Cheapest Green Energy -most Affordable+Profitable+Powerful-

Powerful AND Affordable Generator runs on Sustainable-Renewable Energy Sources. The World’s best Innovation on Energy Generating
This is a video to my CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIN.
You are welcome to support this great project for real and succesfull sustainable (green) energy.
Home electricity generator. This is a electricity generator which needs just hot water run. No steam needed. Temperatures under 100°C is enough to make it generate electricity. Its power is about 3kW or 3000W
It is used for generating electricity at home with solar heat panels or just heated water by gas… it is also needed for watering fields with solar energy. it is simple to install and use electricity generator.
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  1. Gobi Subramaniam says:

    They started the video by stating that World Leaders had came together (in 2016) to create the Paris deal to combat environmental crisis.

    If that is true, that why is West (especially USA) trying hard to stop India from becoming independant from fossil fuel? Why is the West so admant in ensuring the fossil fuel remains in play even so Scientists and Environmentalists have been warning about the dangerous since 1980s? Perhaps countries like USA have under-the-table deal with Middle East countries. After all, if everyone stops using fossil fuel, the price will drop drastically and the middle east sheikhs who supports USA will suffer. Think about it.

  2. Himanshu Ranjan says:

    u should not write.u should speak.

  3. Abhay Achal says:

    India buys all solar panels from China, Modi is a traitor

  4. Naif Mohammad Sharif says:

    Modhi really need to work on his englisss

  5. Abhinav Nambiar says:

    Forgot kundankulam nuclear plant.

  6. Green says:

    Sir, our this generator is running continuously from last 8 years, we had made it 12 years ago, without using any fuel.

    Green Energy Revolution.

    Sir, if I say today, to run vehicles( any type), and to generate energy,power,electricity you don't require any fuel.You will not believe us,but we are having few demo"GENERATOR” in our, R&D work shop of capacity 5HP, running from last 8 years continuously, without consuming any fuel and till now no service has been required. Also a motor cycle running with this ANTIQUE TECHNOLOGY.

    Our technology has got registration in national (India) & international patent offices. Here are some important points of our Patent.

    DATE OF FILING PATENT. 15/02/1999.



    PUBLICATION DATE. 5/5/2006.


    Pluraty of magnets are arranged in engine. In the market engine available having block, piston and head of ten requires replacement . Therefore it becomes costly. No electricity is required, No noise, economically the engine works help of magnet, the magnet requires some lubricant at times . There is absolutely no environmental pollution. The engine automatically starts by button

    NOTE Filed U/S 5/2 before the patents (Amendment) Act,2005 NO.

    Today we need nothing from nature to generate power. This is A "ANTIQUE TECHNOLOGY” Which will change the WORLD.

    Sir, first thing We would like to acknowledge you that this ANTIQUE TECHNOLOGY was invented by a 9th class pass guy, from very normal background, who is unable to conversate in english, I am also undergraduate.

    This technology was invented 20 years ago, who ruin's many of your laws of thermodynamics & Energy.

    Sir we are ready to demonstrate our technology & our products before you.We have been able to generate energy from 5HP to 2 MW in our workshop, this capacity could be increased or decreased to amazing figure.

    Our generator has only three parts motor, alternator and our technology box, of shoe box size.

    This means today we are not dependent upon crude oil, gas,coal, water,wind,sunlight etc. to produce energy or run vehicle's.

    Our generator is 100% recyclable ( iron & copper).

    As our generator consumes nothing that's why there is no sound, vibration,pollution.

    Sir I will like to explain our generator technology in my language, as we have not gone through your laws of energy & thermodynamics so, we could not explain in science language.

    When we run 6-7 rounds of our .generator's motor by handle or thin rope our ANTIQUE TECHNOLOGY manages to run motor of 1HP in full speed within few seconds, the 6HP alternator works giving 6HP output, 1HP we utilize in running motor and 5HP for output use.

    In this whole process where have we used fuel ?

    Our motto is to remove electricity poles from earth, just like telephone poles & save the nature.

    With kind regards let me know can any nation,company,scientist can do this?

    Waiting for your reply.

    With Regards

    Anil Uttam (+919935164178), kanpur.

    You can run any vehicle, in this globe by using our technology we have experimented upon a motorcycle by using 1HP motor, we got output of 142 cc. While running, it is motorcycle and while standing it is like generator, for many years it will work without using any fuel.

    Same for every vehicle car, truck, rail engine, tank ,ship , aeroplanes, the size of 2MW generator is just like mini truck.( AS I SAID YOU "CAN" INCREASE OR DECREASE TO AMAZING FIGURES, YOU CAN FLY BIRDS, OR ALSO YOU CAN LIFT A FULL SMALL ISLAND. We are having very old fashioned and normal work shop.

    If you use our technology in rail engine it will run for several years, no need of over head wires, no pollution, no noise, no vibration, NO INPUT.





    You can place our generator on army truck, "truck + generator", you can take "both" them to any part of your border, with bulk of energies.( The size of 2 MW is equivalent to mini truck, and for 5HP it is equal to size of dressing table, You can place our one generator in any small town, no need of gas and all other polluting things, sufficient energy for several years.)

  7. Kenz300 x says:

    Wind and solar can be produced locally. No imports needed.
    Renewable energy is the future. Fossil fuels are the past.

  8. Ram Bo says:

    Spare some money for building toilet so your people won't just defecate anywhere.

  9. balu Indian says:

    this is great.we, Indians are ganerating power as well as saving nature.

  10. Mr.Tweezy007 says:

    india is stil lagging behind china. Also has some of the most polluted cities


    Great job India

  12. Tech DEEM says:

    Fantastic Video… O)O

  13. aslesh says:

    what's the use of this renewable energy targets when all the solar panels will be imported from china. government should encourage manufacturing of pv cells and not just fabrication of solar panels. unless we sort this problem solar electricity will be costlier and increase the cost of power bill which we will have to pay.

  14. dabigisland1 says:

    Go India _good idea powering airport's with solar, will try to make that happen here in USA

  15. Bit Gamer says:

    HAHAHA what a stupid video. The fastest rising CO2 emitting country is India.

  16. satyajitsinh kosamiya says:

    love for for indians.jai hind.

  17. Kungfu Panda says:

    these videos made me love your channel…thank you and keep it up bro…👍

  18. SAM VORTEX says:

    What was the soundtrack?

  19. saurabh chaudhari says:

    New concept for green energy generation- I. C. Engine based Pulsed power transmission. CLICK THIS LINK

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