Did You Know That Renewable Energy is Also Growing Fast in The United States?

Solar energy growing in Massachusetts.
California Will Get Half Its Electricity from Renewables by 2020.
Latest Phase Of Solar Energy Project In Camden County Begins To Heat Up.
Despite Trump’s Emphasis on Fossil Fuels, The US Is Breaking Clean Energy Records.
Northeast Minneapolis Taproom Going Solar With Brewing.
New Technology Creates Solar Energy From Windows.
Tesla Will Showcase its Solar Panels in Home Depot.
Amazon Implementing Solar Energy Initiative.

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2 Responses to Did You Know That Renewable Energy is Also Growing Fast in The United States?

  1. Kenz300 x says:

    Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base line power.
    Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
    Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
    Sign me up.  A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
    Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.

  2. Kenz300 x says:

    Climate Change is real. We all need to make energy efficiency a bigger part of our decisions on housing and transportation.

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