06 PV Panels@ 3 Panel with each Charge Controllers and 02 Batteries 200ah in 12 volt Dc. I want to use only DC power in my all rooms with 6guage Wire, DC Fans and Dc lights. My question is how i handle 02 Charge Controller 12 volt dc.
    1. Can i joint both Charge controllers with same batteries 2x200ah bank? Boht charge controller will charge the batteries at the same time?
    2. Can i use Dc power for use of my appliances from both charge Controllers on same time as parallel or use Dc power from Batteries for house uses.
    My appliances Load will be not more than 34Amp 408watt.
    Please guide me if possible.

  36. Mickelodian Surname says:

    Look you could estimate based on the footage. Power usage is not that different. Its also not 'wildly' different. Its not like one house will use 6000kwh per annum and the one next door will use 12000kwh. The difference will be about +/-20%. Unless one of the houses has three washing machines on 24 /7.

    So simply average it based on sales.

    But just in case you think it really does vary.. well fine…

    So let's rephrase the question… What is the average scale of solar install for home 2000 sq/ft?

    That won't vary… because its an average. I'd be sure you know what the average is? no?

    If that doesn't work then y'know someone else worked it out… and it available online I'm sure.

  37. winston ledford says:

    turn off hot water heater off when not useing hit breaker.put timers on them off at night when you turn one on the others go off any thing

  38. Universal Soldier says:

    I would love solar panels on my house to save money on utilities every month.

  39. Richard Bevens says:

    if am i furgurine this right my kilowat hours for 31 days is 2153 if i divide it by 31 days 70 kilowat hours per days how many panels would i need

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