Flower solar panel produces a lot of energy

This blooming sunflower collects energy from the sun.
► https://www.smartflower.com/en/smartflower
► http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/sense-ficcio/revolucio-solar/video/5674068/
► https://www.facebook.com/smartflowerTM
► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC28g1eFvfl32Z-04D71saFA

12 Responses to Flower solar panel produces a lot of energy

  1. Pippy Cat says:

    just finished the training class on the smartflower.
    a very nice product

  2. Maggie Tam says:

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  3. Alesia Mercenaire says:

    CONSULTER SMARTFLOWER PROBLEME SUR YOUTUBE Ben moyen a arrêt complet avec perte de 17 à 18kw. Le SAV n'avait pas toutes les pièces pour faire ce dépannage qui est une catastrophe boite transfert avec joints HS, et axe cassé dans le boitier réduction engrenage, les moteurs sont avec la boite transfert normalement, le boitier de réduction avait était signalé défectueux la rechange devait être là, pas de nouvelle carte mémoire pour la mise a niveau du programme qui devait se faire aussi, et pas anémomètre au cas du non fonctionnement de celui présent suite aux nombreuses mises en SP1, d'où la gène du SAV qui ne disposant pas de tous les éléments de rechange laisse un client avec un moyen a 19000 euros HS dans l'attente de la réception des différents éléments… Au 03 juillet 2017 moyen toujours en arrêt pour manque de pièces de rechanges soit une perte d'environ 250 kw!!!!!!

  4. Alesia Mercenaire says:

    The first year very little problem, the 2 is the galley opening motor closing petals HS the plastic ring does not hit the engine, elevation of the set of petals failing in freezing time is failing and even now by Beautiful time involved the gearbox, gets put several times in safety position pattern wind too strong while there is no wind involved the program or anemometer, play in the rotation of the set, the petals More real-time production information as well as on the control box, no maintenance by EDF / ENR for two years also from where assignment to the METZ TGI of this Agency of LIMONEST for non-change of parts HS or Worn out and absence of the SAV pattern the manufacturer does not make any more spare I direct right towards a cancellation of this purchase has not advised strongly gain yes more than 40% but by wind time production 0 whereas the fixed panels them prod Too many mechanical problems and computerized product does not finalize have to wait to buy and pay 19000 euros for nothing to earn that a gesture for the planet not.  GO YOUTUBE SMARTFLOWER PROBLEME

  5. satya kunchala says:

    How expensive is this?

  6. John Roesner says:

    i think that this is very big and can make solar better, and getting the max power out of sun ….very good

  7. Quadbob101 says:

    what is the longevity of this? it doesnt seem worth it starting at 20 grand to switch over. if i spend $1,000 a year on electricity it's going to take 20 years to break even. will it last that long?

  8. vladoBel says:

    OK, does it really produce in one year the energy a household uses in a day?

  9. john falcon costanzo says:


  10. poolpumpenergy says:

    this is interesting new found solar type.. it would be interesting to put it on my flower garden..

  11. Melissa Gascon says:

    where can you buy these?

  12. RAKayak says:

    How much do they run? Average kWh/year is more like 10,000

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