China’s Green Energy Push

China is usually focused on economic growth, not the environment. But it’s now turning its attention to green energy.
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Green Energy A/S is a Norwegian company that put an iKube mobile solar generator on a trailer. It can then be used for gardeners, construction workers or on other locations where there is no power from the grid. For gardeners, they can replace noisy and polluting petrol driven power tools with clean and quiet battery/electric tools.

40 Responses to China’s Green Energy Push

  1. paul8kangas says:

    The Hero of Puerto Rico, Hector Santiago, built a home with 244 solar panels.

    His business survived the hurricane.

    Build 4-plex 100-solar panel homes to stop global warming.

    The Utilities must pay solar homeowners $0.33 kwh.

    Germany is shutting down all its nukes on Earth Day 2022, by build 100-panel solar homes.

    Solar Workers Union

  2. Captain Beefheart says:

    By 2030 the US dollar will no longer be the standard.

  3. John Benton says:

    When will china start exporting EVs normal people can afford?

  4. Luke M says:

    Good. We need to unite and work together. Before you criticize China, remember who just left the Paris Climate Accord. I'm American btw.

  5. Roland Mösl says:

    What's this nonsens about fuel cell busses?!? They need 4 times more electric power than battery electric busses.

  6. dadada486 says:

    People particularly Americans need to remember that China is doing this despite being "workshop of the world", manufacturing a large portion of the world products. If China can maintain its growth, manufacturing capacity and be green at the same, there will be no stopping her from leading the world in the very near future. Meanwhile America is mired in very bad politics, outdated ideologies and ineffective grassroots movements.

  7. Osama Obama says:


  8. Simpleraven Raven says:

    With Trump destroying the US China will be first place soon.

  9. Fred Hal says:

    Breakthroughs in fusion is the promised land. These "renewables" still require too much energy input and contribute to secondary pollution.

  10. Quetzalcoatl says:

    The way forward. Chronic western style consumerism is unsustainable.

  11. John Wen says:

    A LOT of Americans can't accept the fact that China is leading on green energy developments.

  12. 吳正隆 says:

    紅色供應鍊 + 工業4.0 + 綠能 + 設計美学 + 一帶一路全球市場 + 中國傳統文化 + 尊重異文化,吸取精華,壞的部分適度包容與隔絕。

  13. Calvin Blue says:

    China does what it does because it has to…

  14. TK Baha says:

    you trust the communist china? I don't. This is a seriously corrupted, gangster controlled, one man power, dictatorship, no human right, slaughter own citizen. Communist china has everything, but lack of dignity, self-respect, truth and safety food products. Family left this evil country 60 years ago with no regret at all, we feel lucky we did desert this evil nation.

  15. China Icons says:

    Interesting watch, thank you for uploading!

  16. Matthew Melney says:

    Good on ya China I wouldnt mind you surpassing the us if you keep this up

  17. E Tow says:

    China has already beaten the West and Europe before they even pushed green energy !
    Currently China's CO2 footprint is a mere 22% of global emissions compared to the US's 20%. What these western news media like the CBC never mentions or reminds it's audience is that China's population is five times larger than the US's or fifty times more than Canada's plus they also manufacturer 85% of the world's consumer goods and recycle 30% of the world's garbage, that in itself speaks volumes on how well they managed this portfolio ! Now with alternative energies like wind, solar, hydro and nuclear China is already a world leader in all these sectors. In fact China is building two thorium nuclear reactors for the UK by 2020 that the CBC somehow mysteriously did not report even once. Canada's CO2 emission is comparable to the US per capita which basically means an individual Canadian pollutes about ten times more than an individual Chinese ! …LoL

  18. Aaron W says:

    Some of these western manufacturer's heads are in the clouds: what leads them to believe China will continue to purchase their Hydrogen buses instead of building their own; silly, shortsighted people.

  19. Cujo19760210 says:

    As a Chinese Canadian living in Hong Kong, I am very delighted that some senior Chinese officials highly address one of the most important and vital issues for every Chinese citizen. The severe turbidity of air quality and water contamination are two mainly hazardous pollutions in industrial regions in mainland China.

  20. Greg Coates says:

    Good for China. A real world leader!

  21. OneTallOrder says:

    Seems like a well thought out, quality product. Would be excellent to tow behind a motor home. My only complaint is I think the diamond plate steel is a little unappealing aesthetically.

  22. loctite222ms says:

    Problem is the variable of  weather means you can get anywhere from the designed energy production to virtually zero.

  23. Ernesto T. says:

    Base price around $ 26K. I'm not in shock, seen this set-up more. Why are the compagnies, and their sales reps always almost ashamed to say the price?
    It's like lego, you can easily build this yourself. Buy a trailer and a diy compleet solar package. If your iq is under 100, watch
    solar set up on YT, especially RV-ers vids will help you out.

  24. 486DX266 says:

    RE: "5:42 – talking about lead acid battery recycling "…it's the first and only good thing we did as a human race." Stopped listening right there. Guy seems to believe that the universe would be better off without humans. Hope that was just an error in translation. In any case, I don't see much use in this product aside from perhaps camping trips. Solar panels don't generate enough power to make them worth installing on vehicles otherwise all EVs would be covered in panels. Hopefully someday the technology / efficiency will get to that point. Until then, there's probably a market in selling to people who don't understand efficiency or think that batteries can store alternating current.

  25. Spectator says:

    This needs automatic sun follow feature

  26. Spectator says:

    Karl Looks really happy

  27. IIGrayfoxII says:

    Bring that to australia.
    1400w would be done most year round.

  28. greenbluepurple000 says:

    Another selling point is that I would hire someone using electric tools before gas powered tools because electric tools don't stink up the neighborhood.

  29. Jørgen Thomsen says:

    Take the Trailer and Tesla with you in The mountain "hytte ferie"  (cottage vacation) in places without power….Then just stay as long it is needed, to charge The Tesla, and drive home again……..for free mostly 😉 but you do That already now, with The Supercharger, but just a thought…make more fun videos like This, Nice That a gay from my on country have got this idea….make me proud. Best……..Jørgen Thomsen Denmark DK

  30. Esunisen says:

    I've been playing with SolidWorks and i could fit 4 Teslas modules (21 kWh total), 3 365 W solar panels and a 25 kW DC CCS+CHAdeMO wallbox in an Anssems GT 500-VT1, and still have plenty of room in the trailer 😀

    I need to try with the biggest GT, i probably can fit 100 kWh.

  31. Asiri Bandara says:

    Wow that's great you people are awesome

  32. Kath Butt says:

    This book [link here >>> ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system.

  33. Eddie Russell says:

    This book [link here>>> ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system

  34. Vegard Fjeldstad says:

    Would be amazing if he could drive with it

  35. Catamaran Channel says:

    Its a littlebit of bs.
    those tools run on the main battery.
    question is, how much and how fast will that battery charge on solar in real life situations.

  36. Chao Li says:

    He need to do this on the roof rack..

  37. fatboy19831 says:


  38. Joshua79C C says:

    IF you ask me, would make a turn table for that kube so if you park in open area with no shading obstructions it would track the suns movement, of course the turntable would lock into place for when in transit to new location. So you would just park it and not have to reposition the whole trailer when the sun gets just out of range.

  39. Nick's DIY says:

    That's great, you can go camping off the grid on the tesla with this trailer.

  40. John Egan says:

    Nice piece of kit! I want to move to Norway now…not much different from Canada, eh? 😉 Canada is soooooo far behind it's not funny. Very frustrating living here and watching things like this from Norway. Keep up the great work Norway!!! No wonder Elon loves you guys!

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