Electric Vehicle Car Solar Energy

Electric Vehicle Car Solar Energy

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20 Responses to Electric Vehicle Car Solar Energy

  1. Ong Brasil global Protecao Marco rogerio faria says:

    Já tem patentes no Brasil e progetos no Brasil Que teram pagar royate

  2. Oscar Fu says:

    hi temmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

  3. Mazin Alzadjali says:

    This car will be good in my country because it's sunny all year long

  4. Umesh Chandra Thathi says:

    with out solar rays the solar system will be freeze to – 100000 centigrade.understand why Hindu worship sun as God.

  5. sandesh sheelavant says:

    how much it costs INR

  6. debendra gurung says:

    that hood will at best give 1kw per day and perhaps 850 Watt to the battery. Some 3 miles. Its too impractical.

  7. eriglac says:

    So why aren’t there more cars like this that is affordable? Most EVs are so expensive! Much as I’d love to have one, I can’t afford it

  8. Harry Fraser says:


  9. Yograjsinghbais Bais says:

    Thanks sir. Wonderful car . When lunching in India.

  10. Eliseo AFP says:

    Solar car the best vehicle using energy from the environment how much the cost in Philippines peso

  11. Easter Stedman says:

    Great to see that… I made it too. Using inplix handbooks 🙂

  12. mariau bailivau says:

    Ford = bullshit. We tried to get a rode with their electric car focus but no dealers as pne to try. Very anoying. So we but a nissan leaf instead

  13. Rudolf Zölde says:

    The digitized energy.
    High performance gain due to the voltage doubling of your PV system.
    A quantum leap in the conventional electronics industry with novel sampling technologies allows for the optimal increase in the primary power of each power source. Electric vehicles with integrated battery charging unit, photovoltaic, aerospace, thermoelectric generators, LED lighting.
    Institute for Renewable Energy
    Rudolf Zölde

  14. Free Energy Channel says:

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  15. Sandra Kingston says:

    [Awesome Plan Here >>>https://t.co/eSzViNZ6SY ] I love this book – I want to be more eco friendly and this book tells you what equipment you need to install solar panels, a bit of how it works, and how to maintain said solar panels. This is a great introductory book and gives you a rough estimate on how much each equipment would cost, and down to installing them (from location, to how much sunlight you need and getting all the parts to work)

  16. Lorenzo Bernardi says:

    How does it handle the high heat generated from the fresnel lenses? What temperature will the Photo voltaic panel handle?

  17. mel saint says:

    What if you accidentally touched the roof of your car then you will be burned

  18. Altaf royalgas says:

    Put in Indian market

  19. patrick palmarella says:

    Why not use the bonnet ?

  20. Vinod Kumar says:

    I want purchase this car. What is cost. Please contact (Binod kumar 7519709594)

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