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SingularityU South Africa 2017
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Germany Trade & Invest presents its short film about Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution, the so called Energiewende (energy transition).
Voices from science, industry, and politics outline the achievements made so far, next steps, and the opportunities the energy transition offers.
More: http://www.gtai.com/energy

40 Responses to Exponential Energy | Ramez Naam | SingularityU South Africa

  1. HVAC Mike says:

    where do i buy your 30 cents a watt panels 80 cents to $1 are real numbers for a private individual.

  2. softminimal1 says:

    What I want to know is do they factor into the price of coal fired power plant the damage to air quality, the cost of digging the coal out of the ground, the price of getting the coal to the power plant, the price of exploration to find the coal, the cost on the health system to look after people with respiratory problems caused by coal dust?
    With solar you float the panels above the ground so there is very little damage to the land used.
    The panels sit there quietly making electricity for decades with only small amounts of maintenance required.
    This is a no brainer, the only problem holding this tech back are the fossil fuel industry and the governments they bribe.

  3. Shan Rafnezden says:

    This talk should have gotten a standing ovation….

  4. Biplab Das says:

    The 78 people disliking must be Donald Trumph followers…

  5. Ed Harley says:

    Going to get cheaper? No frackin way. As you scale up solar or wind production, you will run up against resource limits, and the price will skyrocket. We simply don't have the natural resources to make a completely new renewable grid. Not enough cobalt, copper, lead, rare earths, and dozens of other minerals.

  6. Benjamin Itié says:

    Hello Mr Naam,
    It would be fantastic if your conference could be subtitled in other langages.
    I am french and here the nuclear lobby has worked so well that so many people do not have the keys to understand the need in solar systems or wind systems. Things will be far too long to change over here.
    Could you manage to get this conference subtitled in french please?
    Thank you a lot for your work.

  7. Erick Muzart Fonseca dos Santos says:

    Ramez Naam mentions the 2.42 cents/Kwh generated in Dubai as the cheapest price of electrical energy "using any technology" at (10:46). But isn't hydroelectric power considerably cheaper? I've found a reference to 0.85 cents/Kwh: http://www.wvic.com/content/facts_about_hydropower.cfm
    This apparent discrepancy does affect the presenter's credibility.

  8. LE0NSKA says:

    this gives me hope…

  9. ZirrelStudios says:

    So very tired of this stupid channel using the word 'Exponential' in the titles. Do you even know what the word means?? Find another word, FFS. Unsubscribed!!!

  10. Kenz300 x says:

    Electric 🙂
    No stopping at gas stations, no oil changes, less over all maintenance, no emissions.
    Leave home in the morning with a full charge.

  11. mads max says:

    what u say does not address fact that the current market system requires endless waste and inefficiency for maximizing profits. We are nothing but consumers to this system. Without waste and endless consumption the system fails and everything falls apart. If u induce efficiency or sustainability in any design, it threatens our current market system. We have a market system that allows patents on life, seed, efficiency, and even sustainability, these patents exist to maximize profits. If u try to base anything off sustainability and efficiency, or even call it free or open source, it is not even allowed to flourish in this market system. Why do u think GM scrapped the electric car in 2001? It was called the EVOne and they realized it would kill thier profits. Why do u think we continue to sell bottle water for more than gasoline In plastic bottles? If it is insane to do why do we do it? Why does this market ststem allow monopolies like verizon, att, monsantos, ect…. Why does this market system push for globalization and not localization? If it is unsustainable and leading to our slow demise then why? Because the market system rewards only wasteful, inefficient unsustainable design with endless profits and control. Why do we have corporations destroying the amazon rainforest? Those are the lungs of our planet, our market system encourages and allows this to happen not us. Any sane intelligent civilization would not destroy its planets lungs. The market system then tells u to change if u want sustainability and efficiency lol, u to recycle more and eat less meat, have less.kids, like that will fix our ecosystem long term lol. How bout we demand corporations do the right thing? Oww yeah because asking corporations to do that is an insane thought in our market system. Why do u think corporations buy off and own our governments?Our entire market system is insane and obsolete, if u continue to defend insanity then dont be surprised when all life systems die off in the future. Dont act like we failed cause we didn't join the singularityU lol. We failed because we failed to understand the insanity the market system we submit to really is. Every technology this guy is saying is available now but cannot happen cause corporations can't figure out how to maximize profits and control if they allow the world to have these things. The future is open source, the future that includes all life is efficient and sustainable in design. Systems of equilibrium. I call for an open source renewable revolution. If patents are in the way of this happening then that is what singularityU should be discussing. There is no future, no change today, we are in the year 2017 and there is a push for clean coal and pipelines, Thoughts? Of course we cant afford this change, we can only afford endless wars. Simply put, a viable future is not profitable, and thus a contradiction to the current market system. We need to evolve now, this is the first time in known human history that we have a world wide communication network, amd tech that can liberate humanity. Agaig, the only thing stopping us from evolving into a stage one civilization is the current market system. Period

