Best Solar Panels for Off Grid Systems?

This is a comparison and discussion of different types of solar panels available based on efficiency, application and price. This is info you need if you are going to be buying solar panels. More info:

How to Install Solar Panels - This Old House

Capturing and converting the sun’s energy with This Old House energy expert Ross Trethewey.

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40 Responses to Best Solar Panels for Off Grid Systems?

  1. Hush Whisper says:

    You made a excellent video Sir. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I think you did a great Job also on your website mentioned. I added it to my favorites.
    Thanks again.

  2. Jawad Nawaz Khan says:

    Amazing and succinct briefing of the whole solar power deal!!. Keep it up. Looking forward to the next video.

  3. Dazie Bennett says:

    Thank you

  4. David Luckett says:

    Thank you for making this Video good Job you answered many of my questions about all the different types of panels the pros and cons comparative education on these systems. Thank you brother.

  5. Andrzej Freyer says:


  6. canz tee says:

    loving he channel

  7. Randolph Jones says:

    me and my wife been ruffing it for 10 years living in our 22ft RV lazy daze that wasnt built with an on board generator and has 3 battery system that the old owner wired all 3 batterys together and when batterys dies before can start RV up to run and charge up all 3 batterys up to full level charged alot of times we are stuck for days totally no power at all cant charge nothing up and so I been really wishing and praying for something like that to help charge up motorhome 3 batterys up so our RV wont be stuck as we having to be living on side of the roads I keep my areas I park and can stay few days here and their without cops telling us to leave I always dump tanks at dump stations for rv and travel trailers to dump tanks flush out tanks and fill up water tank every months and where ever we park I pick up trash and bag it up and take it to a near dumpster and sweep the street im parked on well being parked living on side of the road it leaves you open for crooks and I saved up for a whole year just so I can afford a small generator from harbor freight and one day at noon time of day I set my new small generator right next to my RV and the RV was wide open it was hot summer and had it out charging up my RV starter battery along with my 2 inside batterys It was outside running hooked to RV for 10 minits and by the time i jumped out of RV the guy drove off with my new generator and wasnt long enuff charge so couldnt start RV so I can chase guy down to get my generator back so like here we are back to being stuck like all over again 10 years been for us both living in our 84 chevy lazy daze always cant get a jump start even when im offering them money for a jump start get always turned down no help wow im a guy who will give you my shirt from off my back for anyone who wants my shirt im warring or need me to help them anytime just call me and im there before you can hang up your phone when you have called on my help how much would I have to save up to buy pannel system to power up 22ft RV and charge phones and small power tool be nice to charge. my number is 909 278 6535 name is randy thank you i just want to know how much for pannel system the whole system so we not stuck without power to RV and no power to phones anymore I only had my new generator 2 months and some poor damn loser stolen my new generator I saved up a whole year to buy it at harbor freight i called police they havent recovered my generator yet im hating this RV living becuse get told RV to old for RV parks God is great amen?Amen.

  8. Ocean Mariner says:

    Thanks, a lot of good basic info.

  9. Grannieannie F says:

    I subbed after watching this. Thank you.

  10. fred says:

    very good vedio

  11. Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer says:

    An Excellent talk about solar panels; wish I could Like it more than once 🙂

  12. Dimy Etienne says:

    thanks a lot for sharing your thought i also refreshing courses i learned in electronics from 11years ago.

  13. Maxwell Shimba says:

    This is a straight down to the basics video… this helped me more than another videos I saw. Thank you very much Solarcabin.

  14. Raymond Pinkerton says:

    good information. thanks

  15. nadirangel7 says:

    Thank you for you education

  16. Emilio McIntyre says:

    great video! go solar!

  17. Inspired Art says:

    Great video. Thanks for the information. I would like to ask one thing though. What all do you power with your 400 watt system ? Thanks again.

  18. Mike Fay says:

    I watch this just for fun, that's how good this video is. Also, super inspiring for folks starting out.

  19. Benny Harriston says:

    thank you……..i listened to every thing you had to say

  20. Eric Hawkins says:

    You are right about China and if they had not thrown billions into solar PV while big in solar thermal, i am sold on the latest none glass panels up to 400 watt using full 6 ins cells, which has a aluminium backing, perfect for my PVT panel system kits
    Great video, wish i was as young as you, as we would talk for weeks, i am sure.
    check out my own you tube video on PVT and Portable solar charging station kits with my new solarbrella, you fold up and take with you on holliday to place over a parisol or on the ground to keep two mobiles charged up, or at night LED power banks or a blue tooth speaker.
    I will connect with you via your web site

  21. MA Wizard says:

    The reason old solar systems used series was to drive up the voltage. New solar panels dont have this issue. Each panel is capable of producing 12-24 volts. You're putting multiple inverters in for no reason. Run each panel parallel into a single inverter and save lots of up front cost.

  22. Richard van Pukkem says:

    I have no in-depth knowledge on this, but i guess that all those separate micro inverters come with a downside. Each individual inverter has to measure the phase to know how to sync on it, and stay in sync with the phase over time. Doing that once at 1 big device is already quite applause worthy. I cannot imagine doing that same job at 20 different places in one system will do any good.

  23. Lynette Duncan says:

    This book [link here >>> ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system.

  24. glenn goodale says:

    we need more shows about this, many people are doing it

  25. Nunya Business says:

    Looks like the panels will way outlast that roof. id do a metal roof first, then the panels. then my grandchildren will finally see the return when they inherit the home…..which theyll just wholesale for quick buck and bmw. hahaha.

  26. tchevrier says:

    might be a good idea to replace the shingles before starting a job like that.

  27. electricalron says:

    Then in 5 years you'll need to replace everything because all of it is junk.

  28. searsbootcamp says:

    acting classes please

  29. Danyal A. says:

    Wtf is this? Just get a system YOU OWN!

  30. VinierrhinoGaming7986 says:

    Only reason I'd do this is if my power was $1 per kWh I don't care about carbon whatever junk

  31. BloodyIron says:

    I like the netgear switch dangling in the background. That's not what RJ45 teeth are for guys! Cmon!

  32. Fabulous In Hijab says:


  33. 2017 says:

    I have a video detailing my solar panel installation on my channel if anyone is interested.

  34. lostintime86 says:

    Solar systems are a waste of money. You still pay. Just on your PAY TO line, it's not "electric company" but "solar company," and a "bank" for the interest.

    Simpler answer: Reduce consumption. LED Bulbs, new appliances, timers, unplug things when not using them (plug strips- perhaps wifi controlled), etc.

    Smaller investment. Faster return.

  35. Shantel Bollmann says:

    I'll use Inplix instructions to make it by myself.

  36. Norman Islas says:

    The best instruction is on InpliX website.

  37. Najadahe Davila says:

    I guess they only going to have power during the day

  38. Dallas Henderson says:

    Each phase is 120 smart guy… You can hook it up however you want.

  39. Joseph Usher says:

    Typical "This Old House" application… NOT something the everyday DIY-er can do. They find homeowners with LOTS of money and find the MOST expensive equipment to install, for show of course, leaving about 98% of homeowners out in the cold.

  40. Porsche924Tim says:

    Another comment… Just read up on installation and a couple of solar companies recommend replacing the roof under the panels if the roof is older than 5 or 6 years old… more cost.

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