Florida it’s Illegal to Power Your Home with Solar Panels—Thanks to Lobbying

Read the full story here – http://bit.ly/2wFdKo2

With roughly 1.5 million Floridians initially without electricity from the damage inflicted on Florida’s energy infrastructure, many in the Sunshine State are now questioning why it’s so difficult for people to utilize solar energy.

The simple answer is that one of the major electrical suppliers in the state – Florida Power and Light (FPL) – has utilized a massive lobbying campaign, directed at state lawmakers, to create legal barriers to disallow people from powering their own homes with solar panels without being subject to power companies.

Read the full story here – http://bit.ly/2wFdKo2

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In this video, we explore how to determine how much power a 100W solar panel will generate, what size battery and charge controller you need to store the power, and some ideas of what you can power with it and for how long. We also show you how to do the calculations for yourself to figure out what you could do with off grid solar. Note that at minute 7, we included a deration for the inverter losses. Since we are talking about what size battery is needed to put power in, not taking power out, we don’t need to do that step. The battery can be 5% smaller than we calculated.

40 Responses to Florida it’s Illegal to Power Your Home with Solar Panels—Thanks to Lobbying

  1. Joey Curley says:

    You’re saying they made it illegal to not have electricity? I can see plumbing because waste water does need to be taken care of. But no one NEEDS electricity. It’s a luxury.

  2. Matthias Beckham says:

    One freedom after another……….gone…

  3. Albert Einstein says:

    solve it this way put a pole in the ground and attach them to the pole…. do not pour a slab you will have to use permits.. use a pole or prop them up against a shed or somethign so they cant touch shit.. have a switch to cut off incoming power and go total solar.. youll pay a small power fee 30 bucks a month just to have it…. power companies trash and water make you have these services .. this is why water rights are not givin to tract homes.. so drill your ass a well and donnnntttt tell anyone if no one can see your panels no one can see your well…. thenno one will complain…..

  4. preppersintent says:

    Your talking grid tied, Stand alone solar is a different animal….

  5. David Tyler says:

    Totally bullshit Florida , go f your self some trying to do something for themselves

  6. Chevyman69 says:

    You just don't ask for permission you just do it it's your property not Elementary School where you have to ask if you can do something on your own land I do what I want when I want not concerned with pulling permits and asking them f** anything only way they'll find out if you got a snitch of a neighbor keep your mouth shut do the work in hell with him why waste your money to have some kindergarten teacher come look or give you permission

  7. Hey Micky says:

    Greedy energy companies stopped Tesla's free energy system where all homes could have the power they need without cost. This is like another free energy system. Why don't Americans overthrow the corrupt people? Don't you still have guns?

  8. remote5555 says:

    I say fuck them .they don’t own the sun wankers

  9. keith adcock says:

    I truly hope the gov never trespasses against me.

  10. dru Bax says:


  11. automaticmusicm says:

    That is so wrong ……… it should be something the right and left can agree on ………. if you allow it you really are a bunch of sheep.

  12. Jeffrey Dyrek says:

    Did you know that it is illegal to become disabled in Illinois while being a homeowner? It's true. Illinois TAKES the property from disabled veterans and then gives it to refugees to start their life and business in Illinois. This is High Treason to take the property from a homeowner and give the money to a foreign national. This is done through the illegal property tax system which, through extortion practices, Takes the home from homeowners who have too high of medical bills to where they cannot pay property tax. Can you believe it. Refugees get free medical, housing and money to start a business. This is High Treason, read about what treason is and then look at the practices of your state. You're screwed for becoming sick and that is discrimination against the disabled. They take everything too, your house, your car, your bed, your TV and they send your dogs to the pound, but, refugees get everything they need to start a new life, as the Illinois paper says. C. Jeff Dyrek, Disabled Vet. I know that this is true, it happened to me.

  13. MARC CALAM says:

    Only a moron consider the US to be a land of the free.

  14. vlad tepes says:

    governor, Corleone? law maker Corleone? senator Corleone?

  15. saul berg says:

    Only in America,could not happen in England…

  16. Kevin laughery says:

    As seen in the wind powered generator being illegal to harvest natural energy a man was jailed by fighting back in his home state. Absolute bol crap. With the need for renewable energy at a crisis point it is un just to make the use of such energy sources illegal. Well thats our government for you. We probably dont even have a shortage of natural gas its probably a lie just so they can jack up the price. Keeping is poor os how they keep us going. If we didnt need them they would be poor too.

