EEVblog #724 – Home Solar Power System Analysis & Update

EEVblog #724 - Home Solar Power System Analysis & Update

Dave looks at his 3kW home solar power system after being in operation for 18 months and analyses the results.
Original video:
Timelapse install video:
How much energy was produced?
How does net and gross metering work?
What is the payback period?
What is solar insolation?
The 3kW system uses 12 x 250W LG MonoX panels
and an SMA Sunnyboy 3000TL inverter.
Uploading data to using PVbeancounter and bluetooth from the Sunnyboy inverter.

PVoutput data:


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20 Responses to EEVblog #724 – Home Solar Power System Analysis & Update

  1. tom duke says:

    cheesus, what kind of demon posessed you to skip the batteriebank? you could have payed it back in like 2-3 years, including the batteriebank….

  2. Vink says:

    27:40 the controlled supply charge is for that electric hot water switch controller you're not using, might be a good idea to cancel that!

  3. Greegor47 says:

    I've seen that Google has some monster huge server farm facilities and solar panels.
    In that scenario why even bother to try to sell power to the grid at a low rate?
    Every watt hour their solar array produces just replaces what would have cost them the full rate from the grid.
    Would placing these on a gazebo or picnic shelter 20 feet from the house solve the firefighter problem?

  4. mat robbins says:

    Piss poor install, dektites shocking. Rooftop iso screwed into panel. No. Conduit entry in the tops of all isolators

  5. Murray Runge says:

    Here in Sask Canada, we are charged 14 cents a Kwh but also basic charge and taxes so 500 kwh is 100 bucks or really 20 cents. You could easily pay off an electric water heater with the extra power your not using and put it as a pre-tank to your gas one. But without a battery bank to store and reuse your power when you need it your giving your savings away. over 7 years to pay off 5000 is pretty crappy. one day selling excess for 6 cents next day buying it back for 24 plus taxes sounds pretty ridiculous. I wouldn't want a system like that.

  6. Larry Thiel says:

    I have used this [link here [Awesome Plan Here >>> ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  7. milodudeful says:

    So wow my energy company for net metering only gives you 2.47 cents USD for every kWh when they charge 8.40 cents per kWh during winter or 32 cents per kWh (during peak hours) wow. I guess that this is what you get when companies have a monopoly

  8. S Puneeth Kumar says:

    have you done a tear down of the grid tie inverter that you are using?

  9. Medicine Man says:

    how many do I need to run the 80 horsepower blower in my shop?

  10. Lagger Onesixfour says:

    Just 8c per kWh? F*ck that, store it in some batteries and use energy from those.

  11. mattimus ?? says:

    .06 dollara doos!! can't you force higher pay rates like the power companies do? theres gotta be a way to get more money for the power u generate.

  12. Gary Krug says:


  13. MidnightMartyr says:

    Why not get a battery system? One would think that you would want something like that because it would pay for itself fairly quickly. Also, you could also set up a cryptocurrency mining rig to use the excess. It would be a complex setup, but you generate a LOT of extra energy, why not turn it into coins?

  14. Eric Mosley says:

    I hаvе hаd оnе sitting оn thе dash оf mу Tоуоtа fоr a соuрlе оf уеаrѕ, and it keeps wоrking [ Check Details here === ]. I’m ѕurе I will nееd tо rерlасе it ѕоmеdау, but I juѕt сhесk it аbоut оnсе a month, and put it bасk. Uѕе it when I nееd to. Wоrkѕ great!

  15. Steve Craft says:

    That meter cupboard is interesting. In the uk it'd be completely unacceptable to mount your own gear to the meter board. I'm guessing with this setup any additions mean removing that board to connect everything up? Can a general electrician do this? And those individual mcbs? Don't you have a distribution board?

  16. Chester Erby says:

    Wе livе оn a fаrm, thе lighting in thе bаrn is vеrу dim towards the back…actually almost nonexistent, bесаuѕе thе оnlу light in thе bаrn iѕ nеаr thе dооr [ Check Details here === ]. I рlаn tо use mine when I trеk оut tо feed the аnimаlѕ bеfоrе dawn!

  17. ronniezzzz says:

    solar is supposed to be free dave

  18. john lewd says:

    The average person spends $15,000 on batteries over their lifetime…But this fast and simple method eliminates that entire cost and lets you save thousands over your lifetime on battery costs [Check Details Here==> ].

  19. Norm Yanke says:

    His neighbor who invested the same money has probably doubled, this guy will lose it all in time.

  20. Jørgen Thomsen says:

    Thanks for Feeding us with your data. If you look closer at the numbers, You have feed back to the grid almost as much you have payed for the solar from the grid. Maybe If you have had a battery system you could have used more of that energy doing the night, of cause you have to maintain the Battery system and it have some 20% loss but at list 3Mw could be harvest doing the daytime, ad feed back to you in the night. If you go for a 4 Kw Battery system would that had cut down you cost, The price from what you pay and what you get are about 2.2 CR /Kw lets us take the build you have got, You payed 164 and got 51……164-51= 153 dollar for a 1/4 year ….153*4 =612 so about 600 Dollar/ year……can't that be paying for a Battery system ? Maybe a DIY Tesla Wall…. You have the skill to do so…. I Don't Know…Maybe make a project that we all can benefit from :-)………..Best to You and lot off power to your panels…………Jørgen Thomsen Denmark DK

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