DIY Off Grid Solar- How To Wire Solar Panels

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In the fourth part of the DIY Off Grid Solar System we take a look at wiring your solar panels. You will have to make some choices here that will affect the rest of your system. If you are just joining us and don’t know where to start, how ’bout going back to the beginning? Start with part 1 here:

In this video we mention a link to a wire gauge ampacity chart and a wire gauge calculator. You will need these to determine the proper wire gauge to wire from the panels to the batteries. Here it is:

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20 Responses to DIY Off Grid Solar- How To Wire Solar Panels

  1. Shoeb Shaik says:

    Mate, you are a genius. this series of videos is all anybody will need to get the numbers right. Best wishes and I will be a patron soon. You deserve it.

  2. AnisJanRais says:

    You are a life saver mate. Love from Pakistan. God bless

  3. WIlly says:

    Hey THR? Question on wire size. Have 4 panels 310W 36.38V/8.52A, Best location is near our well, about 150'-200' from a shed next to my cabin, where I want to keep my batteries for warmth.

    Would it be better to box everything close to where i want to run the panels including the CC and Inverter then running 120V AC to the cabin?

    Trying to figure out best process. Considering 24V Battery setup looking at some recon-12 V Deep Cycles for starters.) Then over time upgrade as needed.

    Looking at wiring, based on Voltage and Amperage I am looking at #6 to get my loss down below 5%. Guess I'd ask people, what is acceptable?
    My Charge Controller is MPPT 40A that allows for 12/24/36/48 input and 12/24/36/48 out.

    Someone suggestion running the Panels on 2×2 (2parallel/2series) kicking my voltage to 73Volts and 17Amps. or all 4 in Parallel? (ie 38.38V/34.08A)

    Guess I am looking for suggestions. Would be better to reduce the distance?

    I'd get better sun up on top of our property. (the 150' to 200') distance. probably an extra hour or 2.
    Any suggestions appreciated

  4. Shannon Gibson says:

    If you want to make it too just use InpliX handbooks.

  5. Shantay Madison says:

    I can make it myself. Just got instructions from InpliX website and I'm ready for do it 😀

  6. Don Milne says:

    One of the best lamens terms descriptions on youtube. I watched them all and yours is an excellent direct and understandable way of answering some complex questions in a very basic manner. Got me to the answers I needed. Thx

  7. Don Milne says:

    e of

  8. Remskii says:

    Love your presentation. Most informative. Thanks TinHatRanch.

  9. Clayton Gourley says:

    I have used this [link here :: ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  10. Todd Bryant says:

    Spousal zoning ordinances. lol

  11. AwakenedAdele says:

    Can you use an 18V 200W solar panel with 12V batteries?

  12. Brad Blackwell says:

    A couple of questions. Are you using stranded or solid copper from the panels to the controller? Your 40 amp mppt controller specifies max input of roughly 520 watts @ 12 volts or 1080 watts @ 24volts. How would I calculate for the 79 volts @ 1080 if I run my 4 panels running @9.26 amps using the same controller you are showing? Does it affect which controller I use? my run is approximately 60' as well and I really can't afford 3 guage wire..

  13. sparky sparks says:

    This brings me back to undergraduate physics, thank God there is a calculator.

  14. Sam Komola says:

    what if you wired the panels like the batteries

  15. Mika Lee says:

    So you are saying I can wire my 4/150w panels to a 4215bn 40a Tracer charge controller if I wire all four in series? Am I getting this right?

  16. James Parker says:

    Great video love what you do and it is so plain and simple to understand keep up the great work

  17. Vetal Turlin says:

    Great to see that inplix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

  18. Carmelina Katzman says:

    I'll use Inplix instructions to make it by myself.

  19. Shanta Hsieh says:

    I think you need to take some time and go to inplix website to learn how to make it.

  20. Norman Ran says:

    hey, just buy panel and other equipment DIRECTLY from China, that will lower your cost by a LOT!!!!!!

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