Couple Builds Off Grid Container Home with Solar and Battery Power System

Great all-round perspective of building and living off-grid using shipping containers and solar power with batteries. with Solafied specialises in off-grid power systems for those wishing to know more.

This instructive video goes into many aspects of building the container home, lifestyle choices, and living the off-grid lifestyle. They do not use external utilities as they collect their own water, generator their own power from the sun, store excess power using batteries, and make productive use of their own waist. Naturally, they also grow a considerable amount of food using their waist as fertiliser.

One of their inspirations for going off-grid and moving to the Australian bush was to get away from the high utility costs that were absorbing most off their income after rent. Another was to reconnect with nature.

To go off-grid in terms of power, you do not need to move to the bush. Advantage Power with Solafied can set most houses up with a high quality off-grid solar power system backed by batteries suitable to your circumstances. With this system you can go truly off-grid by disconnecting from the mains so that you have no more power service fees, or stay connected to the grid until you are confident to leave it. Go to and contact us for more obligation free information.

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14 Responses to Couple Builds Off Grid Container Home with Solar and Battery Power System

  1. Karinya Fields says:

    Video is ripped off the Paul Chambers youtube channel ( ) and was made by Kirsten Dirsksen ( ) You need to give credit to the people who made this video!

  2. john McIntosh says:

    The second I've watched this video and I can truly say the second viewing was just as interesting as the first…great effort and lots of luck in the future…

  3. Antonio Carluccio says:


  4. Dorene Boydstun says:

    AMAZING. there were so many things that made sense yet I would have never thought of them. Always curious about taxes, where the finding of the land there, taxes, insurance even how a person get their mail. You did a wonderful job and glad you listened to your wife about sharing it!! God bless you both and your furbaby with many many more wonderful years!

  5. María Rosa Devorik says:

    Thank you wonderful .. From Buenos Aires Argentina with my admiration. Congratulations.

  6. Kenneth Banks says:

    I have to say this is one of the best programs I've seen on DIY off grid housing and shipping container homes. Did you film and produce it yourselves? It's very personal and welcoming, It made me want to come back to Australia and stay. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your life.

  7. RIO BOW says:

    Brilliant mate

  8. Kadin Hernandez says:

    Learning how to utilize this producing power process “boma fetching unique” (Google it) could help you save hundreds of dollars a year and help protect the environment. A few methods of saving power can need sacrifice on your part. Others, nevertheless, only require a small investment of time and expense.

  9. mike ausra says:

    best of luck

  10. Steven Dubois says:

    This book [link here>>> ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system

  11. Cliff Wilson says:

    Hi cliff from UK it's not great it's truly and positively amazing 100% fantastic good on you both, really enjoyed the video

  12. Okyerewaa betty says:

    wow nice environment l love it l wish lm there with u guy's 👏👏👏👏👍

  13. TheStavros1001 says:

    Not entirely off the grid, unless you make your own gas for that stove…

  14. JASON M says:

    Did you get a unbeatable deal on the containers because i no they now sell container ready homes.I dont no about were your at though.

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