DIY Solar Panel System: Small Affordable Set Up

DIY Solar Panel System: Small Affordable Set Up

Not everyone desires to go fully off grid! But many people desire to be more prepared and more self reliant. This means addressing the WHAT IF we lose power! What if the SHTF really does happen! DYI solar setups are actually so doable you can basically purchase every component including the panels on line and have them delivered right to your door! And you don’t need to be a electrician to do the setup. So many times we are intimidated by the unknown. Especially when it comes to renewable energy. DONT be! today Starry goes thru some basic components. Tips on how to get setup and what she purchased for her own first time solar setup! Join her today in part one of the components, then watch for part two all about the panels!!

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All about my solar power system at the off grid cabin.

9 x Sharp 240W panels
Outback FlexMax 60 Charge Controller
SMA SunnyIsland 5048 Inverter
8 x Rolls Surrette S-600 Batteries (600Ah)

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  1. GlobalVortex says:


  2. Miguel S says:

    What is dicussed ? It says "Panels will be dicussed in my next video!!". Is it like no cuss words in the next video? Or a disc? Or will something be dissected? Hmmmm.

  3. Diana Haugen says:


  4. everennui says:

    I would like to set-up a system of solar panels for my home. I've calculated the average daily KWh to ~2.75 and our peak month (January) we use ~1950KWh/month. That seems like an awful lot to rely on solar for, but if I could set up a system to use for our lights, and other non-crucial utilities, I think it could probably pay for itself after a year. Our yearly electric costs are around $2500.00.

  5. Greg The Scammer says:

    Thank you your information got me more educated the any other video that ive seen yet on youtube i look forward to looking into your other uploads

  6. John in Okla says:

    Great video, thanks for putting it up. I'm sure you realize you went from talking about charge controllers to showing inverters starting at about the 1:52 mark.

  7. Joku Sekou says:

    Star child

  8. Salvador Ruvira says:

    Wow fine deliver on the massage

  9. Tim Strickland says:

    I thought you were going to show us how to wire it up

  10. marian melinte says:

    Is just me or a women tend to explain way much better than any other bearded expert??? Great job, thank you

  11. Karen Erickson says:


  12. xhappy _ says:

    what is Bascis?

  13. Charles Manacas says:

    Verywell done !!!
    Congratulations from Fortaleza City, BRAZIL.

  14. Steve L. says:

    Helped very much thank you! btw love your channel ( learning a lot I don't know why all Americans aren't like you and your Husband (homesteading livin off the land, etc )we would be out of debt quick!, God bless you and your Husband!

  15. Maggie Tam says:

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    Skype: maggie.ghsolar
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  16. royality one says:


  17. pinkeye00 says:

    just take your cloths off already

  18. Hardened Power says:


  19. Mason D'Alo says:

    You spelt diy wrong

  20. Das Boot says:

    Your smarter than I am. I need a smart wife that can help me get it all right, as I'm liable to blow something up, I guess I better keep watching videos on how to do things that I need done. Sure I could buy a book on 'how to' but I'm just not satisfied with having to read, as long as I can watch it on video and really understand what needs to be done.

  21. Moe Jaime says:

    You forgot lithium batteries ! I think you can discharge lithium batteries to 20 % charge at least some types

  22. Mapleberry Farm says:

    Do you think you miss out on some precious sun considering they are only mounted on the one side and they are fixed and not able to angle them for different seasons?

  23. Ontario Lakeside says:

    Love the video. We just installed a system for our off grid place. We used a lithium, battery from a Chevy Volt. Check out our channel for a video if your interested.

  24. Ron Powell says:

    Excellent video! I love solar power, cabins and being off grid and you have done an excellent job sharing your experience and knowledge. My $0.02 worth for somebody building a similar system from scratch would be to install industrial agm batteries indoors mainly because batteries do a lot better in the same temperatures as are found indoors and agms do not out gas. I can't afford new ones but I found that there are a lot of real good used ones with a lot of life left in them available almost everywhere real cheap. $0.50 per amp hour for an industrial 12v agm battery that tests above 13v after sitting for a few weeks is a good investment. I mix and match different sizes with no problem.

  25. First Last says:

    Thanks brother, I enjoyed your video and subbed.

  26. Jon amber homestead says:

    nice SMA

  27. Chris B says:

    My husband and I are thinking about solar for our 900 sq ft camp…who would you recommend, and what would be a good wattage to start out with? Our camp is about 25 mins north of Huntsville.
    Thx for the vids and the laughs! Pls keep them coming!! Val and Chris.

  28. grow2b says:

    FourZeroFour below commented on that the "not enough charge" could cause a problem–can someone explain this is more detail?  And what types of battery could alleviate this problem?  Thanks.

  29. Jack Phillips says:

    Nice cabin. Perhaps I missed the reasoning somewhere but it seems you could have used all the PV panels. It seems to me you could have kept everything at 12volt as you are not doing a long run. Charge controllers for 12v are cheap and the inverters for 12 volt are much less expensive too. Plus, since this is an off grid property that is not outfitted yet, your options for appliances are not set and such are widely available for 12-volt DC. No need for an inverter at all except for those few things that really require AC. Tons of 12-volt stuff available online and even at a local truck stuff if you cannot wait.

  30. chappi59 says:

    Thanks so much for letting us know how you think about things. I put together a 600W panels system with the 1500W inverter and 600 amp hour batteries -AGM's
    It's tough in the winter time, but plenty of juice in the summer. I use it as a back up for my house. And off the grid system. Much simpler to put together than what you have.

  31. Four ZeroFour says:

    You can definitely charge a lead acid battery 'too slow'. Not having enough charge current (especially in a solar system) could cause lots of problems. Not a good enough charge in a day, which could lead to sulfated batteries, for one.
    Nice batteries though. Bet those cost you a pretty penny.

    AGM batteries are not necessarily cheaper. And for an inhabited location, I'd choose flooded batteries. Better longevity with proper maintenance, and more forgiving of improper charging if they're at least watered.

  32. tree feller says:

    That is some serious solar.

  33. andrewford80 says:

    Hey man, any reason why you didn't go to 2 strings of 5 panels each? apologies if you cover that in the video, i had to stop before i finished it.

  34. Leo wang says:

    Nice we have done many solar projects like yours

  35. Off Grid Nation says:

    We seem to be at a similar knowledge base with off grid solar. I'm working on a hybrid system for my homestead that is quite a bit more complicated than off grid. I would absolutely look further into your battery situation. Running bone dry means sulfation. Perhaps look into a desulfator in the hopes you can repair some of the damage that's been done. Nice vid. Thx.

  36. Danny Tavarez says:

    Nice setup thanks for the info

  37. Bostjan Trancar says:

    Is a good introduction of your sistem….👍

  38. Bostjan Trancar says:

    48v sistem is way more efficient than 24v or 12v
    All your sistem could exchange for tesla powerwall2 is probably the same price with no maintenance inbuilt inverter charge controller and transfer automatic and awesome Android app….all in one and probably 10years warranty…
    Try to calculate this….
    Anyway your sistem is also awesome sma inverter are like buy once and hold a lifetime…. 👍
    Desulfator would be a great way to prolong the life of battery's BATTERY EXTRA it is very good desulfator…. 👍

  39. Bostjan Trancar says:

    You have very good inverter and good charge controller….
    Tri star charge controller have model without fan…..👍

  40. himesjb says:

    This is incredibly informative, moreso than other solar power vids. I can see that these systems are beyond me, but if the time comes I need one, I will take your advice!

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