  12. Pasandeeros says:

    Hey dude, just so that you know… Sun is barely over the horizon for some 4-5 hours per day in the winter. Except in the north of the country, where it is below the horizon for about two months straight. Of course, it is exactly the opposite in the summer, but we'd like the energy most when it is dark.. and cold!

  13. nicegoodspeed1 says:

    Elon Musk mentioned at 20:36. Thank you! :p

  14. Alternative Facts Survivor says:


  15. Dragonice Lakeoffire says:

    It is not white people overpopulating the planet.

  16. L. Johan Nissen says:

    Ramez is an excellent speaker.

  17. amanma12 says:

    is there link to power point of this talk?

  18. Clint Young says:


  19. Mathew Allen says:

    We must thank Elon Musk big time…

  20. Veritas B. says:

    wow, professional video, very informational

  21. linda mock says:

    Oh yeah? What happens when renewables run out?  You will wish you had listened to the "cheap clean nuclear" crowd.  You will wish there were more nuclear waste sites to take care of then. Nuclear waste will be  miniscule compared to all the renewable waste laying around. Hillbilly Germans

  22. - - says:

    The way forward.

  23. Paul Adams says:

    Research shows a move to decarbonised economy, is good for jobs, economy, saving money, ending energy dependence to corrupt corporations and dictators and not making the planet unlivable.

  24. Kenz300 x says:

    Save energy – save money.    An energy efficient car and home saves money.
    Save money by looking long term and not short term.  Spending a little more for energy efficiency saves money long term.
    An electric vehicle will save money over the long run. Walking, bicycling and mass transit are better yet.    I had an energy efficiency audit on my home and and followed the recommendations given. I added insulation and sealed air leaks. My energy bills went down 30% the following month. I am now replacing light bulbs with LED's which are 85% more efficient.  Spend a little money to save money every month after.  Electric car, electric lawn mower, electric snow blower, no emissions

  25. Kenz300 x says:

    Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base line power.
    Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
    Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
    Sign me up.  A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
    Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.

  26. Paul Adams says:

    UK breaks solar energy record on sunny March weekend

    Amount of electricity demanded by homes and businesses one afternoon was lower than it was during night for first time ever


  27. H. Tomasz Grzybowski says:

    My tel. +48-780-129-544, email: htg@interia.pl I invented a breakthrough source of energy which will be useful e.g. for laptops and for cellular telephones. I am looking for capital in the range $500 000 to $5000 000 for prototyping, patents and production. I have a computer simulation of my source of energy. The simulation is based on Classical Electrodynamics and on Circuit theory – both of these theories have been very well experimentally confirmed.

  28. Kadin Hernandez says:

    Several families use up electricity freely and end up getting a $200-$500 power bill. That could be an especially hard pill to swallow when times are tight. You can cut electrical power consumption and bills through the generating power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it), which helps you produce you own power.

