DIY Solar Panel System: Components, Cost & Savings

Here I share with you every component I use for my DIY solar panel system, where you can buy it and how much I paid. I cover my solar panels, wiring, solar panel charge controller, DC/AC inverter, ANL fuses, Kill-A-Watt meter, 6 Volt golf car batteries, basically every component that you will need to build your own DIY solar panel system and save money.

– Grape Solar 250 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel:

– BZ 500 MPPT500 Watt PV Charge Controller:

– 6Volt Rayovac Ultra Pro Golf Car Battery:–Z–GO/TXT/TXT.aspx

– Samlex PST-150S-24A 1500-watt 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter:

– Battery Tender 24 Volt Battery Charger:

– Battery Saver Desulfator:

– 24″ Starter to Switch Battery Cable:

– 6 AWG Multi Strand Copper Wire, 60 Feet:

– 4’x8′ 1/2″ Plywood for Battery Box:

– 2-1/2 in. Polypropylene Wheel Swivel Plate Caster:

– KIll-A-Watt Meter:

– 35 Watt & 200 Watt Fuses:
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20 Responses to DIY Solar Panel System: Components, Cost & Savings

  1. tonywoo81 says:

    Small scale home solar system is a joke, don't waste you money, except you buy it for fun but not for saving.

  2. Keli Weisgerber says:

    If you want you can learn from inplix scripts how to make it yourself.

  3. Jacques B says:

    why two 24V system why not one? redundancy?

  4. Steven Orcutt says:

    You didn't even use waterproof wire nuts. Waterproof circuit breakers would be a good idea to add also

  5. Everett Renner says:

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  6. B series Garage says:

    How many watts could I push with this setup

  7. Wanderman87 says:

    This is GOLD, thank you for sharing !

  8. Monique Palmer says:

    I have used this [link here >>> ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  9. Saber Blade says:

    Series connection:

    Volts Total = V1+V2
    Current Total = l1=l2 = same not decreasing
    Current Total:
    (l1+l2+…ln) / ( how many batt connected in series) same computation as in Parallel connection

    Power Total = P1+P2

    Parallel connection:
    Volts Total = V1=V2
    Current Total = l1+l2
    Power Total = P1+P2

  10. Eddie Russell says:

    I just want to thank you for your Battery Reconditioning program [Link Here== ]. I have attempted a few different arrangements and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the least demanding and most basic arranges ever.

  11. The Farmacy Seeds Network says:

    Watch out for those killawatt meters.. I've had 2 of those burn up… SO glad I was home when they let go!

  12. TheKnightda8 says:

    Nothing smarter than a double male extension cord….. plus this has a lot of potential to back feed the grid…. hope you dont kill a lineman.

  13. jhon maclain says:

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  14. Harry Patterson says:

    The solar light lооkѕ so рrеttу thаt еvеn whеn thе роwеr iѕ on I wоuld turn оff the lightѕ аnd have a rоmаntiс dinnеr with mу huѕbаnd uѕing the light аѕ a tаblе centerpiece. [ Check Details here === ]

  15. Michael says:

    Thanks for the video. Quick question. I know you have since upgraded Ur system… But wondering why back in the day u chose an inverter that was not certified for in home hard wired use. Wouldn't that void an insurance claim in the event of an issue? Not trying to be sarcastic, really trying to find a certified inverter, or understand why many people chose not to use them.

  16. Florentina Tula says:

    The EZ Battery Reconditioning plan by expert Tom Ericson has been released. EZ Battery Reconditioning reveals underground battery reconditioning secrets to bring dead batteries back to life [Check Details Here==> ].Anyway, thanks for the help and congratulations on a fantastic product.

  17. MrBrymstond says:

    The best way to wire batteries is from battery to center pole, one for positive and one for negative. Say you have 10 batteries and they're 12 volt each, the typical way I see on youtube is from one battery to the next, WRONG!!! The first battery will die before the rest and so on, because all of the stress is on the first battery and on and you wont get nearly as much sudden heavy current (Amperage) as you will this way so you wire the positive wire from each battery to a single long and thick bolt mounted thru the board and stack the wires on top of each other which you will also draw your DC power from that and the same for the negative and if you need 48 volts you wire four 12v batteries in a series and run that to the same bolt you would use for 12v. picture them in a circle and the center has 2 bolts, but that may be Impracticable so stack 5 batteries on one shelf and 5 on the next keeping the same gauge and length wire for each battery and you'll have a long life cycle with much more punch. You tap from each battery at the same time.

  18. Artem Lebedev says:

    I made it, learned on inplix website. great solutions I think.

  19. Dr. Pierre Crosetto says:

    Excellent video, very understandable! Are your panels mono or polycrystalline? Amazon has 100W 12V polycrystalline panels for less than a $1 per watt. Would there be any disadvantage, other than space needed, in using them? Thanks again for the great video!

  20. 5fzami says:

    u r clever mate..

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