DIY: Home Made 3 KW Solar Car Port Parking structure from used wood

Home made 3000-Watt solar car port built from reclaimed used wood.
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40 Responses to DIY: Home Made 3 KW Solar Car Port Parking structure from used wood

  1. Philly Cheese Take says:

    Why didn't you angle the roof to face the panels south?

    It would also help it to drain quickly, and stay clean.

  2. David lopez says:

    how much to do that people need ?

  3. Revolution Farm says:

    Nice job, vuaeco. How about an update showing how your panels are wired into your inverter and what sort of power you're getting off the panels, and maybe what you would do to improve your system if necessary?

  4. joekenorer says:

    I love your accent, the way you enunciate certain consonants kind of pops.

  5. Effie says:

    Great job, screw all the haters.

  6. Vax Buster says:

    Untreated wood won't last long outside .. even painted. Pressure treated is the only solution.

  7. Steve Kent says:

    10 out of 10 for effort

    Considering how resourceful you are, I found the problem you came across with the holes in the L brackets not lining up with the predrilled holes in the solar panel frames quite amusing.

    Either drill new holes in the solar panel frames or drill new holes in the L brackets!

    If you did this project again, consider the more complicated solution of building a real slanted covered roof with guttering and drainpipes and then add your panels to the slanted roof. If you had a real roof, of course this adds more weight so your structure will need to be stronger. I agree it’s difficult to do these type of projects on your own and with a limited budget but you may come to regret spending all that money on the solar panels but not maximising the amount of power they can produce as well as the inconvenience of not having a real roof with rainwater drainage.

    However a great DIY effort. I enjoy watching your videos so thanks for making and uploading them.

  8. Mikel Campbell says:

    Any idea for just the car port blue prints

  9. R M Merced says:

    Great carport for a TESLA, then you can call yourself 100% green.

  10. Hamish says:

    when it rains wont the water come through in-between the panels? or are you going to silicone them together?

  11. LincTexPilot says:

    Song is NOT "Mountain sun"…. it is La Revancha

  12. Brian Brewster says:

    Suggestions: 1) Anchor all posts to the driveway with poured concrete footers and anchor bolts. 2) Since solar is on around 12 hours a day, consider a quality ground wire for this setup. 3) How about permits? In my zip code (central NJ) they are permit-happy folks. AND LIST ANY/ALL PRICES FOR THE PANELS, CONVERTERS, AND WIRING, please.

  13. Brian Brewster says:

    Q: How much do these panels weigh, cost, and their lifetime warranty? How much did your inverter cost? And is it dangerous to work with hot voltages in the lines as you wire things together?

  14. Pop's Shack says:

    Nice job!

  15. Red Squirrel says:

    I wish my city did not have so much bureaucracy BS. Can't even put a temporary shelter for a car without the ridiculousness of needing a permit that you pay for each year. Doubt they'd ever allow something like this.

  16. сергей фамилия says:

    если град?

  17. Christian Gentry says:

    Cool, hopefully it never snows there.

  18. yarpos says:

    3kW? nominal maybe. The classic renewable thing of stating capacities that are never, ever, delivered.

  19. Carpe diem says:

    just use plastic foil for painting.

  20. Sailorman6996 says:

    No angel mean dirt accumulates as the rain cant rinse the dirt. Same for leaves if present. Other locations need to consider snowload. Every project need to consider power and energy is affected by the angle depending on the one or multi purposes why you do the project. Rain, snow and sun shelter. Main purpose could be to maximize energy per year and panel or time balanced power by day or by year.

    Just saying flat roof give least power in winter, most snow load, most dirt and low overall energy.

  21. Dan Bouchard says:

    You do realize a round house is by far the best use of materials?Bees,beavers ain't stupid!

  22. Acry Unknown says:

    this really helps with my science project

  23. Majin Kulilin says:

    you can make a summary of the video

  24. Donette Meaghan says:

    I have a Degree in Renewable Energy and this book [link here >>> ] was required for the Solar Energy class. It is easy to read with good explanations. I would recommend to anyone.

  25. Daniel Johnson says:


  26. Paul Bolger says:

    Excellent video

  27. lillskiten1337 says:

    in sweden difference would be summertime fucking hot

    winter super low sun that almost never shines 😀

  28. Sarina Wong says:

    everyone kinda confused coz hes from the southern hemisphere and im over here jhappy coz im from the southern hemisphere too :p

  29. 2Awesome says:

    What's wrong with a cube house?

  30. BAMF says:


  31. Renae Scanlan says:

    this is gold!

  32. praveen kumar says:

    Can somebody tell me,which software has been used to design the house??

  33. abracadabra says:


  34. Shaheen Secondary School says:

    I learnt the secrets of home ventilation. Unfortunately I am the citizen of a country where the price of a human blood is low then quarter US$.

  35. carole davies says:

    Just great.. Appreciate your great advice

  36. Klaus Michael says:

    Prima 90 Sekunden. Wir haben schon mehr als 300 Passivhäsuer gebaut, aber so schnell konnten wir es noch nicht !

  37. Mome Mach says:

    it was great but i think he was repiating stuff too much…

  38. addressedtokill says:

    Note he is from the southern hemisphere- sunlight comes from the north for him, and his winter is in July.

  39. japh ARCH says:

    not the sun… sun light 😛

  40. Youssif King says:

    THANKS! God-willing, this will help me with my exam. I'm note-taking on this…

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