Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy?

In 2014 Burlington, Vermont became the first city in the United States to run on 100% Renewable Energy. But how do they actually do it? What’s their secret?

Thanks to Miguel Franco for helping to make this episode possible

Special Thanks To:
Neile Lunderville, Miro Weinberger, Mike Kanarick, Dave MacDonnell, Jon Clark and the Burlington Electric Department

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20 Responses to Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy?

  1. Travis Romig says:

    Many Nuclear plants look even nicer and its clear and nicer. I love fishing on that pond.

    OMG they showed solar panels so many times in this video. Its a biomass energy video not solar.

  2. Seong Choi says:

    Small thing makes a difference. I know it a little hassle but I unplug thing that i don't use.

  3. BRIAN CAM says:

    FeeltheBern. Yes, I am coughing, from 2 million TONS of EXTRA, BENNIE EMISSIONS/yr, to replace (Closed 12-2014), NRC Lic. 2032 VT YANKEE Nuclear Plant's 630 MW of Electrical Generation. According to ISO New England, NE REGIONAL TOTAL Emissions UP by 2.9%! RE CAN'T cut emissions BUT NUCLEAR CAN! DO THE MATH!! Not the LAWYER BERNIE POLITICS! Burning Trees to generate Boston's Electrical Power == RE Insanity.

  4. PetroleumPelle says:

    Thanks for this video! I'm currently writing a research paper and policy proposal on how to promote renewable energy in large cities. Its very helpful to learn from this case in the United States.

  5. Suddhasattwa Ganguly says:

    60,000 trees per year is the rate of burning up .. how close is the argument that trees grow back .. how many years do a tree take to re grow to be reused?? .. What a shitty argument!

  6. Suddhasattwa Ganguly says:

    No Sir ,, burning wood chips is not renewable energy

  7. Lester Hersh says:

    They need to do some tye o battery storage then they might not have to buy much power.

  8. Zain- ul- Abideen says:

    butty but but ! i heard that this "younger trees absorb more energy " is actually false . as trees get older their ability to absorb carbon increases soooooo . . . whos right and whos wrong ? e.e

  9. Will Xiahan says:

    Burning wood produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and methane – all of which polluting.

  10. Rick Smàll says:

    Use solarized e-trikes/trailers. Place 900watts of flex panels on the e-trike and 900watts of flex panels on the trailer.
    Use extension cords on the panels to allow for easy switching for other uses.
    1000s of individuals using mobile solar will both supply and reduce energy (biomass)

  11. Kadin Hernandez says:

    Finding ways to reduce your utility bill does not need to be intricate. In fact, it’s the easy options we make that can have a largest impact. Prepare yourself to create your own energy and pay lower bills with the aid of producing power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it).

  12. Labeeb Ahmad-Sanni says:

    "Bernie Sanders 4 Mayor of a city nobody cares about.

  13. Àlex B says:

    Too many biomass…

  14. TIANEN JIANG says:

    Qinghai province of China had been running purely renewable for a month. It's larger than Texas and has about 5.2 million population.

  15. Lilith Of Eden says:

    Wood chips aren't really renewable. It relies on refinement and constant consumption of other goods. If people aren't making houses or buying furniture there's no wood chips at the mill. That will leave you chopping down trees just for wood chips then at that point you just have a wood burning steam generator.

  16. PAUL,A1 says:

    Mass produce solar in vast volume to reduce it's cost and pay back time.
    Cover every available inch of every roof on every building with solar.
    make it very cost effective.
    Put Pir sensors on every light and appliance in every house and business to avoid wasting energy in unused rooms.
    Hence you will be able to walk around the home without needing to turn a light on or off. ( except the room you were actually using)
    street lights could also be on motion senors where maybe a set of 4 would light up as you walk along the street or even drive ?
    And L E D streetlights.
    these savings would make a huge difference to power generation needs and household bills.

  17. PAUL,A1 says:

    Create a two lake system, one up hill on high ground and one lower lake. Store the excess energy in water / Hydro.
    build a wind and solar farm around it, to power it.
    Whenever there is excess generation occurring the pump would pump the water up hill. ( Wind power at night / solar by day)
    Like a huge Natural Battery. + The lakes could be used for Nature / wildlife reserve etc.
    and fishing and boating water sports etc.
    When the extra power is needed flow the water downhill through a series of hydro turbines.
    running / maintanance costs would be met by a small visitor charge to use the area for walks / watersports etc.
    maybe a camp site, log cabins to rent, caravans and rv's make it a tourist attraction, maybe a cafe, restaurant / hotel with lake views etc.
    Get people to enjoy it rather than oppose it,
    AND Make a PROFIT !
    other uses, = smooth cycle track, off road all terrain cycle track,
    Bring people from outside the area to visit.
    All self funding over a number of years.
    make it fun for everyone.

  18. Odyssey Van Life says:

    Eh, I'll stick to backing solar.

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