  29. seaplaneguy says:

    Germany won't have any birds left with all the wind mills. This is a total rip off of customers. This is NOT the way to get off fuels… My concept could get 3 cent/kw-hr with solar thermal and the engine. When the sun does not shine it can run off thermal store or Natural Gas at 6 cent/ kw-hr. 80% solar, store 10-15%, fuel 5-10% depending on captialization. Germans (Ich Kann Deutsch) like to make things so complicated and expensive. I saw this at Porsche, Mercedes and VW. Oh well, waste your money. Your citizens are being ripped off by the trillions…. shame on you.

  30. seaplaneguy says:

    How to get 95% of the energy gone…ASAP. Make engine that is 60% that can run on fuels, Natural Gas AND battery without electric motors. No hybrids… That engine can enable boundary layer drag reduction that can cut drag by 50% or more. For example. Tesla now gets 100 mpg e. Make new car that is 1/2 the weight and 1/2 rd the drag…200 mpge. That is 10 times more than a car now gets. City will be twice (400 mpg) if it maintains efficiency like the Tesla does. On natural gas at $1/gal that is around 1/2 cent/mile. In contrast, electricity in Germany is 30 cents/kw-hr or $10/gallon e. 10 x 2 is 20 times less to travel via my new car with new engine. When batteries drop in weight and increase in power density, then they can be used to power the car for short trips, thus using mostly renewables. People will buy this as they won't have range issues and can get Natural Gas from house. The engine pumps the gas. Why pay 20 times more when you can have it much sooner? Politics? Oh, I forgot, the well connected have to fund their jets. Sorry, go back to sleep….

  31. Nilah Mccarthy says:

    Thanks to asshole Trump he wants to drag us backwards.

  32. Drackkor says:

    Wind power is the biggest scam ever lol not to mention the environmental disaster.

  33. Magnus Chisholm says:

    Hi guys im in a geography lesson!

  34. Stanford Leeham says:

    Todo Bien.

  35. Stanford Leeham says:

    Renewable energy for running the all automated factory and even everything

  36. Stanford Leeham says:

    Weather of renewable energy.

    Rain of Water…Drainage sewer Energy….
    Windy of Fan energy
    Hot summer of lights…Solar energy.
    Snow is melting by water…..

    Heater of roads.

  37. thearchitect27 says:

    Congratulations to the willpower and determination of German ingenuity! Germany is truly the land of ideas. However, let's not get carried away with such idealism. The reality is that Germany, similar to Japan, is only able to invest heavily in renewable sources of energy because it spends much less on maintaining a military budget, although it isn't exactly zero. It is America that effectively protects countries like Germany and Japan with its large military footprint on their soil, both of which are top world economies and investing in clean energy. Germany, similar to Japan, is also an aging society. Notice we barely see any younger "millennials" in this video, only older folks. The point here is that a society should not lose sight of natural processes, as it tries to manipulate nature for its own benefit. If Germany continues to take advantage of America's protection, then there will definitely come a day when the American Empire will collapse, taking along with it German innovation in the civilian realm, because at that point, Germany will need to heavily spend on building up its defense and military expenditure and deviate from renewable energy technology. Furthermore, Germans are some of the oldest people on Earth with a really low birthrate. If both trends continue, how will Germany continue to innovate, unless of course they open their borders to immigration? See how this conversation is already becoming politicized, as is the case in present-day Trump's America? I respect Germany very much, this country is a leader of the world in many aspects of civilization! But the reality is that the European Union is already showing signs of fragmentation, and once the American Empire recedes from the European continent, not to mention the Euro being a threat to the hegemony of the US Dollar and the uncertain future of NATO, Germans will need to reevaluate their priorities. The American people elected Trump out of frustration and disappointment in their own government, because they view their own country as serving the interests of other nations before its own citizens. It's difficult to predict the future, but the American-led world order is quickly coming to an end in our multi-polar world in the 21st century.

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