  17. Super Dave says:

    Sounds like the Supreme Court needs to get involved. These tyrannical power companies needs to come to heal. Right, Hillary???

  18. Thomas Jefferson says:

    DAYTONA BEACH had their own power plant,and cheap electricy,THEN CAME ALONG A CRIMINAL COMPANY,who knew all the politicians in FLORIDA where nothing but a bunch of BOUGHT AND SOLD WHORES,So they paid their town councils $10,000 each and told them switch to FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT and we'll raise their rates so high we'll even GIVE ALL YOU WHORES a 6% kick back on everyones bill…and the rest is history..their being robbed..OH and MIKE CHITWOOD is Florida power and lights favorite whore,hes in charge of the daytona whores( commonly know as the police gang)a pack of theifts…..

  19. flip inheck says:

    This is crazy, I had a 7 kw solar system installed free of charge in the UK, all that is required is a south facing roof.

  20. Phillip Guidry says:

    Fuck Florida I would never live in Florida,,,,, I would cut my nuts off before I move to Florida

  21. vivianmahoney1 says:

    Just what you can run instead of giving a science lesson

  22. Richard Owens says:

    When you will be using the power generated by the panels is also important in sizing your system. For example, if your loads are going to be used during the day while sunlight is hitting the panels and not at night, you need much less storage capacity. Likewise, if your loads will require power both during the daytime and at night, you will need to size your system to supply the loads AND compensate for the usage at night. Indeed, there is much to be considered that involves collecting data and making calculations. And, if you're not familiar with how to work with electricity and already understand the factors involved – and, this video didn't cover them all – then you should probably consult a professional. These systems are not inexpensive and mistakes made in designing the system can be both frustrating and increase your long term costs.

    One example of something left out of this video is the efficiency of the battery to take a charge. For example, if you draw 10 amp hours out of a 100 amp hour lead acid battery, it will take more like 15 amp hours of charge current to replenish those 10 amp hours actually used.

    Likewise, if you use too much current at one time from your lead acid batteries you will not get anywhere near the rated output – which is generally calculated over a 20 hour period. You might get 50% of the 100 amp hour rating over a 20 hour period if you're only drawing 2.5 amps. But, if you tried to draw 50 amps, you wouldn't even get a half hour – or, 25 amp hours – before your battery would be at 50%. Then, the other factor mentioned above comes into play – it will cost you more in solar power than you used out of the battery. So, in this example, you would need about 75 amp hours of charge current to replenish the 25 amp hours of capacity you used at a 50 amp rate. And, this is in addition to the other losses this video discusses.

  23. Edzel Mejia says:

    Solar energy = conservation of energy.

  24. countryside says:

    a quicker answer would be to take 100 watts and divide this by 120 volts. This will tell you about how many amps this is equal to which is something like .83333333 amps. Less than an amp. You could very slowly charge a battery.

  25. Access Antennas Australia says:

    Great video. I like your hair also. Thanks from Hal @ Access 12 Volt Shop in Australia … http://www.access12voltshop.com.au

  26. Ahriman S says:

    8 minutes of Charlie brown's teacher then 3 items mentioned. And get a stylist, you look horrid. Girl bye!

  27. KateInTheCity says:

    Great great great video. Comprehensive but still giving the math I was looking for!

  28. John G says:

    You can't drain a led acid batterie that low I hope ya know

  29. Ruel Tmeizeh says:

    Nice Louisiana accent 🙂 And great video.

  30. Antonio Moura says:

    One of the best videos on the subject. A bit surreal in the Monty Python's sense.

  31. NW Lady says:

    great video! Many thanks

  32. qhsperson says:

    Too complicated for me, but you have great hair.

  33. David Liles says:

    Screw this

  34. Jones Smith says:

    This video needs to be seen BY ALL 5th and 6th Graders in America and a project of connecting a solar panel or 4 to MAKE US ALL SEE the Need for MATH. I too didn't pay much need t o math as a kid because thought I would NEVER Need this…my youthful error😣😥😥😥😥😥

  35. DrJohn Leathers says:

    Are you kidding me???? Ha.. guess I need five or six times more panels and batteries than I originally thought …. just to be safe. LOL

  36. Nathan Jennings says:

    that's some big hair

  37. Lisa Lovely LPA says:

    Easier to just plug into the local power lol


  38. Brian 43125 says:

    It's really what the battery can power. The panel recharges the battery.

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